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NORWEGIAN B787 Dreamliner Screenings

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NORWEGIAN B787 Dreamliner Screenings

Old 7th Jun 2012, 10:38
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NORWEGIAN B787 Dreamliner Screenings

I am attending a DEC B787 Dreamliner Screening for Norwegian next week in Oslo, Norway. Has anyone been to the screening yet?

If so how was it? i.e. the sim and the interview.

Are there any technical questions in the interview? Should I be cracking open the dusty books?

Info and advice appreciated..
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Old 7th Jun 2012, 10:56
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Can't speak for 787 but 737 selection was very "personality based", they seemed to accept that if you had done the job for a "number"of years you were probably not a retard. (or conversely probably were )

I could imagine any Tech stuff will be ETOPS /Long Haul based, with no doubt some probing into how you forsee planning your life around taking Days Off in 2 different continents.

Very nice folk, relax and be yourself, they are looking very much at how you will fit in CRM wise.

Nice (cheap) lunch avail in the canteen too, avoiding gold-plated Oslo prices.
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Old 9th Jun 2012, 10:19
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What about terms and conditions: salary, insurance, perdiens etc?
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Old 9th Jun 2012, 14:04
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Does not sound like a "dream" job unless you are dying to get a 787 type before you retire/die and you can afford the low compensation.... This is the text book employee outsourcing case and, if I were a Norweigian 737 pilot, I would be pi$$ed!

Here is the original PPRuNe thread:


One responder in that thread mentioned:

10K euro for skippers
7k euro for relief skippes
6k euros for F/Os.

Sort out your own accommodations. Figures above includes all per diems and flightpay.

Here is some additional information from the original thread:

Boeing B787 Dreamliner Pilot Jobs

Recruiter Rishworth Aviation

Posted 05 April 2012

Ref Boeing B787 Dreamliner

Location Bangkok, Thailand

Sector Flight Crew - Captain, Flight Crew - Co-pilot, Flight Crew - First Officer, Flight Crew - Pilot, Flight Crew - Captain/Instructor, Flight Crew - Senior First Officer

Contract Type Contract

Hours Full Time

Salary .

Apply now (this will open in a new window)

Further information

Norwegian Long Haul A/S will be starting Long Haul flights with the B787 Dreamliner in early 2013 and is now looking for experienced Boeing pilots.

Minimum requirements for all positions on the B787 Dreamliner
  • JAA license
  • EU passport holder
  • JAA medical Class one
  • Current on B737, B747, B757, B767 or B777
  • Preference will be given to pilots with long haul experience especially from Boeing B777
For more details and to fast track your application please APPLY NOW.
Pilots who don't yet meet these experience requirements are also invited to register and update their details at Rishworth Aviation Homepage - Rishworth Aviation. When your experience matches our position requirements, we will be able to notify you of positions which you qualify for, which may be of interest to you
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Old 12th Jun 2012, 17:00
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There's always going to be some "retards" looking for this job. As long as these people are willing to accept crap terms & conditions then we have no hope.
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Old 13th Jun 2012, 04:41
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787 Dreamliner jobs

yeah I couldn't agree more with the last post. Who ever accepts conditions like this on offer needs to get his head examined.
It's money and Roster that matters.....my 2cents
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Old 14th Jun 2012, 09:40
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Here Here!
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Old 14th Jun 2012, 11:18
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I understand that Norwegian see themselves as a direct competitor to (and in the future bigger than) Ryanair, so perhaps if they are looking to go down that route, a look at the recruitment threads for RYR might be helpful.
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Old 14th Jun 2012, 13:22
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So ye also like the ladyboy's, fair enough.

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Old 14th Jun 2012, 14:33
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To add to this,
A good friend of mind is a 15 year 757/767 Capt currently out of work. Are you saying he should not take the job? Please enlighten me.
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Old 14th Jun 2012, 21:49
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"A good friend of mind is a 15 year 757/767 Capt currently out of work. Are you saying he should not take the job? Please enlighten me. "


Toltol nailed it.
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Old 15th Jun 2012, 08:52
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Tell your friend to express interest/be screeened but don't rush to sign. I heard a fairly "reliable" rumour that NAX were a little dissapointed by the quality/quantity of aspiring "Dreamers", so the renumeration may get better if everyone doesn't join the unseemly rush to sign up for a package that only pays 1200 a month more than us lowly 738 drivers (with a whole heap of negatives, inc time off in 2 continents)

If pilots stopped being blinded by the "shiny new carbon-fibre toy" syndrome, they could/will undoubtedly push the package towards where it should be.

Good luck, & just remember what Crocodile Dundee told you, "Just Checking"
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Old 13th Aug 2012, 17:00
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Anyone has more info on what the assessment consists of for both Captains and FOs?
Any technical questions? Which subjects mostly? Questions about the aircraft you currently fly?
Any interview questions of the type: "Give me an example of when you .........."
Sim profile (Raw data?)
Any other tests to be done on the day?

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Old 15th Aug 2012, 10:42
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I find those comments offensive. Having been out of work almost a year I'd do it for 5k euro.need to pay bills.

As has been demonstrated before holding out for better doesn't work, the next guy will take it.
Old 15th Aug 2012, 10:47
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And here's why I recommend every single wannabe I discuss the matter with to stay away from this "profession". Many other options available than to turn into a beggar with no consideration or even bullying from top management.
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Old 16th Aug 2012, 14:59
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No one has any info on how it goes on the assessment day?

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Old 18th Aug 2012, 14:34
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Any updates? Hiring complete?

Just curious on whether Norwegian completed their hiring on the 787. Did they have a river of desperate applicants as expected? Did any current Norwegian 737 pilots make the jump to this contract position?

When will the first Norwegian 787 start service out of Oslo/Bangkok? Have the newhires started training on the 787 yet? What's the timeline?

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Old 11th Dec 2012, 19:26
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I heard the same, but that could/probably will change when the fleet gets bigger. I heard you could plan on that block of days + several rest days between Easts & Wests. . but, my colleague said he didn't forsee that continuing too long.
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Old 12th Dec 2012, 08:37
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good luck friend!
post some news for us to have a clue about Norwegian!
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Old 12th Dec 2012, 09:22
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When you get called or offered a assesment the sim profile etc are provided in the information package.

Or at least it was for me, but then I am not going to do it either
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