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Espero 15th Sep 2017 18:25

Volotea interview
Hello everybody.

I would like to know if someone has recently done the assessment with Volotea, please.

Thank you.

RomainDf 12th Oct 2017 09:08

Can you tell me more about your interview with Volotea please ?
I am waiting for an interview with CAR to integrate the ab initio for Volotea

Many thanks

manflexsrsrwy 24th Oct 2017 03:29

Hi anyone shed some light on Volotea interview for fast track A319 position or any information at all would be greatly received ? thanks any info about the company conditions, climate that sort of thing please

manflexsrsrwy 26th Oct 2017 16:44

guys has no one seriously have nothing to say about this outfit ? not sure whether the silence is concering or not ?

MAGAGGIARI 2nd Nov 2017 02:11

I will attend the screening at the end of November . Anyone has any idea about the simulator scenario?

Yeager 3rd Nov 2017 13:50

I recently asked to see there conditions of service in full, and the clowns said that these would only be disclosed during the interview with the chief pilot in Barcelona (is that still Spain?). Needless to say, after hearing rumors of the lowest of the lowest CoS in the industry, I said no thx to travel, at my own expense, to Baaarrrrceluna.

vincedonato 9th Nov 2017 23:34

I will also go to the screening in the end of November...but I still have no idea of what to expect regarding the interview, written tests or the simulator... I anyone has any information at all, please let me know. I will really appreciate it! Thanks

Sea Hawk 11th Nov 2017 09:30

Volotea Interview Preperation A319.
Dear everyone first of all i would like to thank you even that you enter to see my topic.
So lets get into it,after i apply to Volotea Airlines(for the positions F/O A319/20) they ask me to go for an interview at December,the thing is that i need someone that have experience with that company about the following.
 A psychometric test
 A theory test, technical knowledge
A PM or a reply to this topic with the things that could help me will be much appreciate.
If someone is already in the company and could share his experience it will be also much helpful. :)
Thank you everyone for your time.

FBW390 12th Nov 2017 08:47

Yeager, you are 100 % right. These clowns at recruitment don't show you the conditions? That means they are so low! And I have a friend there, a Captain: he says he wants to leave...So it must not be good at all!

dan1165 12th Nov 2017 15:57

Its not good at all since the beginning :rolleyes: ...

Boeing737_IL 19th Nov 2017 13:30

those sick people offering 3 years Contract ,however they pay you only in the Summer .
Captain A319/B717
3600 Basic salary plus 70 Euros for each hour .

TRENDMAN 19th Nov 2017 15:18

Anybody can confirm bases for B717 and A319 DEC?Thanks

BlueVolta 19th Nov 2017 16:00

I was called for interview in january 2017....when I asked about T&C never got any answer from the recuitement team. 😃
As I remember there was a kind of bonding/reimbursement of the B717 TR that is pretty useless outside Volotea.

MAGAGGIARI 20th Nov 2017 08:58

I have different figures.
Starting from 5500 net for 70hrs to 8500/9000 for 100hrs .
Iím going in few days, letís see what happen....

dirk85 20th Nov 2017 09:11

I think you are up for a big disappointment if you have those numbers in mind.

LSP.fr 1st Dec 2017 16:25

2018 : A319 in NTE,BOD,TLS, VRN, B717 : SXB,VCE, PMO, GOA, MRS,BIO, ATH

blumoon 1st Dec 2017 21:43

Any idea when they plan on moving to an all Airbus fleet? Volotea seem to have stopped getting rid of their 717's and are expanding instead?


LSP.fr 2nd Dec 2017 16:59

Cobham / Quantas link interested by more 717 ?

TRENDMAN 4th Dec 2017 21:07

Thank you for the very useful info

Mr Angry from Purley 5th Dec 2017 18:04

I'd be based at PMO just so i could meet Pilot Lindy

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