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Titan Airways recruitment

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Titan Airways recruitment

Old 3rd Sep 2014, 16:26
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Titan Airways recruitment

I've been registered with their online system for the last 2 years and recently got notified that they are recruiting for their one A320 for 2015. Not sure if it's expansion or just seasonal but I'm very interested.

I'm originally from Essex but been here there and everywhere over the last 3 years flying both the A320 and 330. I've got a full ATPL and over 5000 hrs TT with about 2000 on the Airbus family. I'm still only an SFO but feel ready to take the leap to the left.

If anyone prefers private messaging as opposed to replying here that's no problem. I hear that they recruit a lot through recommendations which I guess is as good as any system!

Look forward to getting any information on them!
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Old 3rd Sep 2014, 17:43
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I was told by one of their 737 Captains that they have committed to a further 2 aircraft for the Airbus fleet.
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Old 3rd Sep 2014, 18:24
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I'd also appreciate any info on pay and conditions - I realise you pretty much have to live in your choice of Bishop's Stortford or Bishop's Stortford...
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Old 3rd Sep 2014, 19:07
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North or East London . I think I'd take Bishop's Stortford.
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Old 3rd Sep 2014, 20:03
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Titan Airways pilot jobs news for airline pilots and aviation schools

Last update was September 2013 and barely mentions the A320. So, take it for what it is worth - probably not too far off.

Would also love to hear from any current Titan pilots about their impressions/experience there.
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Old 4th Sep 2014, 00:48
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Don't work for them but what I heard from the inside is the intention is to eventually make it entirely Airbus fleet, including long haul. Obviously this will take a while.
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Old 4th Sep 2014, 08:49
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An interesting if somewhat odd ball outfit is what I hear from friends who work/have worked there.

They summed it up thus

Fair pay, generous allowances,very varied flying and not much of it in winter are the plus points.

On the debt side depending on fleet.
30 minutes standby call out
Night mail
Very unstable roster due to the nature of the business, crewing undertake not to change your day off with less than 24 hours notice prior to your day off!!
You maybe down graded to RHS after sim performance in the Autumn, but never in spring?
Any talk of fast track command is just that
There can be a lot of time away from home and that can include days off

If you live within 5 mins of STN It might be worth a look, but go in with eyes wide open .....

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Old 4th Sep 2014, 11:32
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30 mins to Stansted encompasses some pretty nice parts of the World. Saffron Walden, close to the Duxford/A414 junctions on the M11, some gorgeous little villages around the Essex/Herts border. Depends what you want out of your house or flat.
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Old 4th Sep 2014, 11:41
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I believe it's 30 minutes from call to report so more like 20-25 minutes. Yes some very nice parts of Essex/Herts close by - beats East London where I grew up!

If I'm honest it all sounds a bit like my corporate flying days before I got used to a fixed roster!
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Old 8th Sep 2014, 17:25
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I'd be interested to hear from anyone with experience of working there on the 320. Do you tend to get long term summer contracts living in far flung parts of the UK/Europe/the world or does it tend to just be ad hoc, last minute ACMI?

I realise there is a 30 min call out time when on standby. What's the roster like otherwise. Min days off per month? Random monthly roster? How long do standby periods last for?

Is there sector/duty pay/decent overnight allowances?

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Old 8th Sep 2014, 18:03
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Looking for similar info too.
4000+ hrs on type
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Old 9th Sep 2014, 19:08
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May to October 2013 the A320 was based at Newcastle operating for Jet2. May to October this year it's based at Rome (FCO) operating for Easyjet. In between times it's a popular aircraft for short contracts so not surprising if they are looking to increase the Airbus fleet.
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Old 9th Sep 2014, 20:44
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I'd be interested to hear from anyone with experience of working there..
I wouldn't bother. This is one of the few companies you don't hear about. Pilots appear to every retire from it, very few leave beforehand. They are sound operators who treat of all of their staff properly. If you get the chance you go for it.
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Old 9th Sep 2014, 21:09
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PPRuNe Secret Agent!

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Thumbs up

Spot on Piltdown! One of the best UK jobs Good luck to all those applying!
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Old 10th Sep 2014, 09:18
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Looks like they are going through the applications as my status changed from 'Submitted' to 'Reviewed'
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Old 10th Sep 2014, 09:57
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Best jobs in the UK? compared to what?

Having worked at Titan and enjoyed my time there i have no axe to grind either way.

It really depends on what sort of a person you are, the DFO 'Dabs' is shall we say an interesting character, office staff are great, crewing do the best they can without the crew resource to operate what the commercial department sell.

Be under no illusions this is not remotely close to a schedule airline, it is a business that is built around the misfortune of other airlines bad luck or ineptitude, fortunately there is no shortage of that, so things change rapidly, so don't think that living in TOWIE land and getting home every night is an option, it isn't.

For me it was a stop gap and i enjoyed the variety, but was glad to leave, for many it becomes a career cul de sac
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Old 10th Sep 2014, 13:45
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I believe they pay well.
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Old 10th Sep 2014, 15:55
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The night mail operation is a piece of piss. I used to do the STN-EDI-STN run on a regular basis. All day at home, go in for a few hours at around 8.30pm and be back home at 12. Not really a days work, and a shame to take the money really...
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Old 11th Sep 2014, 14:25
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Anyone heard anything yet? My application has gone from -Application Submitted to - Pending - 2
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Old 11th Sep 2014, 14:26
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Same here mate
Guess they are going through the applications in deep.
Good luck matey
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