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Quietachiever 4th Feb 2012 05:19

Neil Jericho RIP
Hello everyone,

I send this email to the many friends Neil Jericho had listed in his laptop. I am sorry to say that Neil passed away today after a battle with cancer. My dad hid his illness well from everyone but was finally admitted to hospital last weekend after being found in his bed at his house in South Australia. He was then diagnosed with several tumours through out his body and spent the last week with his 3 kids by his side. It is important to know that he was surrounded by friends and family when he passed on peacefully. He will be put to rest in South Australia next to his late brother. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to contact me on 0424 180 079 or reply to this email. I am very sorry you have to find out this way but we thought it was important for his closest friends and family to know.


Robert Jericho

fire wall 4th Feb 2012 06:59

Robert, I loved flying with your Dad. He was a great bloke, always had a yarn and always treated his crew with respect. There are many of us who will raise a glass to him when we next congregate in HKG.
Take care mate.

Baywatcher 4th Feb 2012 09:20

Neil Jericho RIP

Loopdeloop 4th Feb 2012 09:52

I'd like to echo Fire Wall's thoughts. A lovely guy to fly with, I'll miss bumping into Neil around town every now and then. May he rest in peace.

Slasher 4th Feb 2012 10:22

What a bugger. I knew Neil J when he was with SQ. I believe he went to HKG thereafter in '93. RIP...

AAIGUY 4th Feb 2012 11:06


Neil was a stand up guy. First met him in Bangkok
years ago, last when he was more recently
in HK ~ Loss to aviation and anyone who knew him

judge.oversteer 4th Feb 2012 12:16

Very sad news indeed. Fond memories always.
RIP Neil.


b747heavy 4th Feb 2012 15:17


It was a pleasure knowing you and I carry with me your "wisdoms" from the 747 classic onto whatever I fly. A great guy all round and will be missed.

RIP my friend! :(

HotDog 5th Feb 2012 00:07

We had some fun flights together Neil. RIP, I'll catch up with you some day.

R.Cruizo 5th Feb 2012 00:48

This is very very sad news to me. Neil had some great advice/ mentoring when I went through the CX selection process.

I was always amazed how positive, helpful and fundamentally happy Neil was despite being surrounded by the very negative Australian Industry.

How very unfair that top blokes like Neil get taken early , when the "Glass ego's" of the Australian Industry continue to spread their negativity to a ripe old age.

RIP in peace Neil, there should be alot more like you.

millerscourt 5th Feb 2012 09:45

R Cruizo I take it you are not a fan of the 89ers:rolleyes: or perhaps just those in CX?

boofta 5th Feb 2012 10:07

Knew Neil in Aerial Tours PNG, followed him home and did the TAA
interview together, he got in,I was blessed by being rejected!
Ran into him again in HKG and followed his trevails to Bangkok
and beyond sometimes talking on skype.
A great sense of humour, a wicked giggle and a straightforward
character, he had a terrific attitude to whatever life dished up.
Sorry to hear about his passing, see you at the big dispute mate..

R.Cruizo 5th Feb 2012 12:13

I'm not a fan of the Australian Industry in general. Not any particular group. CX Guys were mostly friendly and I now work with alot of 89'rs.
My 5 years as an expat though was a pleasant experience, far away from the negativity and childish one upmanship found in my native Oz, The journey on the way up would me much more encouraging and enlightning if ther were more guys round like Neil.

Baywatcher 6th Feb 2012 05:41

He was a great man but what a shame he was a chain smoker, because we could have enjoyed his company longer. RIP

Quietachiever 11th Feb 2012 13:53

Message from Robert, Neil's son.
Thank you very much for your kind words. Our family has found comfort in the stories and compliments received by dads friends about our dad.
If anyone would like to attend his service it will be held this Friday February 10 at the Carr & Kleemann funeral chapel (1 Morphett St, Mt Barker, Adelaide, South Australia) at 2pm followed by the committal service at the Centennial Park Cemetery (in the Lutheran Section) (Goodwood Rd, Pasadena). All are welcome however we do understand that he was a man of the world and his friends are scattered worldwide.
If anyone needs more info please don't hesitate to contact me on 0424 180 079 or [email protected]

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