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Where Are They Now? Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.

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Hugh Forrester Brown

I'm searching for relatives or friends of Hugh Forrester Brown, particularly his son. Hugh was a friend and fellow aviator who was killed in 1987 in a King Air crash in Rayleigh, England.

As far as I know, he learned to fly at Masterton, New Zealand, probably in the late 70s/early 80s. He became a crop sprayer and flew in Africa as one. I'm afraid I don't know much more.

I've written a book, in memory of Hugh, and would very much like his son, aged around 10 at the time of his fathers passing, to have a copy.

Can anyone help?
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As much as you are looking for a needle in the haystack, try putting a $1 reserve auction on trademe.co.nz, with specific details. the traffic they have in nz should generate some response through the questions function. I think masterhole has that new fandangled internet thingy now to take their mind off farm animals
It's admirable you have written a book and are trying to establish contact
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Thanks for the idea, I might try that if nothing further comes from present endeavours.

I have had some more info from someone seeing this post on PPRuNe, I have a contact in NZ too, and on his advice have joined a few Facebook groups that he knew of, I have had some joy there too.
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I know the OP is aware of the thread in the link below as he posted in it, but I include it just to update the fact that the memorial plaque stated then as having been moved onto a fence is now back in its original position attached to the wall of the former garage. With a wall mounted basket of flowers beneath.

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Hello Mr Woolley,
I was asked to make that flight,on my very last day with the company,as a substitute for Hugh.Apparently,they wanted to change his roster.
However,as Hugh was to bring my wife back,and I had arranged to meet them,with a van to collect some personal items,I turned down the request.....
I will make some more enquiries amongst my NZ colleagues and get back..
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Hello Mr String,

I never knew any of that, thanks. As I was about to start my -200 conversion, I'm quite sure that I went along with Steve Hayman on the previous flight the night before, it was to Basle I think. I'm not totally sure if it was on WSJE, but I think it might have been.

I'd love to be able to find his son and get a book to him. Not much about Hugh in it, but the Chapter on National I'm sure would give him some insight into what his Dad did.

Thanks kindly
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