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Where Are They Now? Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.

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Old 23rd Feb 2009, 14:17   #21 (permalink)
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Berndt Engel

Does anybody knows the whereabouts of Berndt Engel, former Interocean pilot ? I have been told that he often flies on contract for the Swaziland governement. No more details availlable.
Any hint on how to locate him ?

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Old 24th Feb 2009, 11:34   #22 (permalink)
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Ben Engle has a coffee shop some where on the south coast (RSA) and is somehow involved with Swazi CAA and Registration of Aircraft there.
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Old 4th Mar 2009, 21:10   #23 (permalink)

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Smullian form march in USA jail brought from Thailand, the russian still in Thai
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Old 8th Mar 2009, 21:32   #24 (permalink)
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great list !!
Talk about all our yesteryears.

Was there with many of those guys.

You are missing Vince Seagrave - any idea where he is ??
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Old 9th Mar 2009, 12:10   #25 (permalink)
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Vince is alive and well, running an AMO at FAVV.
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Old 15th Jan 2010, 15:22   #26 (permalink)

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Angel Interocean in Beira

Having enjoyed the "quiet" life of Beira in the mid 90's I've often wondered what happened to all those interesting characters I used to socialise with at that South African run beach bar near the Macuti lighthouse.
In particular, the interesting evenings when Interocean pilots and the mine clearing mob,(RONCO) who's party trick was to unload defused mines on the bar, if they were not served quickly enough, all had R&R breaks at the same time!
One particular flying event which springs to mind was a French pilot friend Loic trying to get the DC6 airborne with a rather heavy spare engine on board and just about missing the trees at the end of that long Beira runway. By the time I got back to the Macuti bar, they were all still ducking after he passed over them at nil feet trying not to end his days in the Indian Ocean.
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Old 16th Jan 2010, 14:16   #27 (permalink)
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interocean airways

My Dad, the late Vic Meakin, flew a lot of flights for Interocean. I was so shocked to hear Cliff Dixon was murdered - remember him well when he was in the hanger at Smuts. I flew as hostie for Jack White et al on many occasions for the other mob. Patterson was always known as either 'Into wind Patterson' or my dad also called him 'Captain Bounty on the Mutiny' Also folks may remember Eric Adams who crashed a Dak up in Beira late 80's. There was also Laurie Giani among many others.

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Old 6th Apr 2010, 12:51   #28 (permalink)
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Andre Balt RIP

Sadly, I have just heard of the passing of Andre Balt, apparently he was killed in a rebel attack somewhere in DRC

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Old 28th Mar 2011, 12:15   #29 (permalink)

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what happened to the zimbabwean Gary Bean
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Old 28th Mar 2011, 16:48   #30 (permalink)
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Gary Bean

He is swapped sides and became a pilot the last I heard.
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Old 2nd Jun 2011, 14:23   #31 (permalink)
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I'm an helicopter driver and ex Italian Army guy and I took this shot at Beira Int'l Airport in may 1993 while I was with UN troops in peacekeeping support before democratic elections.
Maybe somebody may be interested in this DC-4 resting on the ramp, registration C9-ATF.


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Old 13th Jun 2011, 22:16   #32 (permalink)
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I've just found this thread.

RIP Andre Bolt. He was a rather colourful character and I'm glad I knew him, he sent me a copy of his e-book years ago.

Smulian in jail - that is hard to believe. Andrew and the late Captain Noel Elliot-Wilson were v frequent visitors to both my office and my house in Maputo. They always arrived at the house in Sommerscheild at beer o'clock!

If anyone knows where AS in incarcerated, PM me as I'll go and see the old bugger next time I'm in the States. Łuck - he was old twenty years ago!!


I got all my Caribou time thanks to Noel -
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Old 29th Mar 2014, 17:13   #33 (permalink)
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i know it is a long time since these messages were posted but I was amazed when I read them as I spent some time in Zambia with Noel approx 77-79, I came back to the UK and I didnt hear from him apart from the fact that he had gone to Zim.I was sad to hear of his death but now I am aware it finally closes a door. I would love to hear about any of his final experiences.
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Old 14th Jun 2014, 15:52   #34 (permalink)

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I was the engineer running around with the AK 47 in Beira ,worked with Pat De beer and Mark .

I had a short tour but was fun
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Old 19th Sep 2014, 02:47   #35 (permalink)
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Eric Adams

Was Eric Adams an Australian by any chance?
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 19:18   #36 (permalink)

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I worked for a christian mission in Moz in the 90's we delivered so baby food Beira airport there was this DC4 loading maize i met the pilot his surname was Delport in the plan was a 44 gallon drum open top with a gas braai in it there must have been sum interesting time up there
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Old 8th Oct 2017, 08:51   #37 (permalink)
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Probably Hennie Delport, a legend in African aviation. A colourful character who started his own flying operation but ran into a few problems with government agencies such as Customs, Tax office etc.
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