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Norwegian Thread

Old 10th Jan 2019, 19:44
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Norwegian Thread

Where did the Norwegian thread discussing the potential take over by IAG go?

Was it removed by the mods for some reason?

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Old 10th Jan 2019, 20:02
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I was looking for it as well
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Old 10th Jan 2019, 20:05
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Disappeared . Probably as it turned out to be a crock of...
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Old 10th Jan 2019, 21:24
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Its a rumour netwerk no!?
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Old 11th Jan 2019, 11:39
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Itís a rumour network, not a bull*hit network, although most of what I read on here these days falls under the latter.
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Old 11th Jan 2019, 16:40
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The first two words of the site name are also "Professional Pilots", which doesn't apply to 95% of contributors to this forum.
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Old 16th Jan 2019, 15:34
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Norwegian will close the 737 base in FCO
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Old 16th Jan 2019, 17:19
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From another forum.


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Old 16th Jan 2019, 20:38
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Mala tempora currunt....!

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Old 16th Jan 2019, 22:03
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Norwegian came a little late to the LCC European market, FR & EasyJet had already filled many of the routes between profitable city pairs and Norwegians costs were double that of FR.

They could make good money out of Scandinavia, but that alone would not give them the critical mass that they needed so they pushed on and profits fell and the rest is history.

Conversley they were an early mover in the long haul LCC sector and with over 30 Dreamliners in service have become a major player in that market as eviedenced by the changes having no effect on long haul.

The impact on the pilot baes in LPA/TFS will be hard for pilots that have made a life down there, they face either becoming commuters or leaving, many of the routes will still operate but the crews will be in hotels instead for the routes that can’t do there and back in a duty period, these will be Finland and Northern Norway.

The PVD/SWF bases in the US should have been closed a year ago, no one needed them, few if any of the US pilots recruited never got pass their final line check, you couldn’t even get to the PVD crew room without a local airport pass.

Will it be enough, well time will tell...
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Old 17th Jan 2019, 13:51
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A post about Norwegian's DUB base reduction has just been removed..... Moderator?
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Old 17th Jan 2019, 15:28
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There was a clear request from the company in the email with that information for it to be kept private and confidential, i don't think PPRuNe want to be sued.
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Old 17th Jan 2019, 15:30
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Itís a union email, and the letter is all over the www already. Who is going to sue who for what exactly?
Most likely the poster himself deleted the message.
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Old 17th Jan 2019, 16:48
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Norwegian course 787 cancelled.

Is there anybody out there whose January 787 course with Norwegian is cancelled before the start date?
Rishworth and OSM aviation.
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