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I am wondering about conditions working for Aurigny. For me flying an ATR or Dornier to/from the Channel Islands would be a dream job and one I would gladly do for my whole flying career. Could anyone who does/has done this give me an idea of the lifestyle etc?

I know living in Guernsey is massively expensive. Are new FO's expected to live there or can you live on the mainland? Is it feasible to live in Alderney?

What is the airline like to work for? They seem like they would be a good bunch. Are there opportunities for a new fATPL with low hours?

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If you've done your research you'll know that to live on Guernsey you need to have the right to live there. Aurigny have obtained permits for people to work in the past and presumably still do but I would hazard a guess that the amount of permits they have requested for non-local pilots with zero experience and a freshly minted CPL with ATPL theory equals zero. However I'd be happy to be corrected on this.
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Cannot confirm ts & cs but an online acquaintance works for Aurigny as a "Technical Support Pilot". It sounds like a very similar arrangement to the Jet2 pilot apprentice scheme but seems more technical and in-depth than the Jet2 arrangement.

18/24 months working in ops on the ground before TR.

So they have taken on low hour guys.
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I know of two people personally (non locals) who were hired by them this year. Both with low hours. From what I have heard it would be basically impossible to live on the mainland.
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So I take it the job is probably not feasible for someone with a family then? Guernsey property prices are horrendous. Alderney would be nice though.
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There's absolutely no way you're going to be able to afford to rent a big enough place for a family as a non local in Guernsey on an Aurigny FO wage. (I think you've realised that though). Commuting to & from Alderney would be an absolute nightmare in the winter (even at times in the summer) and would result in a lot of stress. Just being realistic here, the reality of the logistics involved in your idyllic vision of how it is in the Channel Islands is very different. Life on Alderney is not for the faint hearted. There's nothing that can actually prepare you for it, it's absolutely tiny and boring as hell. Lovely for a couple of days break but you'd be bored out of your mind long term. I'm prepared for some flack for that, there are some who enjoy it but you have to have a very particular mindset.

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PJN states base FO salaries as:
£24.2k Dornier FO
£31.5k ATR FO
£34.5k E190 FO
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Having worked there for a few years, the flying was great, Guernsey is a nice quite place, but very expensive.

You will get a housing license, this then determines the minimum TRP value you can look at.

This is a system to allow locals to still buy houses below your TRP value.

As a stepping stone to other airlines and opportunities it's good.

As for number of hours, they take guys with as low as a couple of hundred, but you need the ATR type rating first.
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What’s going on in Guernsey this morning. Just about every Aurigny flight is delayed. Any other airline would have been plastered all over the news by now about how bad it is
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