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Airside Pass

Old 5th Aug 2013, 17:48
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Airside Pass

Anybody know the legalities of a previous company not answering the Airside Pass form to acknowledge employment for an Airside Pass.
My old company just refuse to answer.
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Old 5th Aug 2013, 19:09
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Not sure about the legalities of them not answering. However if in the UK you could contact HMRC to ask them to help you by providing proof of employment dates. They did that for me when a previous employer went out of business.
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Old 5th Aug 2013, 19:15
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Airside Pass

Not much chance of a reference either then I'd say
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Old 5th Aug 2013, 22:43
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Had this issue (except with an education establishment) and asked the passes department of the airport, they told me if I filled in the form myself and got a referee (personal) to verify it they were happy enough. I believe the referee had to have known me for more than 2/3 years and could not be immediate family.

Check with the passes office.
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Old 6th Aug 2013, 01:02
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Name & Shame please. . . you have nothing to lose as they have already refused to fulfil their "professional" (Ha Ha ) obligations towards you.
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Old 6th Aug 2013, 01:14
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Silly question but just to make sure, you have contacted the appropriate people in your previous company and pushed them to provide the reference explaining the seriousness of it all. I had to badger a previous foreign employer for some time before they coughed up.

I was told by the referencing agency that a tax declaration would suffice but this (being from a foreign country) would have been an even bigger pain to attain involving either trips back to the country or an appearance at an embassy.
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Old 6th Aug 2013, 05:03
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Normally the airside pass form just requires confirmation that the individual worked at company x for period x, it is not a character ref, having said that, if you upset the previous company they can get even by not replying to any enquiries. I don't believe there is any legal requirement for an employer or past employer to answer these types of enquiries.. in short.. you could be stuffed. There are ways around these issues..
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Old 6th Aug 2013, 07:53
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A meal ticket for the unemployable.

I am into month eight of trying to get an airport pass issued for a major UK airport.

The previous company I was contracted to went bust this resulted in the overseas agency that employed me going bust and no one being able to give me a reference for the period and without evidence of employment the airport have refused to give me an airside pass as they say they can't prove what I was doing over the period, I have provided enough independent evidence that would show to any reasonable person that I was doing the job I said but this seems to not be enough for them dispite the fact that during the whole period in question I held an airport pass for the very airport that now won't issue a pass.

IMO the whole system is only fit for keeping the inept and otherwise unemployable off the unemployment statistics and making the airlines pay for it.

So don't think that you will get any sence, logic or understanding out of these people, if you want to get a pass issued quickly my only advice would say be as economic with the truth as you can to cover any gaps in employment, the last thing you want to do is try to be honest like I was, it only results in delay and frustration.

Is says a lot about how bad the so called security system is that any honesty with them results in problems and encourages people to be dishonest by ommision just to get the pass issued.
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Old 6th Aug 2013, 20:27
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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I do hope l don`t get into trouble over this.

20 years ago ( 1993, l`m not guessing ) my crew and l were on the way

to our aircraft in Aberdeen to start work when we arrived at the crew

security entrance. One crew member had been taxi-ed up from

our Edinburgh base to cover sickness. That crew member held an Edi pass.

She had to walk around the building, get a boarding pass, and push to the

front of the boarding passengers to complete her checks.

Latterly of course, we seem to be adequately staffed by eastern Europeans

who must think all their Christmasses came at once, since " from that part

of the world we can`t be expected to check" - some official at London

Luton Airport said about 7yrs ago, refusing me an airside pass despite

having a recently expired one from Luton and a current one from an EU

airport. l had three weeks not accounted for by referees.

Should l mention being singled out in uniform, positioning between aircraft

with a ticket, as the only person to have to remove belt,shoes,etc from

four lines of travellers moving through security in Luton ? And a fellow

traveller coming over to me while dressing to ask "why did they do that?"

lf l printed my answer here l really would be in trouble.

No, best not mention it.

On reflection, it is better to play the game and not the ball.
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Old 6th Aug 2013, 23:45
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Been waiting nearly six months for a Luton ID. All references complete and all paperwork complete. Tried to chase it at least eight times now but getting nowhere. Absolute joke. My previous airport issued them immediately within 10 minutes. Good luck getting sorted!
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Old 7th Aug 2013, 01:23
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The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

And so long as we, as a professional workforce, keep on putting up with this kind of lunacy they will keep on dishing it out to us, on every level. Common sense died in the UK many years ago now, I'm afraid.
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Old 8th Aug 2013, 09:09
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Go to Nigeria and buy yourself an airside pass for Lagos Intl. (LOS/DNMM) = problem solved!... wherein there's no such thing as a 'Criminal Records Check' in much of the rest of the world, and yet crews from such countries readily enter & exit EU / UK airports with impunity - so go figure ?!
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