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411A has flown west.........

Where Are They Now? Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.

411A has flown west.........

Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:07
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Angel 411A has flown west.........

to those who have communicated, praised, disagreed and even dueled with 411A:
Captain Bob Welliver had his last Margaretta at the ex patriot gentleman's club in LaCeba, Honduras, in the company of a long time friend and flight engineer (ron butts) on 1 April, 2011. He died of a massive coronary heart attack talking about the L-1011 with drink in one hand, cuban cigar in the other.

Bob was the chief pilot of nasser's L1011-500 operation, privilege jet airlines. the fleet is honduran registered but jordanian owned. the stress of a charter gone wrong due in a distant land that nasser set up did not help.

he was cremated in honduras and his remains were flown home to phoenix. plans for a memorial service are in the works. his "flight gone west" was supersonic and I am sure the landing was perfect.

some people live safe, eat properly and leave a good looking body is the way to go. In my observation of Bob, smoking hand rolled only, drinking top shelf, long hours, strange places that most people would never think of going, "masterful interpretation of flight rules, systems, MEL's and flight planning" to get a plane home, allowed Bob to gracefully ignore (no, thumb his nose) at the good looking body theory of funerary tradition.....It was more like Cohiba in one hand, magnum of South African wine in the other, body worn out to the "last 25 landing tire thread limit", sliding, hooting, screaming and howling with laughter all the way to the grave saying...."man, that was one HELL of a ride!"

Rest in peace......doubtful. heaven, purgatory or hell just got a tad more interesting. have fun and puff one illegal cuban for me.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:16
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RIP 411A.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:16
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I am sorry to read the sad news of 411As departure.

These forums will be far less interesting without him, and my thoughts go to his family.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:17
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Sorry to hear that; I just naturally assumed that like an L-1011 he would just keep going and going no matter how bumpy the ride.

RIP Bob. You will be missed, by all on the board.

Yes even those in EU land will miss sparring with you.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:26
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Always enjoyed his contribution to the board.

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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:26
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OMG... I am immensely sorry and shaken to read of Bob's passing. I exchanged a few PMs with him as he had been in Libya in the 60s, same as me!!

I know there were disagreements with some of his views, but he was knowledgeable and never descended to slanging matches (that I'm aware of).

RIP Bob - PPRuNe will never be the same.... and you had my respect.
Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:34
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I too will miss his knowledge and joy of the L1011 and his intelligent but sometimes very focused posts. I remember many wonderful flights in the great machine.
Very sad and a loss.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:34
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Watch out for bad l1011 operator..........

as you have heard, 411A has passed on from the stress of a bad person who has screwed several crews out of their hard earned money. nasser al shabar and his partner marwan, owners of privilege jet airlines and elite aviation, both in jordan have the L-1011-500 aircraft registered in honduras. one is in honduras with some strange mechanical issues due to bad maintenance......no parts, no pay to a mechanic in 8 months and is still stuck there. tail number on this one is HR-AVN.....blue tail with a football on it.

the other plane is currently parked in El-Alamein, Egypt with a tail number of HR-AWN. this one was chased out of Fujarah UAE about 6 months ago and is supposed to be in flyable condition. there is no original paperwork on board proving honduran registration...it is being held by the hondurans until past wages of numerous individuals working for nasser/marwan/jamal have been paid. this pay owed goes back to july of 2010.

these jordanian operators have the audacity of trying to lure more people to fly but these owners obviously had lunch with Mugrabi of orange jet/ barq aviation to learn the tricks of pilot slavery and indentured service of the 21st century....DO NOT TRUST OR FALL FOR THIS.....they have burned many a pilot and engineer from all over the world.


the plane in honduras is being liened until 411A insurance is paid to his wife, and the pilots, mechanics and flight attendants are paid.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:37
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Clearly a controversial character, as I read from some of the responses to his contributions. He had the courage of his convictions and never responded in kind to the unkind retorts of others. I hope he's enjoying that magum of Stellenbosch's finest!
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:39
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I just naturally assumed that, like an L-1011, he would just keep going and going no matter how bumpy the ride.
My thoughts into words. An excellent epitaph.

How about an old photograph, in uniform, in front of a ...........

I hope Rainboe reads this thread. May bring him back for one last post.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:40
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RIP 411A Really enjoyed your posts about the good old Ten Eleven over the last few years
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:41
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411A's airplane for sale

without insurance paid out for his death on the job with privilege jet airlines, Bob's wife has to also worry about how to live as a widow. Bob had a really spiffy and well maintained cessna 411 of 1962 vintage....well kept.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:45
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RIP Bob, your presence will be sorely missed, even if not everybody agreed with you.

A shame the bastards got to you in the end. They were not worth it.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:53
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I thought things had gone a bit quiet recently. We had our disagreements but I shall miss the stubborn old bugger nonetheless!
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:54
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RIP Bob,
Always had a lively contribution to the Forum you will be sadly missed fella.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:54
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There's a very mixed bunch on PPRuNe with various contacts, skills and abilities on many continents, keep us posted of any info that Ppruners may be able to assist in making sure that those deserving get what is due.

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Old 19th Apr 2011, 08:56
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RIP 411A, you'll be missed. Hope his wife gets the insurance settlement and hope someone buys his Cessna.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 09:01
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Aviation loses another colourful character. RIP
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 09:10
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I had a secret hope of enjoying a cigar on his flight deck one day.


Rest in peace? 411A? I don't think so!
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 09:11
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Probably only agreed with 30% of what he posted.....non the less a true character.

RIP 411A
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