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Neil Armstrong

Old 25th Aug 2012, 20:36
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Apollo. My absolute and utter heroes. For me the most iconic moment was not the 'first step', it was the launch where you see:
vertically scroll across the screen as the Saturn 5 blasts into the sky. 43 years ago, an American the age of the grandfather of any aspirant astronaut with their eyes on the moon today, walked on the Moon. I'd stick to plagiarising smart phones if I were you. Armstrong and his fellows represent the very best of our time. He represents the passing of an age.

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Did he actually go to the moon?
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I had an early flight but still stayed up to watch that first step. RIP Sir.
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Pilot and pioneer, it must have taken some courage... & no GPS
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To one and all, I apologize for misspelling Neil's name.

Perhaps it was the shock of his death.

No good excuse really.
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The early guys were quite a group.....think of all the "Firsts" they accumulated as they Space Program moved from Mercury to Apollo, Sky Lab, and then the Shuttle....after starting in the Century Series and X-Series fo aircraft!

Obama is spending Hundreds of Billions of Dollars on fuzzy feel good projects...paying back Donors and Supporters....and the Manned Space Program is dead in the water.

So sad we have to pay the Russians to take us into Space.

Armstrong very strongly supported continuing Manned Space Operations.
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A real shock! You think these guys are invincible. I have had the honour and privilege of meeting , Aldrin,Bean,Scott,Duke,Cernan, 5 of the 12 moonwalkers.
Only 8 alive now! Armstrong was the of course the one everyone remembers. Neil Armstrong. A hero of mine and millions of others.
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one giant leap for mankind
And all this time I thought it was Manny Klein.

Anyway, good luck Mr. Gorsky.

And don't feel obliged to snopes me. I know they are both false.
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 20:54
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A legend. RIP.
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RIP Neil, one of the pioneers, X-15 Pilot, first man to dock two space craft, The moon landing, the man who landed furtherest from his planned landing point on two planets, teacher and decent human being.. The world will be a sadder place.
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 20:57
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Godspeed Neil.

My Dad woke me in the middle of the night to watch you land on The Moon. I was almost three years old and it is probably my first living memory.

Absolute respect.
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In the statement issued by his family, they describe Neil as a "loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend......and a reluctant American hero."

He preferred to be defined by the former.

Few could subscribe to such modesty.
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Would that we could regain the spirit of optimism and confidence that his era and his feats represented. One day soon perhaps we will again boldly go where no man has gone before...
Neil Armstrong though was the trail blazer, and always will be. RIP Sir, as you explore yet more strange new worlds...
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I was sitting in a hotel room in Lock Haven, PA. waiting for the weather to clear so I could ferry a new Piper back home.

I watched the landing on the TV in my room and after it had landed, I ran to the hotel bar to celebrate, but no one in the bar believed me, the TV was turned off.
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I have a catch in my throat now. Genuine sadness..........
Enough said.
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I was already 3 years (and a few days) on that famous night... the memories will stay with me forever (I hope...)

I remember how I admired these guys up there... real heros to me. I landed my Revell plastic Apollo 11 just like he did it.

A sad day...
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The stoic modesty and unflashy professionalism under unimaginable media reassure was amazing. He was also the first man to walk on the moon. Such is the modern perspective.

I really liked what I knew of him.
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Had the absolute privelege to fly him 5 times about 13 years ago.

What an absolute nice passenger, if TO was at 1000, he would show up at 0950 and apologizing he was late!, unheard of in our business.
The other pax would show at say 1030......

Nice detail, I flew him once in a LJ23, serial number 100, in the cockpit was a brass placard, world speed record around the world set in this airplane by Neil Armstrong in 197?, and he would be sitting 2 meters behind you! awesome.

By far the most impressive passenger I have ever flown.

He would always shake your hand, he seemed a bit shy?! and on the second time he addressed me by my first name without being reintroduced! made my day.

But I never had the balls to ask if he would pose with me in front of the Learjet for a picture....
Maybe I am too professional

My absolute hero of all times.
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Con, absolultely no need to apologise.

Neil, had I known earlier I'd have called for a toast in the pub. Bless you Sir, one of the very best.

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That makes 4 of the 12 men who set foot on the moon have now died. With all respect to the remaining crews, it's likely that within next 5 or so years, there will be no one alive who has set foot on another celestial body.

So much for progress.

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