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BBC Fighter Pilot - Martin Oxborrow

Where Are They Now? Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.

BBC Fighter Pilot - Martin Oxborrow

Old 5th Oct 2019, 19:40
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Not sure about 70's but certainly up to late 60's most students came straight to the JP, no Chipmunk (unless ex-UAS).

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Old 6th Oct 2019, 08:57
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I joined in January 67 and flew the Chipmunk at Church Fenton so they were still being used then! I was also involved with these guys when they went through Brawdy! Not a series I like as it did not show the RAF in the best light! Many hours of filming not used in the end result!
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Old 6th Oct 2019, 09:15
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Bill & Newt : Church Fenton, 1969, still had to do "Flying Grading" on the chippy if you had no previous piloting experience. That was after Commissioning. Those who had PPL,s or around 30hrs previous piloting went straight to the JP. Linton,I think. Blimey, half a century ago, sobering thought. Ah, to hell with it, off to the Taverna as it's Sunday !
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Old 6th Oct 2019, 15:45
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Thanks all. I have crossposted in Mil forum also.
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Old 7th Oct 2019, 16:45
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Originally Posted by Training Risky View Post
Hi all in the know - I have a couple of questions. I am resurrecting this old thread as I was rewatching the series on the Youtoobs.

Episode 4 features the studes tipping in at Linton on the JP straight from Episode 3 at OCTU Henlow.

Was there a Flying Selection phase on Chipmunks first? If so, it is not mentioned by the narrator. Does this mean that 1970s ab-initio studes went straight to the JP?

Also, if their 16 week IOT was at OCTU, does that mean there were Flight Cadets at Cranwell up to 1981 on a 2 year course (IOT, BFT and wings combined?)
I see you've had some good answers in the military bit..

By the late 70's IOT was either done at Henlow (OCTU) or at Cranwell. FWIW the Flight Cadets and that system had long long gone from Cranwell well well before 77, let alone 81.

FWIW my vaguely remembered 10p worth from going through the training system" in the late 70s was that the ab-initios at that time generally finished OCTU and then went to one of the Vale of York stations and started with a "long" JP3 course. Those with previous experience, most especially those who had gone through the University Air Squadron system would usually do a short course on the JP5 at Cranwell post IOT. However around 78/79 some Ab-initio Long courses also began to be run at Cranwell .

Post the basic JP course if you were headed for fast jets you then did a 60 ish hours "fast jet lead in course" on the JP (known as "Group1, phase1"), again either in the Vale of York or at Cranwell.

Everybody who successfully passed that then trooped off to Valley, which I think was pretty much all Hawk by around 78/79. Wings were awarded at the end of the Valley course.

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Old 8th Oct 2019, 08:22
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Thanks Wiggy - that is interesting: a parallel IOT system in two places. I should have listened more at lectures at Cranditz in the 90s!

I remember when FJ Wings were moved from the end of 208 Sqn at Valley to the end of 1/2 Sqn, 1 FTS at Linton - what was the reason for that again? Retention? Amortization etc?

FWIW I went through JEFTS on Fireflies and found it quite intense with a high chop rate. We often thought "if only we had gone through the UAS: 3 years to do our compressed 4-month course, loads of flex, helpful QFIs etc!" Were we wrong?
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Old 8th Oct 2019, 08:45
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I finished OCTU January 1970.
Church Fenton PFS Chipmunk January 'til April
Leeming JP 3,4,5 April 1970 'til January 1971.

Nothing matters very much most things don't matter at all. See you in November Wiggy?
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Old 8th Oct 2019, 10:02
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Still recall my 30 hours Chipmunk on N Airfield at the Towers with pleasure, and that followed on my Auster Flying Scholarship in 1961, and a bit of paid for flying (4.10s an hour!) in between
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Old 8th Oct 2019, 14:29
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Originally Posted by Busta View Post
See you in November Wiggy?
Dunno yet, roster still WIP - I'll let you know by PM nearer the time....
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Old 7th Nov 2019, 11:31
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You can watch the series on YouTube. As a “Yank” I thought the series was exceptionally realistic. I went through USAF pilot training in 1986. We washed out over 50% of our class and I thought the “Fighter Pilot” series depicted the stress, anxiety, and pressure of Pilot training extremely well.

Of note, was the student who, at the beginning of the series, looked to be hands down the top guy, he ended up washing out, and it was great to see the Milkman end up in a fighter! So similar to my class.

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Old 7th Nov 2019, 18:31
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Originally Posted by olympus View Post
Man A - 'I'm writing a novel'

Man B - 'Yes, neither am I'

(Paraphrasing a Private Eye cartoon of many years ago. Peter Cook?)
Yes, I think it's Cook recounting someone speaking to him at a party and his reply

See his reply to invitation from David Frost (I think) inviting him to meet the new Royals at a dinner party - Eddie and Fergie
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