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Pilotless 1st Mar 2018 10:06

British Airways' Director of Flight Operations
What could possibly explain the sudden resignation of Captain Stephen Riley, without any apparent succession planning, from his well renumerated post as British Airways' Director of Flight Operations? A COO stepping in temporarily can hardly be described as normal practice - does that even follow CAA procedures??

Ambitious career people in high posts don't make sacrifices without substantive reason or to take a stand or to make a point, because by then, crossing the rubicon of trading personally held beliefs and morals for a big fat pay cheque has long been resolved.

So, any thoughts as to the TRUE reason behind this fascinating turn of events? What other reason could there be other than a moot desire to return to line flying?

overstress 1st Mar 2018 14:41

Don't feed the troll :rolleyes:

4468 1st Mar 2018 14:51

Looks like it was a good lunchtime session in the pub!

On further investigation. I stand corrected! Breakfast?

GS-Alpha 1st Mar 2018 15:12

It’s probably as you’ve said on another thread:

you're blind to the looming threat of job displacement through Artifical Intelligence. Just enjoy flying planes to earn a salary. Whilst you still can.
He saw your post, realised his flying years are numbered and wants to make the most of it whilst he still can :oD

HZ123 1st Mar 2018 15:27

Might be because he has not made a great success of things, however, nice to have a job to go back to. BA are about to outsource its Load Control and as a former Mr Lord is with Menzies now it would not be a surprise!

I find it confusing that BA has taken so long to outsource parts of its operation, considering they started the process in 1985?

Pilotless 1st Mar 2018 21:04

The natural successor to the DFO post at British Airways would surely be Captain David Charles Maunder, he is currently BA's Head of Flight Operations and he has previous in-role experience with City Flyer. Why then BA's COO as replacement DFO and not Captain David Maunder?

Deeply Concerned 1st Mar 2018 21:27

I heard a suggestion that it was something to do with outsourcing of training.

mcdhu 1st Mar 2018 23:43

L3 are expanding in U.K. and have at least 2 ex-BA senior pilot/training managers in their upper echelons. Could Deeply Concerned be right?

eckhard 1st Mar 2018 23:53

Small Piles may be in the frame?

tubby linton 1st Mar 2018 23:55

A number of airlines seem to be contracting their training to L3 but I am concerned at the quality of their training personnel who are all on zero hour contracts, and are self employed contractors who offer their services to L3. If you don’t keep the rostering personnel happy you don’t get used, no matter how good you are.

4468 2nd Mar 2018 01:13

For an airline such as BA, L3 are absolutely and undoubtedly a sub-optimal solution to the training requirement. Any change from the status quo, represents a quantum leap (downwards!) in quality!

However, what they are, is cheaper than BA’s in-house training.

In this day and age, what more do you need to know?

Please feel free to imagine the ultimate result of such a (so far hypothetical!) move?

Who has a scooby whether this has anything whatsoever to do with the bizarre musings of the OP??

ReallyAnnoyed 2nd Mar 2018 08:04

What Overstress said.

Pilotless 2nd Mar 2018 08:29

The change of DFO may well be linked to training, but for what reason?

Do you really think a highly paid person (a non-executive director) would sacrifice a substantial remuneration package almost overnight, merely on a point of principle concerning one sole area of their overall remit? Of course, they wouldn't !!

As to 4468's comment on 'sub-optimal solution', perhaps he/she would care to explain what they mean by it. Not only could using an external ATO save money, but it might yield other unforeseen efficiencies and benefits.

As for feeding Trolls, 'Overstressed' and 'ReallyAnnoyed' seem to be in denial of something. What could that be, the ending of a cosy existence?

zero/zero 2nd Mar 2018 08:45

Originally Posted by Pilotless (Post 10070110)
Do you really think a highly paid person (a non-executive director) would sacrifice a substantial remuneration package almost overnight, merely on a point of principle concerning one sole area of their overall remit? Of course, they wouldn’t

Don’t judge everyone else by your apparently low moral standards.

Pilotless 2nd Mar 2018 09:55

Zero/Zero, okay, morals (I accept I have none and I'm very okay with that - it makes me dangerous), so tell me this, how does abandoning a critical position such as DFO in such as rush as to preclude finding a natural successor speak to etiquette and protocol. Furthermore, does it not signify a weak mind to give up a great package over something that doesn't actually matter that much! I doubt if any DFO has a weak mind including the guy who jumped out. That's why I'm suggesting rumours linking the event to the use of an external ATO may correct, but perhaps in a more nuanced way than rumour(s) would have you believe.

Does anyone know?

ETOPS 2nd Mar 2018 10:27

I'm swimming in the "New DFO" hold pool .....

Emma Royds 2nd Mar 2018 12:13

Sorry to interject here but I am struggling to see the relevance of this in relation to 'Terms and Endearment'? Would this not be better placed in the BA forum?

wheelie my boeing 2nd Mar 2018 12:13

Pilotless, to say "signify a weak mind to give up a great package over something that doesn't actually matter that much" really does show your ignorance. If he really did resign over possible pilot training being outsourced then I have a lot of respect for him. Whoever replaces him, if they do accept outsourcing when it comes to pilot training, has absolutely no respect from me whatsoever. Quite simply if he felt that it would affect safety and yet the board COO etc wanted to continue with it and wouldn't listen then what else can he do? Stay in role as someone stuffs it up due to poor training and then say "I told you so"?

I don't know why he left but the rumours of training being outsourced are appauling if true. The airline has cut in many areas - quite rightly - to save money over the past decade. Pilot training is one area I don't believe money should be cut from as it stands.

BA's pilot training is of a very high standard, the trainers are very skilled at their jobs. The biggest part of a trainers job is the "how". If the trainer doesn't work for BA or fly BA aircraft and use the SOP's day in day out then they don't have the knowledge nor experience to know HOW to apply the SOP's, they just know what the manual says. Ask the guys who did their BA A320 type ratings at CTC, they came back to BA and had issues due to the differences they'd received from CTC.

Ultimately it could be something totally different, like once again a shortage of pilots (who said that?!) and potential issues this summer. Supposedly JSS can't cover the work as it's saying we need more pilots, hence it's introduction has been delayed. Whatever happens, I think it's fair to say that most BA guys now couldn't think any lower of management and will presume the worst whenever a rumour starts.

motley flight crue 2nd Mar 2018 15:02

You can take TCAS back. He left EK last year!!!!!!

wiggy 2nd Mar 2018 15:10

It might be a perfect storm...

We all know from what we have witnessed that DEP recruitment has appeared to be sub-optimal......::rolleyes:

His ex possibly mates have.well and truely got their feet under the table at L3......

The training agreements and aspirational bidding will no doubt be under the microscope...

And it snowed...............

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