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1 FTS RAF Linton-on-Ouse 1969

Where Are They Now? Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.

1 FTS RAF Linton-on-Ouse 1969

Old 8th Aug 2009, 04:45
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1 FTS RAF Linton-on-Ouse 1969

It's now over 40 years since I passed out with 11 other fledgling airmen at No.1 FTS, RAF Linton-on-Ouse.
The photo in my log book shows us steely eyed aces standing in front of a JP displaying our new wings.
The course number escapes me but it was Spring of 1969.
So what became of everybody ?
Some I have been in contact with. Dave Symonds now working with BAe in UK on the Typhoon. Stu Marston was
with me in RBA and I believe is now in Italy or Asia. Laurie Kay is back in South Africa. Rog Lane I think I
heard came to grief in a Hawk some time ago.
Here are the names as I look at the photo.
Rog Lane
Mike Champion
Rhys Perraton
Dave Symonds
Dave Hawkins
Andy Walton
Stu Marston
Taff Harries
Ian Macdonald
Abdul Shokair {RSAF}
?? Michum {I think}
Laurie Kay
And then the instructors ?? I'm sure there were others but here are some names.
Marcus Edwards. RN Sadly passed away and I have recently been in contact with his son,Mike.
Keith Bainbridge RN
Dave Coldicutt
F/L Travers
Stu Robinson
F/L Dodds
F/O Whyte
Dave Thomas
Mike Smith
Bo Plummer
Anyone got any news, stories, contacts etc be great to hear from them.
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 12:42
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Hi Rhys,

My Dad was an Instructor at Linton in 1969. He may well be on your picture. ( Dave Waddington ). I'd love to see a copy of you pic(s).

Here's a link to a pcture from my Dad's logbook dated April 1969.


These are the instructors that flew the Topcliffe "T" on 30 April 1969

Here's a newspaper clipping about it => http://www.a-k-d.com/provost/topclif...0_april_69.jpg

I'm afraid I can't name many of the Topcliffe "T" pilots. The only ones I can positively ID are Dave Waddington ( upper row,leaning on cockpit, holding helmet ) & Keith Bainbridge ( The smaller of the 2 guys in darker - RN ? flying suits ) . If you recognise any of the others, I'd like to put names to the faces.

Here's a Picture of some of the 1968 Instructors (I've managed to find names for all of these except one )

& finally ( slight thread drift here ). Over the years, some of these pilots flew with the 1FTS aerobatic groups Linton-GIN or Linton Blades ( EG Dave Coldicutt & Flt.Lt. "Mac" MacKenzie-Crooks ) If anyone out there has Info on them ( or contact info ) I'd be very interested.

I hope this has brought back some memories

All the Best
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 14:34
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Linton 1968.

Dear Steve,

The names of the pilots (of which I am one) in the Topcliffe 'T' are;

Front Row L-R:
(Andy?)Hill, Pete Winder, Chris Tickell, Mel Jenkins, Bob Turner, Keith Bainbridge, Roger Seymour, Pat Kiggell.

Back Row L-R:
Dave Waddington, Ivor Gibbs, Brian Todd, Norman Geary, (............?).

Not Bad........almost a 'Full House'! Check your dates/facts though, I think this photograph was taken after the flypast when Linton was granted the Freedom of the City of York on 24 Apr 68. I left the station on posting the following month, and did not participate in the Ripon flypast.

PS. The FAA pilot in the front row of the 'Sidsmob' photograph is Mike Jermy - and I am the missing name. Obviously, eminently forgettable!
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 22:45
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the '68 instructors .........

I think you will find that 'Jurby' should read Jermie (maybe Jermy). Mike Jermie / Jermy, who was an ex-849 Gannet driver.

Yours aye,

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Old 28th Aug 2009, 16:34
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There was a Taff Harries at KLMuk who retired about 5 years ago. I think he was living in S Wales and possibly now doing some light aircraft instructing.
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Old 28th Aug 2009, 18:15
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Ex Lightning and F4 Taff Harries alive and well and living in Wiltshire
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Old 28th Aug 2009, 21:50
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Rhys - Sorry for the thread creep.

Pantyfedwen - Many thanks for the names !! I've updated the "Sids Mob" picture to include all the names & added the names to my wrongly title Topcliffe T pilots.

here's a better titled version => http://www.a-k-d.com/provost/Linton_...s_68_named.jpg

This picture is stuck in my Dads log book opposite the Topcliffe T newspaper clipping so I assumed these where the pilots ( I suppose some/most of them could be ) I have another picture featuring even more of the Linton Instructors. You're on it Mel, so I guess it's from the same period.

greywings - thanks for the correction. were you also in Linton around that time then ?
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Old 31st Aug 2009, 14:38
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Further Update.

Firstly, please give my best wishes to Dave - I trust that he's fit and well and enjoying life.

I think that you may have the photograph, taken immediately after the event, of all the participants in the Freedom Flypast. The missing names (in bold) are:

Standing L-R:
Dave Brittain, Pete Blewitt, Jim Burns, Hill, Todd, Tickell, Kiggell, Turner, Jenkins, Bob Fisher, Gibbs, Bo Plummer, Tony Kember, Seymour.

On Wing L-R:
Waddington, Geary, 'Mac' Mackenzie Crooks, (............), Winder.

These were very happy times, spent with a marvellous bunch of guys and I have many wonderful memories of Linton. What's more, I even met my wife whilst stationed there, and we celebrate our '40th' next month!

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Old 31st Aug 2009, 20:30
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Names on 1 FTS photo

Names of instructors on the wing. Dave Waddington, Ivor Gibbs, Norman Geary,Brian Todd (seated), Ian MacKenzie.
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Old 31st Aug 2009, 22:46
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No, I was a student there just before the time in question. What a great introduction to flying Linton was! A wonderful station with great instructors, though the old Mk 3 JP got the sphincter going sometimes, especially on a hot day!

I had the great pleasure of arranging a course reunion there a couple of years ago and the station could not have been more welcoming. We had a great time and it was a real pleasure to see that - despite living in an inane PC age - the young pilots were just as badly behaved in the Mess as we had been all those years ago.

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Old 3rd Sep 2009, 22:50
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RAF Linton on Ouse 60s


Just to agree with your thoughts on what a great introduction Linton was to our military flying.
Just a bit earlier than you I think, when G/C John Ellacombe (of B of B fame) was a much respected CO and Tommy Blackham was CFI.(Two cracking daughters !)
We were one of the earlier "through jet" courses; Tony Kember arrived as I left. Also for the record, Ivor Gibbs is still around too, flying a Tiger Moth whenever he can get his hands on one.
Haven't seen Keith Bainbridge in years but his son, Howard, is doing well in the airlines.

Yep, the best introduction to flying I could have wished for. Who could fail when there were instructors like Bill Langworthy, Al Morgan, Danny Hicks, Jim Timms, Denis Moyes and even Mike Graydon and Roger Austin !!

Still flying after 50 years.


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Old 4th Sep 2009, 05:29
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Anyone know where Keith Bainbridge is now? Lost track of him after he went to Doha in the early nineties.
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Old 4th Sep 2009, 15:36
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Hi Steve, can't say I knew your dad but the name definitely rings a bell.
It's nice to see how many people have fond memories of Linton and the great training.

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Old 5th Sep 2009, 17:26
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I believe Roger Lane was killed in an accident whilst flying a Hawk at Valley in the early eighties (always assuming we are talking about the same Roger Lane)
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Old 5th Sep 2009, 17:36
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Regretfully, I think you are correct MCC. Hit high ground in the Isle of Man in 1983 I think. Day of the summer ball if memory serves.
Old 7th Sep 2009, 12:59
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Now we're going back...!

Just dug the Log Book out;
Some more names from 1969-70, 2 Squadron
Roger 'Bonzo' Brown
Peter Bentham
'Flash' Nash
Ivor 'Ivorbigone' Gibbs
Noel Parker-Ashley
'Ike' Dawson
Dave Waddington
Bob Paterson
Nobby Grey
Bob Fisher
???(Pete?) Bryant
WingCo ??? Middleton
??? (Bob?) Plummer
S/Ldr ???Spink
Elwyn Bell (tragically killed in mid-air collision with Pembroke out of Church Fenton)
Dudley Carvell
??? Curtis
WingCo Clark
??? Munro

Mark Fielding RAAF
Tony Dekievit RAAF
+one other RAAF student?
Tan Ah Ung RSAF Singapore (Last heard of in SIA)
Andy Kirk (recoursed to Nav on Gannets?)
John Grainge (chopped - joined BA as Cabin Crew?)
John Myers (later Red Arrow)
Roy Citrine
Dave Henderson (Benders Henders)
Donal Foley (Ex EI and Thos Cook DFO)
Dave 'The Blob' Dillon
Pete Bailey
...and more!
Good to hear if anyone can elaborate on these names.
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Old 10th Sep 2009, 15:19
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Some elaboration..
It were Pete Bryant and Al Munro, Sqn.Ldr. ?Dave Spink.
Pete Freize went to Dan-Air, was killed in a skiing accident in the late 70's.
Al Curtis went RNZAF then came back to Blighty, as a Lt. Cdr. RN was killed in a Shar during the Falklands conflict.
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Old 12th Jan 2010, 10:15
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Keith Bainbridge

Hello everyone
I am a friend of Keith bainbridge and I'm trying to get together a few photos he may not have of his flying days. I have noticed there are a couple on here and would appreciate any others. I intend as a suprise, present him with a book containing these photos on his 70 th birthday later on the month (Jan). Any help please?
Also, he and his family are doing well and are back in UK after a stint in Doha.
Many thanks
Richard Lloyd
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Old 14th Jan 2010, 19:46
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Keith Bainbridge

Yes, he is well and living on the south coast. Any photos of his early flying days would be appreciated as I (a friend from his Doha days) will be trying to ge an album together before the end of this month (Jan) for his 70th birthday....any help please??
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Old 8th Feb 2010, 18:21
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Hi there,

Although not RAF myself, I've registered to ask if someone could look at this photo on flickr to confirm the location:

Flickr Photo Download: 1968-05 Various Unidentified UK 1940s-1970s

The slide is dated May 1968 and has the legend 'RAF Freedom of the City'. I'd be obliged if anyone could confirm that this is York, as the dates fit rather neatly. It may be that if it is RAF Linton at York that some of the faces may prompt memories.


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