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The introduction of the fatigue risk management system seemed a sensible step. Crews were hoping for some more reasonable planning of fatiguing patterns and the airline industry was hoping for lower insurance bills.
As the latter has materialised, the earlier does not seem to happen, at least not to the extent that crews feel very much a positive pinch. Fatigue is the number one problem they face in daily operations.
When a problem is pointed at, quite often the airlines respond by saying that there are not enough reports to sustain a genuine problem. When enough reports arise, they respond by saying that their elaborated FRMS model does not show any problem with the particular pattern. It seems that in many companies the empirical pointing at problems is not taken into account sufficiently and subdued by pseudo-scientific data or statistics, leading the FRMS idea to be only a fig leaf for the industry, giving them the excuse of apparently doing something to mitigate the problem. Hpowever it almost made it worse.
This might sound provocative, and I am not involved in any such program, I am simply sometimes a victim of fatigue and canít get rid of the impression of being misled or fooled by FRMS.
Am I the only one feeling that way, or am i slightly paranoid (fatigued)?
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You are not the only one at ALL. I do have the same feeling. But, in some cases within my airline some combinations changed in a better way. Especially about long waiting times during two flights. Sometimes going up to more than 2 hours on the ground before your next flight. (also un-paid).

There are still such pairings (still too much in my eyes) and the only way to improve is to tell our fellow colleagues to report, report and report and send a copy to your local CAA (it's only a check-box we have to tick). The unions are communicating a lot on this issue.

So one word "report". Because I don't think that in our position we can change a lot. Unless we show up massively to our dear Eurocrates...
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I think that the original poster is spot on. I am not sure that reporting helps because it validates the system which is then used (missused) against you. In my airline as soon as there are a large number of reports in one area they are taken out of the equation. For example if you are fatigued because you slept badly that becomes a "medical issue" if you are fatigued because your child kept you awake it becomes a "compasionate issue" as so on. Never mind the never ending blocks of four sector days, obviously they have nothing to do with fatigue. We live in the real world and it is how our rosters play out in that world that counts. Unfortunately that is a world of traffic jams, crying babies, angry passengers, technical faults, bad weather, etc, etc, etc

FRMS is just a con. It is used to be able to get around common sense by first declaring that the data is all that counts, then manipulating the data.

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You are not alone.Frms in my company used to be very helpful but now I couldn't even tell you the email as it is a waste of time. Reporting fatigue is the only way to go

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Hi folks.

With the New CASA rules On F/D times and the "3 tier FMS" coming out that would confuse Mr Einstein himself.

We are wondering if there are any companies in AUS specialising in writing FRMS or point us in the right direction?

As the 3rd tier option would be the only solution to our expanding business.
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