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Virgin Recalling Pilots?

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Virgin Recalling Pilots?

Old 7th Mar 2021, 21:26
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Virgin Recalling Pilots?

Is it true that Virgin is recalling some laid off pilots?
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Old 8th Mar 2021, 08:35
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I don't know. Great news if it's true. Seems illogical though, given that UK passenger aviation is grounded indefinitely and other UK carrier(s) are supposedly considering further man-power reductions. Unless VA bosses know something we all don't...
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Old 8th Mar 2021, 08:57
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Of course they know something we all don't. Just like governments throughout the past year.
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Old 9th Mar 2021, 14:22
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Its not really indefinite if Boris has tentatively said no travel before 17/5. Its now March and if airlines were looking to get staff back into training and current then that will be starting in the not to distant future.
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Old 9th Mar 2021, 15:55
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I have it on good authority VS is calling back 787 pilots on gardening leave.
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Old 10th Mar 2021, 16:58
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Airbus not 787. Got that from a better authority!
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Old 11th Mar 2021, 08:12
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Friend of a mate's cousin's uncle, yeah yeah , very high authority, says he went from 340 to 350 during the furlough (Trainer) and is now busy as hell. Good news for a change eh ?
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Old 14th Mar 2021, 17:42
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Yes, some of the Pilots made redundant in 2020 are being recalled for temporary summer 2021 contracts. Positions available are for A330 only and P2/ right seat only, although they will be employed in previous rank with associated pay. If not previously 330 rated you will be bonded for 12 months. These contracts may be made permanent for 2022 should the business require it (with original seniority, minus time spent out of the business).
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Old 15th Mar 2021, 05:35
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I havenít heard anything, though Iíve a couple of VS friends (A330) who were let go, so I do hope itís true.

Bring on the rebound..
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Old 16th Mar 2021, 14:11
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Are we talking about furloughed pilots being asked back or redundant pilots ?
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Old 16th Mar 2021, 19:27
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I believe all furloughed pilots have already returned to work. We are talking about pilots who were made redundant and left the business in Oct 20, now being re-employed on new temporary contracts. As Virgin are now ramping up their operation there is a need for a number of right hand seat positions to be filled. If demand for travel continues to increase into the winter season these contracts will be made permanent and these pilots, who are mainly Captains will possibly return to the right seat.
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Old 18th Mar 2021, 09:24
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Les : Captains return to the "right" seat ? Or "left" seat ? Or any appropriate seat on offer ? Bit confused now.
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Old 18th Mar 2021, 10:11
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They are returning as captains in terms of pay & benefits but will operate in the RHS for the duration of this contract as that’s where the requirement is.

As & when their contracts are made permanent, whether it’s after summer or some point further along any recovery then they’ll slot back in the seniority list with their original date of joining (minus time in the hold pool).
If they’re senior enough they’ll return as captains, displacing more junior captains if necessary who will then be possibly demoted.

That’s the current plan, we’ll see if they try to move the goal posts in six months.
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Old 18th Mar 2021, 10:21
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Sadly all returning pilots, regardless of rank into the RHS on a fixed term contract. The Ď150í should be bought back at the latest of next year when triggers in the return to service agreement are met. All returning pilots will slot into their old seniority position and retain their original date of joining, as if they hadnít left.


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Old 18th Mar 2021, 12:18
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It's pretty standard Stateside when furloughing: ppl are trickled down in fleet and seat according to seniority then moved back again when things get better. At least things got going. Many of my furloughed VS friends were waiting for this moment. Only if other european operators would've done things according to a similar matrix...
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Old 27th Apr 2021, 15:18
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Virgin retraining their ex-747 pilots

.Nice article here - https://simpleflying.com/retraining-virgins-747-pilots/

Sounds like Captains are coming back as Captains. Not what previous recent posts suggest. The laid-off VS pilot in my pub's garden this lunchtime mumbled something about it being a bit short on the actualitay.
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Old 29th Apr 2021, 09:39
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Maybe someone from Virgin can clear it up ? Or are they gagged like so many ?
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Old 29th Apr 2021, 11:44
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Gordo - I'll ask him next pub visit. May be a day or so.
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Old 29th Apr 2021, 13:30
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I think you'll find the phrase is Most Gagged
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Old 29th Apr 2021, 18:44
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Virgin 're-hires'

Gordo .......... Well he seemed quite cheerful and willing to talk, probably because the sun was out and it was my round.

VS 747 pilots (Capt and F/O) were offered back on the A330 RHS only, on 65% pay for tempo summer contracts. A £30k bond for the airbus type rating creeped in somewhere, on an unspecified time basis.

We couldn't work out how you could do an airbus type-rating and become cost-effective during a tempo summer contract unless they then required you to commit to further unspecified (bonded) call-back 'when we need you.'

And the word is that a few 'chosen' applicants 'failed' their re-hire interviews.

A big unanswered question apparently (because they won't say) is whether BIG BALPA or little balpa actually agreed formally, in writing, to these re-arrangements
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