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easyJet Portugal. Worst contract in Europe

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easyJet Portugal. Worst contract in Europe

Old 31st Jan 2013, 09:59
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easyJet Portugal. Worst contract in Europe

Hi guys,
I was wondering if easyJet Portugal has the worst T&Cs in Europe despite what people think (a good employer...)
Monthly net pay for a 7 years in the Company Captain: 4400€ after the new tax increase from portuguese Government from Jan 2013.
Figures with an 80 hrs average.
Random roster which translates effectively on a 5 on 2 off days roster pattern;
Crew treated in the worst way I've ever seen (worst than my previous employer Ryanair)
This is part of a broader plan to cut crew cost/wages by 30% across the network.
If you are considering it: STAY AWAY.
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Old 31st Jan 2013, 11:54
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I heard from slightly more recent Capts in Ryanair in BCN that the average take home (for 10.5 months of the year ? ) was only around 5200€/5300€, but at least they have a 5/4 roster.

I guess there are not too many other opportunities in Portugal (have an ex colleague who flies for Sata on the Bus & he ain't earning too much nowadays either) and Easy are capitalising on it.

Sh1tty business we are in, no doubt, but I doubt many other professions are faring any better in this corporategreedfest
(sorry, economic crisis ) we are in .

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Old 31st Jan 2013, 15:44
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Is it really that bad?

Can u transfer to another base?
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Old 31st Jan 2013, 17:25
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How does it compare against the cost of living in Portugal?
And can you expect a company to make up a governments tax increase?
I know other people who have been hit hard by the tax increases as well and saw their living wages cut by a significant amount. Those included government jobs as well.

People can and will vote with their feet; however I think there are not too many places to go to in the current economy.
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Old 31st Jan 2013, 17:26
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So you have left Ryanair to join easyJet Portugal just to find out that you are worse off than you ever were?

Do you think that there might just possibly be something wrong with your decision-making ability?
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Old 31st Jan 2013, 17:46
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If crews vote with their feet, the salary will increase!

Is your take home salary worse than many other professionals? If it is, join another profession and work 9-5 doing a job you probably HATE.

It's your choice dude, not ours. Take it or move on.....there will be plenty to fill the void, and there are thousands in the pipeline....many prepared to pay to join the queue.

It's life Jim, but not as we knew it!
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Old 31st Jan 2013, 18:14
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Cost of living in Portugal


I'm a pilot for a portuguese airline and I can give you some tips about the cost of living in Lisboa.

To start with it, it's better to introduce you all to one of the most violent V.A.T. in Europe: 23%! Almost everything you buy (clothes, electronics, furniture, even the restaurant bill!!!) is subject to this crazy tax!

You'll hardly get a decent 2 bedroom house for less than 950€/month.

Although the Airport is in the city, the underground network is completely annoying! Only if you live in Parque das Naηυes (former Expo 98) it can be valuable for you. Otherwise you'll have a big underground journey ahead everytime you go to work!

If you intend to buy a car, do it! BUT FAR AWAY FROM HERE! If you are an EU citizen, bring your own car, otherwise you'll pay for a car as you never did before.

So, I don't think Lisbon is that cheap!

Dine Out in a good (I'm not talking about top restaurants) restaurant for 2: 80/90€. (Complete meal, without Wine)

McDonnald's average Menu: 5,50€

Underground ticket: 1,40€ (valid for 1 hour) 6€ (valid for 24 hours)

Gas: 1,65€/l Diesel: 1,45€/l always changing! (for worse)

Private School: 500€-1000€/month

Electricity: 70€-80€/month

Hope it helps!

Good luck!

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Old 31st Jan 2013, 19:08
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Well I joined ezy 6 years ago from another company hoping things were better...
They have been but things changed rapidly since the company started to look at different ways to cut crew costs...
Lisbon its ok...but not cheaper than any other city in Europe...Taxation is extremely high and the Company is not interested on offsetting this increases...

I just wanted to warn everyone of you who might be interested to join easyjet because the company during the interview offer different numbers to the candidates regarding taxation and flight pay...

Good luck...

PM me if you want more detailed infos!

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Old 1st Feb 2013, 01:59
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So you joined easy 6 years ago and you are a captain in lisbon.

This means you accepted lis as a base.

Everybody within the company knew it was a bad contract, Why did you accepted it?

Maybe you thought it was smart to jump the que and accepted a place in lis in the lhs that everybody else was turning down?
You should have waited for lgw....

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Old 1st Feb 2013, 05:37
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The LIS contract is not a secret, and it doesn't take a long time to put numbers and conditions together, before it is clear that it is a far better deal to stay in the RHS for another year or two and then take a turn in LGW like most guys have to.

For those considering to join as DEC in LIS i do agree with the first poster..... STAY AWAY, it will NEVER be a good deal and you CAN NOT transfer to another contract once you are in.

It's a scam, and the only way to stop a contract like this is if no-one signs it..... As if
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 06:10
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I believe some people see it as a way to get a permanent Captains contract by first doing their time in LIS.

My understanding is that the contracts only run until Feb 2014 at which point the individual can return to their country, not base, of origin.
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 08:06
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It's no secret. The contract is absolutely rubbish. I think easyjet are just dipping their toe into the depths of shitty contracts to see if they can get away with it.... They have crewed the base, albeit with a few DECs and deep command holding pool swimmers(who have taken the opportunity to get a quicker command). The bottom line is the base is crewed so I guess we can see this sort of sub standard contract being rolled out in other new bases too... Coupled with the new scale B British Fo/Sfo contracts(which guys ARE signing), it is safe to say, our Terms and Conditions are coming under attack....
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 09:05
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Zoom mate

In my eyes ( reading your previous posts ) you either
  1. Read and accepted this substandard contract. ( why ? )
  2. Jump the upgrade queue by accepting this substandard contract therefore being directly responsible for lower terms and coditions within easyJet.
Now which one is it?
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 11:29
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Brizzol makes an important point.

Another aircraft is being added to LIS base, I am sure there will be people queuing to sign the contract...

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Old 1st Feb 2013, 11:57
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Did some of you "Orangemen" learn nothing from the past 10 years of Ryanair history ?

Divide & Conquer

Divide & Conquer

Divide & Conquer

Repeat enough times until it penetrates your self-serving skulls ! !
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 12:11
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Don't like it, don't join, very simple.

Stop moaning about it, it's boring!
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 15:34
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All you people who paid for type ratings, accepted a base/position on lower terms to jump the queue and basically sold your soul thinking you would get ahead, this is the result. Now you come on here and whine.

Hang your head in shame because you have screwed up this industry. Unfortunately there are way too many idiots lining up to do the same.

You reap what you sow
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 19:05
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Sadly, so do many innocent victims = colleagues in other companies.
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 21:33
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My understanding is that the contracts only run until Feb 2014 at which point the individual can return to their country, not base, of origin.

Sadly this is not true, it was rumoured but there is no such clause in any of the contracts. This is a one way ticket.
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Old 2nd Feb 2013, 06:12
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My understanding is you can swap bases only, ie someone has to want to trade places with your slot in Lisbon! If that doesn't show how dreadful the contract is nothing will! WB must go home laughing his t*ts off!
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