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You get 24hr duty pay, that's it.
As for not liking your wife, you have to think a bit wider than that, for instance, alot of pilots spend alot of time on motorways commuting to work, so nightstops are a better option than spending 3 hours a day sat watching white lines, lorries and trees. Another reason is alot of pilots have been displaced from a closed base, this means they are paying accommodation to be at their current base, if the company nightstops them then they won't incur the costs; they're away from home anyway, so they may as well nightstop.
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How about EDI, GLA, BHD ...do they have the same amount of potential nightstops as a MAN or BHX?
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The rumour (heard in reliable local pubs) is this year they have been taking new FOs directly onto the jet but on Dash money as it cuts down on training as they are maxed out on training on the Dash.
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It wouldn't be the first time.
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That is quite correct - a number of CTC graduates have been taken directly onto the jet with Dash pay.
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I am sure that is going down well with the boys and girls who have been waiting years to be transferred onto the jet!!
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It is going down exactly how you would expect it to.

Don't trust the managements BS (just look at the share price recently...), if you want to be based at one of there regional bases and don't have any better options then they are a reasonable choice, but bear the following in mind:


The recruitment process is unpredictable and a mess
You are now joining approx 1 year too late as they have messed up the command process and added a bunch of numbers to the seniority list therefore slowing your progression.
You will fly 900 hours a year OR you will night-stop ALOT if your are based in BHX/MAN
Money is ok for a captain but below standard, below average and declining for an FO with these new DEFO ctc wage killers.
Expect 3 earlies followed by 2 six sector lates with only two days to recover, this is knackering, trust me.


The dash is a great machine and lovely to fly
Very little late night flying
Very friendly and generally excellent crews however the level of experience has dropped massively in the last 18 months.
Opportunities to go part time once you become a captain, will only become a reality if they can crew the airline properly over the next 5 years
Excellent training standards which will get you a better job if you are willing to go and earn one.

From a recently departed.
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It certainly will be a bit of a pain for the long term servants. Flybe is not a career airline anymore (if indeed it ever was). All my ex colleagues who remain there have a long term plan that doesn't involve Flybe Birmingham or Flybe Southampton (ie an exit plan). Having the Embraer time makes anyone wanting to move on more "marketable" so clogging up the P2 Embraer list with CTC graduates inevitably delays the escape of anyone on the Dash.

I have the feeling that this suits management as, in a time where they are horrendously under crewed, the CTC lot are stuck with a bond and it makes it more difficult for the longer servants to move on (although absolutely not impossible I concede - Emirates have opened up to turboprop guys, although not many people actually want to go there anymore, which is why they've done it!).

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I am sure that is going down well with the boys and girls who have been waiting years to be transferred onto the jet
These FOs don't really exist any more, they've all either got it or taken dash commands. Or they left. The jet P2 list goes quite junior these days, some got it after only about a year in the company.
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Vrb03kt you're probably correct. Of the guys who joined with me a few years back, a couple (including me) have left, two have their dash command, one is P2 on the Embraer and I've lost touch with the other couple but they're probably in the same boat.
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Learn the ropes

Hi All,

To summarise for all those who are wondering about bases etc etc as I suspect there are a few newbies heading there:

1) There are fewer better places in the UK to cut your teeth, especially on the Dash. Good training, good routes and challenging aircraft

2) All bases are much of a muchness but BHX has by far the most varied network (and the best crew )

3) Arrive with an exit plan. Keep an eye on your career; nobody but YOU can manage your career and as has been mentioned already - BEE is not a career airline.

4) The Q400 is a ZFT qualifying type for future airlines

5) If you want to stay because you need to be in the regions: go part time ASAP as it is the only way to cope with the roster

6) Typical roster is 6 on 2 off starting on earlies finishing on lates, repeat. Repeat. Then a 5 day cycle.

7) Time to command: about a year if you are qualified at the moment so I hear.

8) Worst bit: the roster. Best bit: the people

9) There are DEFINITELY worse places to work but there are also better rostering arrangements elsewhere.

10) Would I recommend the company to new pilots: absolutely. Would I recommend it to old-hands: yes, but only if you want to work at a regional airport and you are used to a LH lifestyle already.

I hope this helps!

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4) The Q400 is a ZFT qualifying type for future airlines
Very true. It's suprised me since leaving how much dash time has made an affect on ZFT in how little line training is needed on another type. 16 sectors for a 737!

Agree with the bit about BHX crew too!! Flybe's a nice place to be if you want a flying job at a fair amount of good locations in the UK. But very hard work.
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Hello , Can anyone spare a few minutes to go through the CTC assessment day for Flybe DEC Q400 ? I have been selected , offered assessment dates , which are a bit too close for comfort really , and would like to prepare in the most efficient manner . If anyone's got tips about ' a short question and answer session' , ' a set of computer based aptitude tests ' and ' group exercises ' , I'd be delighted and happy to offer a pint of your choice of beverage for your trouble . Extra Question : Does anyone know if the Sim session is generally held around the same dates ( if successful at the interview level of course ) ? I have to travel quite a bit to get the UK and would rather not buy two tickets if I can help it . Thanks in advance :-)
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I think Flybe might be surprised at how few people are out there. I recently received an email thanking me for my application, but to now enter it via a CTC site. This is despite the fact that my application was over 12 years ago! If their application database is so out of date, they might find there are few applicants (apart from recent CTC guys) to fill the seats.
Anecdotally my current employer is struggling to find and retain FOs to fill 737 and 757s.
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Rosters late again to be published, as cant find Piots to cover the schedule
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Hi guys I'm just curious what background you current applicants have? The reason I ask is because I'm trying to build up a picture of what jobs are genuinely out there for low hours pilots and what's required to actually get the job. Any responses would be greatly appreciated
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A Very Civil Pilot,

You may be surprised to hear that Jo in recruitment has given a figure of 4000 applicants to several of my mates. Now whether that includes all the people that have since moved on, is anyone's guess.

I've had my application in for 5 years and also received the email from Flybe about CTC. I hope you are correct though and that there is truly a shortage of applicants. I'm not holding my breath though.

Does your company accept non rated? Cheeky request for a PM most welcome!

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Jo in recruitment has given a figure of 4000 applicants to several of my mates
hahaha......I needed a laugh this morning.
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I've spoken to xx personally in the last 2 months and she told me from memory the figure was around 1300.

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I thought we weren't allowed to name people here on PPRuNe? Several posts blowing that out of the water in the last couple of days! ;-)
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