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Emb145 Command or A320 First Officer?

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Emb145 Command or A320 First Officer?

Old 19th Jun 2012, 00:50
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Thanks Iver,

I suspected it was a tad different over there. Our hope here is that the new Mins will have the effect of maybe raising pilot pay, especially at the regional level (since they will be attracting higher time folks who have been in the industry longer.)
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Old 19th Jun 2012, 08:28
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Unfortunately, P2F cadetships have destroyed the civil aviation career structure in Europe. The same pattern is now being replicated in Asia.
This is NOT a pop a those who choose to undertake p2f as if you can finance it, over a 10 year view, it makes good financial sense for the cadet, assuming all goes well and the training is of good quality. I would have done the same myself.
So now we have loads of trapped TP/Regional pilots who can't get career progression in their own country, which is patently unfair.
The only hope of change comes from the airframe insurers who are nervous about the situation and hopefully will lead to more structured cadetship courses which includes a couple of years in a TP operator.
This, of course, does not help anyone still trying to claw their way out of the TP scene. There can even be an argument made for leaving a TP and paying AGAIN to go thru a CTC type scheme so you can get into ESY or similar, if you do the sums over 10 years, you do work out ahead!
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Old 19th Jun 2012, 10:29
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Finally and just to be totally certifiable, don't forget Reg are getting big embraers for the Scotland-LHR route, so that would be enjoyable from a left seat wouldn't it?
Do you mean that bmi Regional are getting Embraer 175/190s?
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Old 19th Jun 2012, 20:34
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''seniority is king, unions are strong, corps spirit is alive, good rostering rules..'' well in that case you can put EK in the same bag as QR, in world 3 ... the middle east count for itself

I agree with ''my NOW, not my MIGHT BE in 5 years''
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Old 19th Jun 2012, 22:35
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Command, command, command

Comand experience is, well, command experience, a bigger type is just another type rating.

Don't forget the Legacy is a very popular and capable aircraft that is selling well !
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Old 19th Jun 2012, 23:20
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Take the command whilst it is offered.

Once you have some command time of EFIS jets, you are employable for both left and right seats down the track. If things go pear shaped - all of a sudden you have double the jobs available as opposed to just the right side of the plane. Demonstrated ability in addition to the requirements for applying for other jobs should you need to move on - along with the responsibility and job satisfaction of actually doing the job in command.

You can have my job if you like - been sitting as an FO for 13 years with my airline - patiently waiting for the first opportunity for a command, whilst continually trying to improve myself. Looks like it might be another 10-20 years or even possibly out of a job soon depending on which way the company turns.

So - swap? You have my 747-400 right seat......I'll do the "Bambi Jet" left seat......even throw a box of chocolates in for you?

In any case - whatever you do - make the best decision you can at the time and do not look back. Keep going - no regrets and make what you are doing enjoyable in the good times and the bad.

Good luck
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Old 20th Jun 2012, 10:07
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Have you actually been offered the command?

Have you been offered the A320?

I suspect the former hasn't happened yet. Could be a case of passing up opportunities based on a promise. How much do you trust your current employer to deliver?
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Old 20th Jun 2012, 14:08
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Never ever turn down a command. You might wait 20 years for the chance come round again.

I would love to have your dilemma. 17 years in the right hand seat, two redundancies and several recessions mean I have never had the opportunity to even have a go and I'm now looking at the prospect of retirement as an FO due to advanced age, economic mayhem buggering the whole business up and rapid onset of dribbling and failing eyesight.

Take it, tick the box, scratch the itch. You can always go and fly an Airbus video game later on if you don't like the pressure of signing the tech log.

Lucky person.

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Old 22nd Jun 2012, 14:13
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Bigger embraers for regional? I wouldn't hold your breath. Maybe a secondment from cityflyer.

I upgraded on the legacy recently and although I really like my job, I can't help thinking that if I had to look for another, the 145 rating would open very few doors. The worldwide corporate ops may help though.

For me in your place, I would bite the bullit and go for the airbus if you can make it work with your personal life.

Good luck

D and f
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