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Breakthesilence 8th Dec 2012 12:03

Norwegian B737 Pilot selection (Updated)
Hi there,

is Norwegian Air Shuttle still calling for pilot assessments on B737?

2 Agencies are working with them: Rishworth and CAE Parc Aviation.

I've sent my CV to both of them since August but still not called for any interview (4500 TT, 4300 on 737).

Thank you folks

luc753 8th Dec 2012 12:56


Try maybe via the website of Norwegian directly.
This is the link: Jobs at Norwegian - Norwegian

Good luck ;)

turbine100 8th Dec 2012 15:20

Their recruitment looks to be following the Ryanair path ..

Breakthesilence 8th Dec 2012 15:22

Already done because even if you apply via Rishworth or CAE Parc Aviation, you need to apply on Norwegian website too.

The Eternal JP 9th Dec 2012 00:17

Confair and ARPI are 2 more that are doing the Norwegian contracts. Worth having a look?

Worth the effort though. The Ryanair comment couldn't be further from the truth. Been working a few months for them now. Uniforms all provided and top quality. New contracts have just come out with big pay rise through block pay, and crew food as well.

Admin and training Staff couldn't have been more helpful as well in getting up and running. They are a small team though, so worth having patience on the interview side.

Nothing is perfect, but in the current climate, I am very happy. :O

Breakthesilence 9th Dec 2012 08:57

Confair is no longer providing jobs for Norwegian on his website but I found it on ARPI and I've just sent my CV.

Thank you :ok:

captplaystation 9th Dec 2012 18:30

The Eternal JP. . . . you ARE joking , right ? :ugh:

The new contract with the "big pay rise" (based on my block hrs this last 9mths it will be a max of €1200mth , or for FO's count on 600€) also includes further screwing up of the Annual Leave system (a system already less than optimal) which involves thieving days off from you. Further new contract highlights include scrapping of the fixed pattern roster (a major reason many joined) and an obligation to pay tax & social charges in a country you may not even be liable (due to compliance elsewhere) even if you live & pay in another country which regretably doesn't have a functioning bilateral agreement with your Base country (where in fact you are only liable for social charges, & this only courtesy of having your pre-existing 3 year contract terminated early & replaced with a "revised" :hmm: one.)

Which part of this contract is it that we should be celebrating ? Oh yes the 1200€. . . .shame that other "improvements" to the contract will cost me +/- 2200€ minimum.

The Eternal JP 9th Dec 2012 19:46

Totally understand where you are coming from Capt. However, from someone who is coming in to the company this year and not had the contract, leave and everything else pulled from under their feet, it is among the best starting pay you can hope for. T&Cs are not what they were, that is for sure.

I am very lucky. I have found a job with good pay and conditions near my home. Can't imagine there are too many low cost companies paying around 120K euros for a starting DEC.

I hope that the job remains enjoyable enough for you to stay Capt.

spudgunjon 9th Dec 2012 21:02

I'm alright jack :ugh:

Breakthesilence 11th Dec 2012 13:01

How many pilots are being interviewed every month?

Cmon-PullUP 12th Dec 2012 10:14

Does anyone know what the future plans are for the A320? Are they converting in-house 738 guys or going to hire externally, and any ideas about timeframes for the arrivals of the Airbus's?

Breakthesilence 12th Dec 2012 10:22

I think it would be cheaper to provide differential course on the 737 MAX to the NG guys and take 320's from outside.

niss 12th Dec 2012 11:32

Rishworth are out now ón the B737 contract, could not accept the new terms.

oceancrosser 12th Dec 2012 13:00

I saw a document this morning that seemed to indicate end of contractors at Norwegian and all pilots hired by the company from beginning of 2013. Any one able to confirm this?

captplaystation 12th Dec 2012 13:25

All pilots hired by A company, not THE company.

The pilots get the chance to be "compliant" whilst the company get the chance to avoid expensive Scandi social charges.

No doubt with the blessing of the NPF :hmm: certainly haven't heard any protests from them.

oceancrosser 12th Dec 2012 14:17

Will that satisfy "scandi" tax authorities? They seem to have been on the case. Is it an "offshore" company? If so, that might create further interest by the tax man.

captplaystation 12th Dec 2012 14:27

It is 3 of the previously available 4 agencies. Tax man is certainly taking an interest in Norwegian nationality contractors, but the greater majority of them are AFAIK compliant at home anyhow.

Social tax burden placed on agencies/pilots , NAS smells like roses for the Norwegian public , & justice is seen to be done. . . simples.

Tax , which is in reality your affair between you & your resident country (or in some cases your country of employment) thrust upon contractors at "Base Country" ( quite arbitrarily) & those paying at home left to sort their own mess out (not too easy for Danish colleagues working in Spain)

Ill thought out / rushed through/ "one size fits all" solution, whose only purpose is to try & make NAS look whiter than white to the Norwegian public. . . . until the SAS Union & the NPF start stirring it up about the future Dreamliner operation.

This one will run & run.

sprite1 12th Dec 2012 14:36

How your tone has changed, Playstation. I've been following the Norwegian threads over the years. You've gone from the, 'It's great. They've given me a job, seem like nice managers, got to put food on the table, stuff you Unions, blah blah' to 'I'm being shafted by these xxxx'x. Where are the Unions when you need them?' Look back at your posts, Playstation. It's true.

When you wrote about how they've torn up your contract, that was when your view of Norwegian changed. Sobering stuff, actually, for guys looking in from the outside trying to join.

I remember you wrote here to your new colleagues saying you weren't going to pass up your new job so that NPF could protect the mainline guys. Now you ask where's NPF when you need them? Honestly, Playstation, can you bring yourself to write here an apology to all your colleagues for past posts?

Unions work on respect. From respect comes unity. I think the first step in gaining respect from your mainline colleagues would be to apologise. Then you can 'unite' with the assistance of NPF to improve your lot.

oceancrosser 12th Dec 2012 14:40

Thanks captplaystation for the explanation. So the issues is nowhere near laid to rest, with NAS trying to whitewash themselves. Pretty typical. :ugh:

Breakthesilence 12th Dec 2012 15:42

Leaving the tax affair for a while, actually what's the recruitment situation there?

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