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Vero Beach, FL 1987-89

Where Are They Now? Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.

Vero Beach, FL 1987-89

Old 15th Oct 2006, 10:42
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Vero Beach, FL 1987-89

Just trying to start a thread about Vero Beach and the fantastic time there during early days of flying.

Met many great people and it would be fun to hear about life 20 years on. Pro-Flite, Sun Aviation, Flight Safety.....thousands of stories to be told...

Myself did my PPL at Pro-Flite during the maniac Bill Stephenson's heydays...Tons of Norweigans there as students and instructors. Did solo after 14 hours and a brave signoff from Y.F Wong. Great CFI (from Malaysia or Singapore I believe)

Then went to Sun aviation for my IR and MEL-CPL. Bump, Mary-Ann, Max and the rest at Sun Aviation. Names that rings memories of friendship and sincerity in the crazy business of flight training. What a life that was! Uptown....parties....friday beer at the airport bar, CJ Cannons...uhh...what stories we heard about flying...
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Old 16th Oct 2006, 17:54
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any one know what happened ed taylor ex flight safety? called no pass taylor...he was tough but good. Have many happy memories of vero including the pub marvin gardens......score city.
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Old 26th Oct 2006, 22:41
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Vero Beach 1978

Was indeed there, Pro Flight with Bill was the school! Did twin commanche ME check ride there. Instructor was Barbeson. Also did aerobatics on a Citabria with Anderson, and Steve Messenheimer.
At FSI, initial was done by Robert W Pritchard Jr, last heard of flying 4 eng transports from Raleigh-Durham. A great instructor and mentor (would like to make contact again). Check rides with the dreaded Yaragan was something else.
2 day weekend SES on original Piper Cubs at Jack Brown's in Winter Haven with Jim Brown was a sensational experience.
All good memories and experience that has stood the test of time.
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Old 2nd Nov 2006, 16:08
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Ahhhhhh Vero!
Spent a few nights sh!tfaced in Café Caraibe.
Not much to do there now. Like the fish and chips shop that Keygrip told me about. And there's always IHOP!
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Old 27th Mar 2007, 22:15
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I spent 6 weeks with Scan American Flight Training in the summer of '87 getting hours for my CPL. It ceased to exist shortly after - nothing to do with me though!
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Old 16th Sep 2009, 02:34
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Vero Beach 1978

Saw my name mentioned here and was wondering who the author was.
I would love to get in touch with anyone who spent time in Vero Beach
in the late 70's - great people, and a great time!
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Old 19th Sep 2009, 02:05
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I was in Vero, FlightSafety in 86-87. Great place. A bit on the quiet side but the atmosphere was just amazing. Spending the day flying and training and evenings drinking in the riverside bar.. early morning breakfast at Denny's or IHop...
Wud love to visit there again and meet some of my mates there...

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Old 19th Sep 2009, 20:09
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C J Cannon's was good but the best breakfasts by far was down the coast at Reds, Fort Pierce.

Was there also a big black & white bulding near Vero' called The Coconut Grove or something like that?

I was at Coastal Flight Centre, Fort Pierce to do ME, Hour Building & Complex in Sep-Dec 1988, then Dave & Danielle Stephenson's Florida Flight Training at Merrit Island from Mar 1989-Aug 1989.

Happy Days.... or is that Daze???
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Old 20th Sep 2009, 16:08
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I remember getting the shag of my life from some blonde I met down at that bar - the riverside I think it was called... Happy days, shame she had to chew her arm off to leg it before the sun came up....fond memories eh?!
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Old 27th Oct 2010, 18:22
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Searching for 2 fellows

Hi there.

My name is Juan Garcia from Barcelona (Spain) and I am actually working in Spanair as chief pilot. I began my career in pro flite year 1987 and I shared very good moments with Christopher from greece and Michael from germany. I don't remember their surnames and I will apreciate any help in order to contact with them .

Thank's in advance.
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Old 5th Nov 2010, 18:03
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Air Safety, I was there in 99...
With a load of Irish blokes, wonder what ever happened to those guys.
Some English guys too, from what I remember.
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Old 4th May 2011, 19:22
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I was at Scan (Scam) American when it went bust in February 1989. Moved over to Sun Aviation and did my PPL Skills Test with Dave Schilland FAA. He was ancient then so I imagine he has gone to that big airport in the sky by now. Great people at Sun. Had a British instructor related to a First World War Pilot Ace; if I remember rightly.

Lived with two 'mad' German guys; Stephan and Rolf. Everytime we passed Kentucky Fried Chicken in Veron they would shout "Kentucky Schried Ficken" (no translation required)! Great guys, where are they now? Lufty? German Wings, Air Berlin? Who knows.

Many happy nights at Marvin Gardens which apparently was pulled down a couple of years ago. Also, cycling home at night after flying; dodging snakes on the road and pinching oranges from the groves en route home.

Happy day's indeed.
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Old 5th May 2011, 12:29
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I remember getting the shag of my life from some blonde I met down at that bar - the riverside I think it was called...

Mrs Warmair sends her regards!!
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Old 19th Jul 2011, 14:11
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Talking Pro-Flite of Vero

Anyone around who was at Pro-Flite between November 1980 to 1984?

Things I remember: Bill Stephenson, Susie & Mom. Vernon Parker. The blonde (wig?) FAA examiner. The Hertz desk. Harry Knapp (RIP). Alligator/Hog hunting with Tony Bridewell and then his BBQ's. Charlie Brown's, Marvin's Gardens, Waldo's. The topless bar somewhere north of Vero. Day trips to Walkers Cay. Coast Guard's Mohawk, Huey and Jetranger. LA Dodgers winter training ground.
R22 cattle round up's. Lot's more but I need a few drinks to remember!

If you out there get in touch.
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Old 30th Jul 2011, 13:51
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1979-1980 Vero Beach Flight Safety...

Nice memories and great fun also... very young, very eager all of us on those mean, lean, flying machines... we really felt like "sittin´ on top of the world"

Buena suerte buscando a tus amigos, Garfer

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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 18:52
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Was there in 97. Nights were so hydraulic used to pray that when we opened curtains in morning the wx would be crap and we could sleep off hangover, alas tis Florida only crap between 1400 and 1600!!
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 19:48
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I visited my boyfriend in VB in summer of 2007, not so long time ago.
I really enjoyed this place and school facilities, those where really nice holidays (and of course he was studying)
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Old 21st Jun 2012, 06:45
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Catching up with Pro Flite history

I began my instructor career in Vero Beach with Pro Flite in the late '70's. Worked there from 1977 to 1980 with Bill, starting at the terminal building and moving over to the new facility... and helped develop the 135 charter program before moving on to flying scheduled freight. Anyone else out there who worked and/or was around during that time period? I remember Mike, Peter, Bob, Janeen (sp), along with Bill, Suzzie, and Mom of course. I'm sure I'll recall lots more if some of you old time Pro Flite folks chime in !??

Martin (former CFI/AI/ME) for Pro-Flite from late 1997 to mid 1980
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Old 12th Nov 2012, 14:38
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Good old times

I had my best flying hours with you late 70's.

A very good instructor from FIT.
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Old 4th Aug 2014, 19:44
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Golden Days 1983-84

Hi. I am Morten Fjoess from Norway. Nice to read about brothers that went to Pro Flite. Here are some of my memories:

Arrived in Vero with my byddy Hans Petter in july 1983 to go full in. Commercial, Multi, iR,. Was taken very good care of by the professional but still, original and funny Instructor Marius Aasland. Upon arrival met a lot of nice poeple and Instructors led by Chief instructor Cris. Not to mention the open house and hospitality of Mr. Edwin Sandnes and his wife.

My Key memories. Outermarker Bar, close to airport, Driftwood Inn, with ice cold drinks. Marvins Garden, with amazing Pinacoladas (to be called "dollarcolladas" after a serious "idiot attempt" to mix dollar bill in the drink). Further, Evil People striptease bar where I almost lost my mind over this sexy creature with invisible G string and longest hair ever. Ladies-night in Ft Pierce when blowing 2 out of 4 tires on the way, but never gave up. Jubilation in Melbourne where i accidetally tried to pick up some weightlifters girlfriend and was asked to exit. (embarrasing). Mr. Bill Stevenson. Tony, the mecanic with SAE-30 oil covered glasses . Cigarsmoking and stylish Wilmore. My exellent and highly professional Instructor Bjørn Rønneberg. (my instrucror after Elvis (Marius) left the building). Many beautiful trips to Walkers Cay, anda few not so beautiful trips to Yankee trader FT. lauderdale.

Sure was a lot of fun and crazy, happy memories, but experience also included hi quality instruction due to exellent instructors. Will never forget experience and impact of Mr. Vernon Parker,*

Memories flying in Vero!
Very low altitude ride with a young and eager Norwegian "cropduster" returning from River Ranch which I believe some scared bulls still remember. Aerobatics practicing in a severly underpowered C152 with buddy HP over Sebastian including continues landings and breaks throwing up. Take off from FT. lauderdale learning about performance issues relating to different positions of the mixture control. The eye opening experience of flying to Vermont with my buddy Hans Petter when we had 60 hours flying experience in total, in a warrior with a non working heater. The really lousy performance of Tomahawk N42P, My best friend: The Warrior N80524. Remember Sudden gusts on final approach at Pahookee. Some Fyi-inn resturant in Orlando. (forgot the name). Donkey Kong game and hotdogs in school cantina. The exitement and smell of fuel when draining tanks before the first solo departure from Vero.

Well.... After Vero. Got a job with Chipola Aviation flying UPS mail in a C-402. Panama City - Ft. Walton -Birmingham - Atlanta with return 7 nights a week while driving/sleeping in a fueltruck at Marianna municipal airport during daytime. Making 350 $/ month. Tightest budget for living yet

After 750 hrs total, continued with extensive freight, VIP, Ambulance Lear-23 stationed in Charlotte NC and later MAI FL, before returning to Norway and Busy Bee 1986 with ATPL and Lear typerating . SAS after that until 2006, when I had to quit due to medical after the long term psycolocical effects resulting from almost hitting a 747 during a mayday decent with only one egine running and one on fire on a shitty afternoon between Milano and Copenhagen. Incident was caused by a program error/malfunction in a MD80 flight computer combined with some troublesome static system. They fixed it an rewrote som AOM chapters, but It was not as fun to fly after that day.

Aircrafts in SAS:
F27, F50, ALL MD80's &B737.

Despite no more flying ,....Still lives great as a studio engineer, music producer with good memories of some nice & golden days in Vero Beach in the rocking 80's. I Returned to Vero for fresh up of memories in 2005 but was only sad to see the grounds of my happy youth was transferred into a booring trailerpark looking area.

To anyone I met in Vero. Hope life is great.

All the best. Take care you' all.
Morten Fjoess Augustinius
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