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Holer Moler 7th Jun 2005 00:48

GSS - More Aircraft
Are the lowest paid 744 operators in the world just about too aquire 3 x 742f's ?.

Fried_Chicken 7th Jun 2005 11:12

They have already been using an Atlas B742F on some flights recently although these have been with Atlas crews


Engineer 7th Jun 2005 12:12

Could this be a reason why AAI have improved their pay conditions paving the way ahead for possible recruitment

Engineer 8th Jun 2005 02:30

Not bad pin money if you are pulling a retirement pension from one of the major carriers

stormin norman 12th Jun 2005 09:30

F/O/FE Start 35k

My local binmen are on more that !

Twin2040 12th Jun 2005 10:54

Besides the not so good salary - how are general working terms there. Regards. Twin2040

Flying Clog 13th Jun 2005 07:22

absolutely diabolical according to a mate

Engineer 13th Jun 2005 08:09

Bet the Binman has to work a 60hr week to earn that :p

Where as the FO/FE will only have to operate 900hr a year maximum :{

CAPTAINNIC 13th Jun 2005 15:29

well, what is the time for command with gss? and do they still take ex british airways first officers for captain positions?

what about working conditions? pay, off days, ops, routes, people to work with?

Riker 13th Jun 2005 17:41

What are the current routes?
Probably stated before, but what are the current routes for the 400s and any talk about new routes? Are all the routes flown out of Stansted?

pedds 14th Jun 2005 21:37

All flights originate out of Stansted and the main destination is Hong Kong, two a week out of STN and the others out of either Hahn or Frankfurt. Return is via either DEL, BOM or MAA. Two services a week to JNB, returning either direct or via Lusaka to VIT in Spain and on to STN. Two USA services to ATL and IAH. And that's it. And two services to Shanghai. No new routes planned at the moment as far as I know.

Working conditions are fine although there is a surprising amount of unserviceability and general cockups resulting in quite frequent roster ammendments which sometimes could be handled better.

Very little actual flying, quite a bit of positioning (usually in Club) but a very nice working enviroment.

Yes, BA FOs are still arriving which is the biggest downside to the whole operation. Its a pity that the management did'nt stand up to BALPA and BA World Cargo two years ago and that particular sitiuation would have gone away. As it is, anyone joining now will have quite some years to command unless they want to fly a Classic in which case it could be a very different situation. The suggestion of a Classic operation by October is a little premature I think.

Tandemrotor 14th Jun 2005 22:16

And if 'management' had 'stood up' to BA World Cargo, whose freight would GSS be carrying now? :hmm:

rhythm method 15th Jun 2005 01:53

They'd still be carrying BAWC cos BA are in effect running short already (see posting about BA pilot shortages).

However, if they had stood up to the usual dirty tricks / bully boy tactics, their predicament would be much rosier.


Carnage Matey! 15th Jun 2005 09:11

Walsh would put up with the costs of having mainline pay and rostering practices applied to an operation that demands huge flexibility of its pilots
I think you'll find the secondees get GSS pay and rostering, but why let facts get in the way of your argument? Remind us again how many hours you highly flexible pilots flew last year?

Tandemrotor 15th Jun 2005 10:49


I take your point regarding the chances of BA pilots EVER going on strike. All I would say is this:

The difference between the issues of GSS (or scope if you like) and the issue of pensions for new joiners, is only this:


'Scope' type issues have a direct, personal, and immediate effect on many of those being asked to vote. Pensions for new joiners do not.

It is also my impression that there is an increase in militancy amongst BA pilots at the moment.

As for Atlas, I presume that is viewed as being more akin to a wet lease. After all, THEY do have customers other than BAWC!!

Incidentally, and FWIW, I voted to strike for the pensions of new joiners. I thought it was the right thing to do, but I also suspect it will prove to have been short sighted not to!

Jack's a dull boy 15th Jun 2005 11:11

Fine - I think you got it in one - selfishness.

BACC/BA implanted secondees at GSS because they felt they could. The secondments don't directly affect me significantly, but I have sympathy for our f/os well down the list for whom the secondments are thoroughly demoralising. BACC/BALPA lacked any such empathy for them when the secondments arrangement was conceived.

Of all the solutions possible to address scope's aims, this one really was atrocious, and may have f/o crewing consequences in the coming months. I believe one chap who has an offer with a major, has said outright to ES that if the secondments are stopped then he would likely stay.

Carnage Matey! 15th Jun 2005 17:20

But if the secondments stop then you won't have any work any more so thats rather a moot point. If GSS can't recruit FOs then ES will have to pay them more.

Jack's a dull boy 15th Jun 2005 20:29

So you say, carnage, but thats a matter of conjecture - I think otherwise.

Riker 16th Jun 2005 18:25

Thanks for the route information. Somehow I doubt that you will find many BA pilots willing to work those hours as FOs for 35K annually. Waaay too low for the work. I guess if someone is he!! bent on flying the 400 (or now maybe the 200), then you might get some volunteers - although for 35K that is a ripoff....

Would BA also subsidise the training on the 400/200 for their FOs?

Carnage Matey! 16th Jun 2005 18:35

AFAIK the BA secondees have to be type rated on the 400 in BA before they go to GSS.

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