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Uncle Pete
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I'd be very grateful if someone could pm me with the current pay scales for Jet2 or alternatively where I can find them. I'm a BALPA member but can't find it on their website.

Many thanks
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I know you said to PM but it's in the public domain anyway so I don't see the harm in putting it here.

This seems fairly up to date.

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There is a spreadsheet on the BALPA website for members! Although, I wouldn't worry about finding it, it was compiled in 2012 and seemed to be out of date.

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PPJN is pretty accurate.
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Old 30th May 2020, 10:58
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There are a couple of items reported in PPJN on JET2 that do not appear to have been announced by the airline company. If anyone can confirm the news, it would be gratefully received. Also of the 700 job cuts, how many of these are pilots?

According to PPJN:

News item1:
Current Situation: In the coming days the company will be announcing plans for job cuts of up to 700 employees from UK and abroad and the restructure of the business. Plans to reduce the size of its fleet to cut cost.

News Item 2:
Orders: A321 acquisitions cancelled.
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Unfortunately any man or his dog can can post on PPJN. By the way, somebody needs to tell the engineers to stop painting and spannering the new jets, as social media says they are not needed🤣
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PPJN figures are accurate, last year in July we received the profit share which equated to a month's basic salary or a 13th month if you like, obviously this year, not.

As for the Ppjn news items it is impossible to verify as anybody can edit that site but there has been no official announcements from the company as you said.
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Sad that in the current climate you would be grateful to receive confirmation of this news, would it not be better to have a confirmation that it was incorrect?

As Whitemonk says, the salary figures are correct. As for the “news”, Balpa contacted all members working for Jet2 to point it out, and to also point out that so far in all their communications with the company there has been no mention of redundancies. Whilst that is no proof that they won’t happen there would have to be a 45/90 day consultation period. As that hasn’t been announced yet if it is happening the only people who know about it are probably at the level of DFO / Chief pilot and above, and they are unlikely to be leaking it on ppjn.
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PPJN 031/05/2020

Jet2.com Pilot Jobs Situation

last update

Current Situation: Difficult outlook due to Corona. Company keen to restart flying ASAP. No confirmed pilot redundancy plans.

Outlook: Unlikely to be recruitment until 2021

Overall Hiring Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve): Neutral
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JET2 cuts

Any news on pilot job cuts at Jet2 ?
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Yes. Redundancies!
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Good luck to all involved if the news is correct, I worked with some tremendous people in the short time I was there.
Remember every airline is going through similar, the call sign, paint scheme and type is all that is different.
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Seen the company letter, not good news, good luck to all concerned.
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My thoughts go to everyone affected. What are the numbers?
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102 pilots and 222 in Holiday House/LFFH so far.

edit: 380 cabin crew as well (fixed seasonal contracts)

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Both fleets?
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All fleets affected in some way, from Balpa:

26/22 Airbus Captains/FOs
27/27 Boeing Captain/FOs

Seems like purely LIFO.

5 of 7 planned Airbus are not coming for now, three 737s also and two 757s to be retired, the latter more or less in line with previous plans.

70% for everyone else until the end of 2020, no communication from the company so far but news only dropped to all staff this morning so BALPA begin negotiations on Friday.

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Are there reports that the owner has had to sell off parts of the company too?

Hopefully BALPA can intervene and negotiate an across the board arrangement rather than the company cutting anyone adrift. In the current climate that’s a total disaster for anyone who is unlucky enough to be shed. Jet 2 are a big enough company to share the pain, like some airlines have decided to rather than getting rid of people.

COVID in some ways is a level playing field. And it presents an opportunity for humanity and shared endeavour.

Hold on tight everybody and hopefully the employees can negotiate with the company to reverse their decision to cut people adrift.
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Nothing really to offer other than best wishes and good luck to all that may lose their employment in this virus that is ravaging the world. Aviation is feeling pain but we should remember that people are losing their life's and families are being devastated by its impact. One just has to try and stay positive, of course it's a lot easier saying than doing.
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They've taken the government loan. sold the road haulage business and reduced the fleet and cut the wages. Unfortunately, only redundancies remain. Unless there is a serious and rapid recovery in holiday travel, it might still not be enough. Too many unknown unknowns in the world to confidently predict anything.
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