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Rod Rea

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Rod Rea

Rod Rea, ex RAF, Dan Air, Rothmans Team, Air Foyle and TNT has sadly lost his battle with cancer and has gone off to the big hangar in the sky.
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See also: Kalkan expat Rod Rea dies aged 69
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I will be one hour north of TFS on Friday 25 March at 1000 and in my own way it will be a perfect moment for me to pay my last respects to Rod.

He was a Professer on aviation matters. The preparation he put in for his display for the TNT QT 146 was the work of an aviation genius with every speed, altitude, flap, power setting and escape maneuver plotted on flip cards. This ensured his performance was safe and flawless.

Rod gave me a job when I was done on my luck and for that I will always be in his debt.
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Old 22nd Mar 2011, 22:10
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Really sad to hear, RIP Rod.

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I'm pretty certain that this was the same Rod Rea who was an absolute livewire at South Cerney when we all started together on 203 Course in August 1964. Huge fun, and with the kind of personality that helped get everyone through the early weeks of bulling and drilling. Unfortunately, he didn't stay with us till the end, the result of a sports injury, I think.

And thanks to this, I'm now recalling bits of a fairly scurrilous song set to a hymn tune that he was wont to regale us with in the barrack block, after lights-out! As I say, a great guy who made an impression - RIP.
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The same Rod Rea, fantastic character, I was also on 203 course and he injured himself and got re-coursed. Over the years bumped into him in numerous different locations. A sad loss, rest in peace.
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I worked alongside Rod back in the late 80's early 90's when he was flying the 146QT's. Nice man, very nice man. RIP my friend.
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Rod Rea

First knew Rod at Booker with the Rothmans Team, and later flew with and was instructed

by him on the TNT 146QT's. A formidable but fair instructor in the Sim, he did not suffer

fools, and was a great confidant once you got to know him. One of the few truly great

characters it has been my privelige to know during my flying career.

May he Rest in Peace.
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Another sad loss!!We had a lot of fun,when other Outfits were in doom and gloom!Put the World to rights a fair few times with good "Runs",and good cover was given for others,who could not quite manage a swift recovery act in Cologne.RIP Rod,and have a briiliant time up there!!A bloody good bloke with a heart of gold,that let rip occasionally,but would not suffer fools,and once the tantrum was over,would buy you a drink!!!
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Rod had a couple of re-courses at Cerney. One was disciplinary, not surprising given the character he was. He ended up on 207, graduating 1st April 1965, a date I'm sure tickled his fancy. My privilege to have been on the same course.
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My best man! how could I every forget you. I'm so sorry we never got to meet in Turkey last year, putting it off for another time, what now? If we ever have a RAT reunion it will never be like it should have been without Rod and Marcus and Mike C and Dave P and .... god... how many of us left?

RIP my friend,

Bob Lee
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l can`t claim to be a friend, but l do have his signature in my licence.

Rest in peace Skip.
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sad news hope you have as much fun up there as you did down here
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Rod the #2 RAT

Originally Posted by toomanyloops View Post
sad news hope you have as much fun up there as you did down here
Rod could safely be described as a portable volcano, but when he erupted you knew it would pass quickly and leave minimal fallout. This made him a prime target for our (RAT) japes and baiting. He was a sensitive and sentimental soul though few on first meeting him would think him so. Occasionally he could be rash, impetuous or opinionated, but he was a fine aviator and threw his all into the RAT 2 slot.
In any given day as a mortal he beamed his ever-ready mirth and mischief into conversations, particularly when those doing the talking were speaking through their sphincter. Between tours (1978) we popped down to Leeming to change our tatty gloves and see if the pumps had run dry in the Mess. His time there as a QFI had left him tolerant of error, but the reverse in the face of foolishness, which thankfully we largely managed to side-step or avoid.

Like Mike Cairns he was a unique and talented individual. He died leaving friends and lovers bereft, it was years ago now but i'd wager they miss him still.

Norman Rhodes
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