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Norwegian Dublin

Old 26th Sep 2017, 11:41
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Norwegian Dublin

Could someone that was at the Recruitment day in Dublin share the details of the contract on offer?
Any word of 787's?
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Old 26th Sep 2017, 11:53
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I'd think twice
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Old 27th Sep 2017, 15:48
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basic for FO is 4K , plus 1300 euro plus sector (1200)
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Old 27th Sep 2017, 18:22
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Aren't a lot of the Norwegian management ex RYR?. Hence Norwegian = RYR with food!
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Old 29th Sep 2017, 07:42
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Well spotted ! but to food you can add a long list of pilot goodies that MoL doesn't offer, no false self employment, no pay for your own positioning or hotel costs, no paying for your own sim in your own time, no paying for your required by law medical, plus holiday pay, sick pay, pension, private medical, but you'll have to work a bit more than 18 hours a week so it may not suit all.
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Old 29th Sep 2017, 21:23
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Originally Posted by Plane_Sailing View Post
Could someone that was at the Recruitment day in Dublin share the details of the contract on offer?
Any word of 787's?
There was a 787 LGW based Captain at the roadshow in Dublin. The word on 787s is that they are getting more 787s and they may base some in DUB in future, but, for now only 2 737max - just 2 routes for now - Providence (Boston) and New York (Newburgh Stewart).

More max's could be added to the DUB base. 20 CPs and 20 FOs required at the moment.

Direct Entry Captain B737max in DUB:
€7700 gross
€3400 per diems
Annual Medical, Uniform, HOTAC during duty, HOTAC during recurrenct sim training both paid for by Norwegian; food and beverages and water during duties provided by Norwegian; staff travel for friends and family; 5% pension; getting to work counts as duty time; no commuting on days off; €85/month mobile phone payment.

The hope according to Godfrey Higgins & John Dooly was to have a 6 on 4 off roster.

Inside sources tell me this offer is worse than the mainline European Norwegian.

I didn't take note of the FO contract but I think it could be a €4500 basic

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Old 30th Sep 2017, 05:38
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Thanks for the info. Looks good on paper. The 3400 per diem is flight pay and food on layovers? Will this be taxed?
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Old 30th Sep 2017, 07:56
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SERIOUSLY? Looks good on paper? Please do tell me what about it looks good. That they pay your hotel? Your receuurent training? Your medical? Or anything else that actually should be paid by the employer?

It's nothing but a disgrace for a 787 captain (or any jet captain for that matter) to be paid €7300. No wonder the European job market is down the drain. I was paid significantly more than that as a 737 (BBJ) FO working six months out of the year.

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Chill out dude...

First of all its for the 737max ops, not for the 787. Secondly thats in total an annual salary of ~133000, some of it tax free which is really not to bad for a 737 Captain in europe.
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Old 30th Sep 2017, 08:41
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Per diem is 1300 Eu for CPT/FO not 3400..

20Eu per BLH for Transatlantic ops CPT.
17 Eu per BLH for EU flights CPT.

10Eu per BLH for Transatlantic ops FO.
8 Eu per BLH for EU flights CPT.
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One flies a 737 and the other an A380

Regarding salaries, its not exactly new knowledge that on average, a widebody jet pilot earns more than a narrowbody jet pilot and the latter earns more than a turboprop pilot. Whether thats fair or not is another discussion (i think its not) but doesn't change the fact that the market is as it is.

With the new updated figures, the annual salary is 108k€ + BH pay, at 800h / year somewhere around 122k€. Not exactly the best offer but still far from being the worst. Have a look at the Eurowings Europe salaries for example.
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At the Dublin roadshow were pilots given “permanent employment” promises via reference to superficial collective agreements at other Norwegian bases? - agreements to which the Norwegian airline may not be party, consequently has no obligation to honor. Dublin based crews may eventually be offered the same charade below:

ANPAC union, representing Norwegian’s pilots and cabin crews based in Italy, provided a press release on 27 September regarding a collective agreement, stating;
“The final text of the document, recently signed by Norwegian’s Managing Director, Byorn Erik Barman, was submitted by ANPAC to ballot for ratification among ANPAC members.”

Unfortunately for ANPAC and its members, the collective agreement is not with their “real employer” the Norwegian airline. Byorn Erik Barman is Managing Director of Norwegian Air Resources, a non airline affiliate of parent company NAS.

ANPAC believes;
"The collective agreement is an important event for the air transport system of Italy. It proves that by means of an open and balanced social dialogue a modern, efficient airline company being capable of pursuing the future without prejudice can operate by guaranteeing adequate economic and regulatory conditions to its flying crews while maintaining competitiveness.”

The “event” only proves that pilots continue to be their own worst enemy, apparently unable to comprehend the fragile terms of their contracts and willing to accept snake-oil collective agreements with an entity other than their "real employer".

ANPAC press release:

Norwegian’s US based, long haul cabin crews previously won a legal ruling the Norwegian airline is their real employer and now have the right to a collective agreement with the airline, as opposed to a Resource Group. Since winning the ruling they have had their salaries "cut 30-50%." Is that called “pursuing the future without prejudice”, a coincidence or a punishment?

AFA letter:

From the pikey pot to the rock ape frying pan (uniform provided).
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anyone that could share some information regarding the roster and time away from home being based in dub with norwegian (LH ops) ?

Thank you!
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