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A320 Pilots Jobs active

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A320 Pilots Jobs active

Old 7th Oct 2020, 12:25
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Just to have an outlook of worldwide situation

what companies are actively recruiting right now Airbus drivers?

Spring Airlines (China)
Sky Express (Greece)
Jetstar Singapore?
Sichuan Airlines (China)
Vietravel Airlines (Vietnam)
Wizzair Abu Dhabi (FOs)
NOBOX (UK) company??
JetSmart (Chile and Perú) nationals or resident permit

just copy and add to the list so we can contribute all together to have a picture of how worldwide situation it looks for Airbus drivers...


I had to the list JetSmart

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Old 7th Oct 2020, 16:33
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Beware of the trol1
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Old 7th Oct 2020, 20:37
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Which airline is Nobox recruiting for?
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Old 7th Oct 2020, 20:56
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Nobox isn't likely hiring for anyone and never did. They are/were a Ryanair recruiting agency hiring for Lauda for whatever reasons since they share the same business address as Crewlink. Just open Ryanair.workable.com and it's the same website but in green.
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Old 7th Oct 2020, 20:58
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I guess it's for a Lauda expansion into the UK then?
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Old 7th Oct 2020, 21:35
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No one is insane to expand.

From when Austrian media caught wind of nobox:

What Ryanair did not announce in the press release: since May 13, an Irish personnel leasing company has apparently been looking for new personnel to replace the Vienna crews. Although the job advertisement does not explicitly state that Ryanair is the employer, "Nobox HR" has already held auditions for Ryanair / LaudaMotion personnel in the past. Among other things, pilots are sought for the A320 - LaudaMotion is the only A320 operator in the Ryanair corporate umbrella.

By the way, the company actually resides at the same address in Dublin as the company "Crewlink", which has been recruiting Ryanair personnel for years.
Lauda doesn't even exist anymore. It's Lauda Europe aka in social media as Ryanair Austria... HQ in Malta. Absolute shambles.
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Old 7th Oct 2020, 22:07
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Thanks for the info. Strange that they would put up an advert if there was no actual job?
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Old 8th Oct 2020, 07:10
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There’s always loads of ads for non existent jobs - I think half these agencies get paid just for submitting valid candidates - sort of CV farming enterprise
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Old 8th Oct 2020, 11:57
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Just think about all the data these agencies have on pilots at the moment: licenses, medicals, passports, logbook pages, addresses, phone numbers, email, etc. Worth a killing IMHO. Yes, i know about GDPR, but it's a dog eat dog World out there methinks...
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Old 8th Oct 2020, 19:38
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Booze, I think you are right.

A lot of data harvesting going on at the moment.
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Old 9th Oct 2020, 07:41
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Definitely true..

But I also have a hunch the companies themselves love this data. Didn't wizzair recently use the numbers of applicants to threaten inform their own crews how lucky they were to still be employed?
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Old 9th Oct 2020, 10:17
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It's not just the number of applicants which is of some interest to HR and finance. It's also the profile of said applicants. As long as a given offer attracts a sufficient pool of experienced candidates, what's the incentive to try and offer anything better?

Which, IMHO, is a little bit pointless these days because no matter what you offer, there will be someone desperate enough to sign up for it. In at least 2 years from now the "survey job advert" tactic might give some meaningful answer to the question how low can T&Cs go while still attracting decent people; this year or next year It's a downright waste of time because so many people will happily go for anything out there, even if it involves moving to a war zone on half of their previous salaries.
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Old 9th Oct 2020, 13:28
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I actually hadn't considered that, data is totally compromised when you have people lining out the door that would work for free coffee.
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Old 10th Oct 2020, 03:54
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Sichuan Airlines? An A 320 skipper here, active and current CAAC license , many years in the Middle Kingdom elapsed, so far never been failed in Sim and never got punishment for events (luckily). Attended the Sichuan interview in recent times due to the lack of flight activity at my current outfit but I failed the Sim: it was way above my current flying ability .
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Old 15th Oct 2020, 08:33
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NOBOX are/were based in Dublin, they were recruiting ATR72/600 NTR pilots for Stobart Air until Stobart
stopped recruitment due to the Covid. I spotted this on flight global just now.

ontract Type: Permanent/Contract

Job Title: A320 First Officers and Captains

Aircraft Type: A320 family

Location: United Kingdom


NOBOX HR Outsourcing Solutions specialise in the Sourcing, Training and Employment of Flight Crew, and our clients include some of the leading airlines in Europe. We are delighted to announce that we are working exclusively with a European based client who wish to hire experienced, full time A320 First Officers and Captains for bases in the UK. Seasonal contracts with competitive rates are also available, as well as excellent career opportunities. Holders of a current A320 TRE/LTC Qualification will be at a distinct advantage.

A320 Rated Captain Requirements:
  • Minimum 3,500 hours total flying time
  • Minimum of 2,000 hours on a Multi-crew, Multi-engine aircraft
  • Minimum of 800 hours Pilot in Command (PIC) on a Multi-crew, Multi-engine jet aircraft
  • Minimum 500 hours PIC on the A320
  • Applicant must have the A320 type rating listed on the Licence
  • EASA Licence Holder
A320 Rated First Officer Requirements:
  • Minimum 1,200 hours total flying time
  • Minimum of 1000 hours on CS25 Type Aircraft
  • Minimum 800 hours on the A320.
  • Applicant must have the A320 type rating listed on the Licence
  • EASA Licence Holder
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Old 15th Oct 2020, 09:17
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These requirements are similar to Ryanair/Laudamotion requirements pre-Covid for type rated pilots, but I doubt they use agencies.
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