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I believe that I am right in saying that the vortex separation rules, applied by ATC, came into being as a direct result of the Argosy/Cherokee fatal accident at Carlisle.........of course I could be mistaken!

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That could be right Helen49.

The accident report certainly went into the subject very thoroughly.


Particularly in the Appendices here:


Strangely enough I had never even considered the dangers of wake vortices back then. I don't remember it being "taught" for PPL.
( I just remember a few hairy take-offs)

When you think of it in the past there must have been hundreds of incidents involving it. For example in WWII when mas formations took of from runways one after the other.
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Sig Evans did indeed leave Carlisle and went to fly a Banderante for Air Ecosse (from what I remember). The rest of the story is accurate regarding him falling asleep for the final time in the crew room. Another great character.
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Carlisle 1966

I was trained by Rosie on Terrier G-ASMZ and was flying during the World Football Final and missed England winning. Other students I remember as they joined me at CAT Hamble in Feb 1968 on course 681 were Rob Cunningham and Mike Severns.

I was the only Army cadet on a Naval Scholarship with Rob who was the only Navy cadet, the other students were mostly RAF cadets with some Special Award students. Rod, Mike and I went to Hamble but Rob left during the course but went on to have a successful career in the navy and went to fly in the North Sea helicopter industry. Mike also joined BA and flew with BEA and Airtours and I think on the B747-400 before retiring to France.

I had a 35 year career with BA flying the VC10, B757, command on the A320 and finally on the B747-400 retiring in 2004. What a fantastic opportunity the Flying Scholarship system allowed boys to achieve a very satisfying career in aviation. It is very difficult for young people with no funding to enter aviation these days; still a very exciting way to earn a living. Many thanks to the Royal Navy.
PS I also missed the moon landing on TV because I was night flying from Hamble.
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My logbook says 07 September to 04 October 1967. RAF Flying Scholarship but ended up joining the RN, helicopters being my passion! Most of my flying was with Newby Tate, a man of infinite patience!! Went on to Bristow and North Scottish Helicopters/Bond that eventually became CHC Scotia. Retired in 2010 as Chief Pilot Aberdeen.
681B...I worked for a number of years with Rob Cunningham, when our respective companies merged.....he was a BALPA rep for many years. Like you, I owe a great debt of gratitude to the FS system that allowed so many of us to fulfil our dreams.
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