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AviationCV.com feedback/info

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AviationCV.com feedback/info

Old 23rd Jun 2012, 23:45
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AviationCV.com feedback/info

Hi everyone!

I have been getting some emails from good friends about A320 gig for experience CAPT's but never heard of "AviationCV.com"!!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I did some searching and found some negative vibe for new young guys.

Thanks in advance

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Old 30th Jun 2012, 12:25
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AviationCV (ASG part) Lithuania????

Hey guys, 400 views and no one single reply about these guys??

Are they a recruitment agency or just a leasing company? There is very little information on their website. Are they legit?

Any feedback from anyone had them before, please feel free to give your input!!

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Old 5th Jul 2012, 18:52
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Believe they might be Lithuanian FTO or Agents. Like other pilot mills they seem to want low houred cadets with $$$$ to spend on A320 TR and P2F Line flying..... with no g-tee of job.

Better off watching "Bush (Rookie) Pilots" on Dave !
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Old 6th Jul 2012, 08:12
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There was a discussion about them in the Wannabee section. http://www.pprune.org/interviews-job...lithuania.html IMHO they are bottom feeders and if you are an experienced A320 driver there should be better options out there...
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Old 6th Jul 2012, 09:55
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I have received some different emails from colleagues in Europe and other Middle Eastern countries.

Form what I gathered: AviationCV is a 'SCAM" AND BE AWARE!!!!

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Old 23rd Oct 2015, 00:09
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AviationCV.com Scam, Unprofessional

So, the "lovely" ladies at AviationCV.com contacted me about a "position" at Jordan Aviation (Boeing 767 TRE/TRI) if I "only" renewed my FAA medical and obtained a current PPC. I got the medical and paid nearly $5,000 for the PPC (short notice). After fulfilling all the requirements they send a "sample" contract out of Cyrpus (it looked like children had written the contract) and I responded with a few salient questions (e.g., what is their definition of per diem?). I was informed the responses would be forthcoming within a day. Two months later, nothing. Zero. Zip. No communication from either Jordan or AviationCV. I believe they are sitting in Lithuania having a good laugh at the stupid American who went out and got a PC without a formal, signed contract. They truly don't care as evidenced by their lack of communications, etc. STAY AWAY. STAY AWAY. STAY AWAY. They need to be know for the scam artists they are.
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Old 27th Oct 2015, 23:53
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I have had very negative experience with this bunch of amateurs. Do not waste your time!!!

Safe flights!
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Old 31st Oct 2015, 02:18
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Look, from my point of view there are hundreds agencies and just few of them are good and professional. AviationCV is simply one of the worst attempt to do this business.
A bunch of ladies who barely know something about aviation, a tight connection with an airline, and some of the worst packages ever seen on the market..

They are a joke like the airline they have behind. (Small planet airlines)
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Old 31st Oct 2015, 14:24
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"Helping" and "genuine" are two words that should not be used to describe any scumbags organising P2F.
Because of their P2F efforts I wouldn't accept a contract for ANY flying position they offer.
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Old 31st Oct 2015, 14:29
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A bunch of ladies who barely know something about aviation, a tight connection with an airline, and some of the worst packages ever seen on the market..
...you can't fail them for how they look, though! Got few on my Linkedin page and they average from stunning to smoking-hot!

Perhaps it's a good thing I am skinned and I cannot afford one of the many SSTR "opportunities" they offer!

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Old 2nd Nov 2015, 10:59
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You can't be sure that the photos are genuine, just like on a dating website... Just sayin'.

My experience is that they are trying to get the P2F people in. There is no harm in making enquiries, and then make up your own mind on the merits or otherwise of the offer. I have chosen not to pursue any of their offers as they have expected me to lay out quite a lot of money up front which I deemed unnecessary in light of the rewards being offered later in the process. Caveat emptor I think.
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Old 2nd Nov 2015, 18:58
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Hello OP,

They are not a scam but I would not bother with them! they are owned by the same parent company as small planet airlines Avia solutions group i think and their offices are in the same building in Vilnius they constantly send me e-mail's about contracts and I have applied for a few and never heard a thing! I have rung them up looking for info and have not been contacted again despite promises made etc, they make up fake jobs I remember seeing one for a 737 job in Brazil that did not exist I called them and they asked me to send docs etc which i did no response waste of my time! it seems the only work they do is place P2F with small planet airlines, have all the girls who work there linked in..... they know **** all about aviation
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Old 5th Nov 2015, 15:52
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Oh my Gush!
Stay away please from the agency and from the pseudo airline Company!!!
Stay away from Lithuania....unlessyou're going to catch a girl.

As someone wrote before , they are a bunch of female/males , mostly are MANAGERS hahahah rofl, and so on..bla bla bla...with no english at all
and they are very confused about Aviation and they don't have any coonection with no one!!
The only connection they try to make is through Linkedin but unfortunately no DFO, etc... wanna deal with them.

Worst people I ever seen in the Globe!!
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