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Old 3rd Nov 2020, 08:39
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A couple of links which may help.

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Old 5th Nov 2020, 11:58
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Thanks deltahotel .
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Welcome. Be aware that their office is closed due COVID, due to re open early Dec. Wfh is happening but slow. FWIW I put my ppw in the post in early March. My basic licence and medical were ready early Sep, though CAA hadn’t sent TRE info so that took another 6 weeks to resolve.

Everything is now ready but there’s no one at the IAA to send out/exchange licences!
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Old 6th Nov 2020, 12:46
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So I finally managed to get it off today, actually they told me to send it by email as nobody is at the office and it's work from home. They said to send the docs as well by post. So that's what I did. The CAA said it would take 35 working days for my medical stuff to be transferred. Similar to you, I sent my TRI/TRE stuff but they have expired, I just hope they keep some record of them if I need to renew. I wrote them on the form anyway, even though they're not current. Let's hope we all get some sort of licence back, To be fair, once they replied to the first email after a month, they were quick to reply thereafter.
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Old 8th Nov 2020, 05:29
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For those guys without a current type. Apparently if you have a type rating on a third country license (faa etc) there is then a way to get credit for this and issue you with the EASA licence. Costs an extra 300 euro I think.
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Been a while since you posted this but I'm in the same boat. And even though restrictions have eased in Ireland, they're still not accepting post? Have you heard anything?
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Old 4th Dec 2020, 07:48
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I believe they plan to reopen next week. Colleague and I are waiting for email to tell us we can post in. That said Iíll probably send mine in jan when I have some time off.
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It'll still be possible to get a UK to EASA licence after brexit takes place no doubt, maybe just a bit more nausea to go through. My mate converted a UAE licence to IAA EASA no trouble I'm sure no need to panic unless you absolutely need an EASA licence pronto for your current employment.

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What about the 14 ATPL exams?
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Old 8th Dec 2020, 13:10
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On the CAA's Brexit microsite FAQ, they state that non-UK EASA licence holders can continue to operate G - registered aircraft from Jan onwards but this will require a validation that's downloadable on the CAA website (and stuffed in your licence presumably). It goes on to say, vaguely, "It will be subject to conditions". Does anyone know what these are?
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Nope. And keep Hitting F5 on that page to see how the wording changes day by day.
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Old 10th Dec 2020, 19:52
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I guess this is it. Time for the UK CAA to start preparing.
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Old 24th Dec 2020, 17:41
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EASA issued some Guidelines for continued exemptions due to covid based on Article 71, see here: https://www.easa.europa.eu/document-...rdance-article

Some authorities who have received this memo and started applying it apparently done away with validity requirements for SOLI on or after November 19th.

Some authorities however insist that by December 31st the UK issued EASA licenses will sublime into thin air, so the late publication by EASA did not help many, however some authorities construed that if the application arrives to them by December 31st, they will honor the request and issue a license next year.

This was all before the Brexit agreement done today, which no one knows if it has any effect on professional licenses. I'm assuming someone here will find the document and the applicable clauses soon.

So everyone who got stuck, may still have a chance this week to apply out, but consider if it's worth it in your situation and with your license held.
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Does not seem that professional qualifications made it into the final agreement.

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Go to page 13, its in there!
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Old 6th Jan 2021, 00:12
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Well, now that the magic date has passed, has anyone any info/insight/speculation as to the process for going from UK PART-FCL to EASA PART-FCL? Any EASA authorities said much about this yet?
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Old 6th Jan 2021, 08:07
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Just like converting your FAA license, that means 14 ATPL exams and skills test.
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Nobody knows, not even Balpa yet

From Balpa newsletter :
Pilot Licences. This is covered in Article AIRTRN.18: Aviation Safety, paragraph 2, where mutual recognition with a minimum standard of the ICAO Chicago Convention is established. Prior to the agreement being struck, the CAA were suggesting that UK licence holders flying EU registered aircraft after the 1st of Jan would need to acquire an EASA, EU based licence or obtain an EASA validation of their UK licence. However, this article seems to supersede that requirement, albeit coming much too late for anyone to take advantage of it. BALPA will seek to confirm beyond doubt, as a matter of priority, if there is now full, mutual recognition agreed for UK and EU issued pilots licences and ratings, etc., without further cost or cumbersome bureaucracy.
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I'm very late to the party with regard to this discussion and I wish I'd kept myself better abreast of things. I incorrectly assumed that I would need to retain my UK-Issued licence in order to fly in the UK after the end of last year and so didn't follow through with my initial plan to move my licence to Portugal.

A colleague spoke to EASA about the seeming lack of reciprocity regarding privileges and was asked to email [email protected] stating his case, which I have now done also.

The immediate issue for me will now be how to gain an ATPL(H) licence validation for the coming year so that I can continue contracting in Europe. Has anyone had any experience of this or considering doing the same?
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Without any publication from the EASA on the mutual recognition, your validation will last only 1 year and need to take a skill test, Class 1 and ELP.
(EU) 2020/723

Any luck from
[email protected]?
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