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BA Direct Entry Pilot.

Terms and Endearment The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.

BA Direct Entry Pilot.

Old 5th Feb 2018, 18:29
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Re. Commuting to LGW: as mantioned above there are some tours available, but they're generally quite popular in the RHS as guys try and max out their take-home pay. They're generally more popular for FO's than Captains, and you'll see more uncovered ones for the LHS. And who doesn't like an afternoon bike ride pub crawl in Jersey?

I guess you'd definitely need some sort of bolthole. Generally day trips, and you can expect to do one or two trips clearing after midnight each month in the summer. There will be times where it's 6 on, 1 off, 6 on, and no-one will be too far away from 100 hours in 28 days by the time it gets to August/September.
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 18:38
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Originally Posted by Icanseeclearly View Post

Well done you, I am sure you will be a great loss to BA...

We will miss you on this thread as now you are not joining I assume you will desist from posting.
I wasn't aware that this thread was for BA or BA pool sitters only. Like myself, VJW's situation has changed considerably since entry to the pool. He has a command at easy to go to and with a young family to feed that is a significant difference in short term finance needs. An easy command salary now or sit in the seniority list waiting for years for the same at BA. Given domestic circumstances it becomes a no brainer.
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 19:02
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Don't blame you one bit VJW. Just to put the finances into perspective, according to PPJN, EZY skipper is on £104k plus £30 per sector straight out of the box. To make the same basic salary at BA would involve 13 years service, plus approx £10ph flying.

In addition you wont be "junior trash" for years, and might see a weekend off occasionally.

No brainer to me...
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 19:46
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Is it really a no brainer though? Yes the finances in the LHS at Easy are wonderful, but if cash was the only consideration then one would also be better off staying put in the LHS at RYR.

I think you'd find a few differences in lifestyle between an Easy skipper and a 13 year BA FO, mainly in favour of the latter... the big shiny salary isn't necessarily always as important as having the control over your life that you seemingly do at BA. Surely a few years slumming it at bottom seniority is worth it in the long run?
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 19:49
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Second that... I am a junior 320 skipper @ BA! Not a nice place to be. If one can happily say goodbye to long haul then Easy really is a no brainier.
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 19:54
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One word of caution:
After 5 years at EasyJet I really needed part time as there was no way I could keep it up full time.
So those figures only work if you manage to do 13 years full time at EZY. Iím now on year 13 in BA and nowhere near feeling I need part time. Of course it would be nice but thatís another story altogether....
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 20:08
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Sciolist (look it up) of the first order
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Sorry if Iíve caused a thread drift. All I meant to imply was whoever were to call me first out their pool wins. Both are good jobs but I canít turn down one waiting for the other, especially when the other has kept me waiting well over a year and still suggests a call isnít coming this year.
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 20:42
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I've worked at EZY across a few bases and I'm now a junior SH skipper at BA after around 5 years.

BA is by far the easiest flying I've ever done.
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 01:54
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I’m genuinely intrigued.

When you say “easiest”, what do you mean?

Clearly you can’t mean time in uniform? So do you mean easiest as far as the colleagues you work with? The base you fly from? The destinations you serve? Rostering agreement? Stability? Opportunity?

What is it that’s ‘easier’?

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Old 6th Feb 2018, 05:32
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Flying 20% less than I used to, excellent colleagues (same at EZY to be fair), decent number of weekends off even at the bottom, days are way shorter, control over the type of flying that suits you (earlies, lates, daytrips, tours etc), rock solid roster stability, weeks of leave in school holidays, helpful ground team that gives you compassionate / dependent leave.

Downsides are the company is enormous so can be difficult to feel at home when you donít recognise anybody on a 2 day your with 5 different crew. Slighty awkward aircraft changes with 2 hour turns but thereís virtually always possibility for coffee and a decent meal in T5 thatís not crew food.

Thereís a thread in the airline of course that SH is terrible and exhausting but itís way better than the grind of long term low cost flying in my experience. LHR night jet ban is great!

Could all change at the bottom with JSS but Iím cautiously optimistic.
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 10:49
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FWIW, non type rated in the pool for a long time, received and accepted the offer for A320 LHR. Happy to be in and settle in for the long road ahead. Most definitely a step up from my current regional gig!!
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 10:53
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When was that offer made Saab? Do you have a starting date?
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 11:41
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I've been following this thread for a while. Can anyone on 'the inside' confirm my inference that we're likely to see some non-Airbus rated recruitment for LH (+ possibly SH) in the near future?

Last edited by clvf88; 6th Feb 2018 at 12:19.
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 12:19
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I think that might suggest so.

I'd have thought they'd recruit rated guys onto SH before non-rated though. So does this mean that there are very few A320-rated swimmers left?!

Would explain why they opened up the A320-rated recruitment page again.
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 12:53
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There are definitely some 320 rated swimmers still in the pool... me, and I think FACOff and TimesReader both did their sims after me?

For reference I did mine mid Nov ‘16... anyone else?
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 13:02
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Late sept/early oct TRd a320 have been called from what I know
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 13:41
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Early Dec 2016. No call from BA yet.
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 13:58
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Late October 2016, A320 rated.. no call.
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 14:28
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One 787 offer has been made. Offers will go out for 747/777. Rest 320 offers I presume
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 17:04
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Virtually all of the Monarch people have jobs, though I am sure some will apply
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