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NORWEGIAN B787 Dreamliner Screenings

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NORWEGIAN B787 Dreamliner Screenings

Old 13th Dec 2012, 06:13
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When did you apply T668BFJ?

I applied around a month ago and have heard nothing since..

Im B777 rated & current 6000hrs total

So thought I'd be an "ideal" candidate
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Old 13th Dec 2012, 12:24
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Norwegian condition

It lookes like they are still looking for Pilots. There was a advert about a road show at SIN recently. Hang in there and give us a heads up when you hear something usefull.

The pay is not that great, the guy´s who want to chip a chunk in the pocket head for China. Not the place for everyone, I did my share in Asia.
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Old 13th Dec 2012, 14:54
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Thanks B737NG

I know the pay isn't great! And it will be a massive pay cut for me..

Im only interested as the Bangkok basing with good chances to get back to Europe would suit my personal situation..
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Old 23rd Jul 2014, 13:39
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Any news after almost 2 years? Are there any improvements etc, are they still recruiting or has it slowed down?

And to continue a bit on previous post, approximately how many nights do you spend in bangkok per month? Judging only by the rosters that I have been shown, it looks like most of the off days are in either ARN or OSL with a lot of positioning and hotels between these cities. Does anyone have any more info regarding this?

Finally are the salaries still the same, are the per diems included or put on top now? How much vacation do you have per year?

Thanks guys
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Old 27th Jul 2014, 22:00
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Recruitment just finished for the 8th aircraft of the 17 on confirmed order (all 17 to be delivered by end of 2018). Rumors of another 20 signed for already. 50 aircrafts is the med term target.

Salary the same, 5000 + 1000 per diem for FO, 7000 + 1000 for RCA (not recruited for the time being), and 9000 + 1000 for CPT. Pay taxes yourself where you live.

24 days vacation per year. Difficult to get all days rostered.

Most pilots haven't been in BKK for months, although being BKK based. Effectively you start and end duty in Scandinavia or LGW. LGW base to open this year.

Next recruitment probably in one years time. From 2016 it will be very busy again.

Good luck.
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Old 28th Jul 2014, 01:05
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Thanks for the info Boeing Operator

What about the LGW base ( and maybe in the future BCN/MAD ), will these bases be for the pilots or just for the airplanes? In case of pilots being based there, I guess they will have enough volunteers of that..so that the english/spanish guys can fly from home and the scandinavian guys I guess will continue to fly the scandinavian routes however still based in BKK, or any thoughts about how it might be?

Any rumours from the inside about new routes by the way?

Thanks again!
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Old 28th Jul 2014, 14:19
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Probably the Scandinavians (and other Europeans) will ask for LGW since that is much more easy to commute to. Sooner or later the company will issue rosters that you actually live out of BKK if you have BKK base. Priority should be the date of joining with respect to your rank.

New destinations; I have only read what media write about. They wrote about San Juan (Puerto Rico) starting this winter. From next year on (and mor so with the aircrafts coming 2016 onwards) they write about most major cities in Asia, starting with HKG.

Keep an eye on Norwegian | Airline Route
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Old 28th Jul 2014, 14:48
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I make more on the short-haul, with more off days and more annual leave.

Is there something I'm missing?
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Old 28th Jul 2014, 15:15
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Yes Lear you're missing the drive to the bottom for T & Cs and dubious taxation agreements to save against the competition
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Old 28th Jul 2014, 16:15
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A ha, I knew there was something.
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Old 29th Jul 2014, 15:41
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Thanks for the info, so most people who are doing the long haul right now seem to think that at some point ending and starting your duties in scandinavia/lgw will be replaced by actually working out of BKK?

I know thats the base that you sign up for, but if a LGW base is coming up and its working fine ( at least rostering wise ) to start and finishing your duties in for ex scandinavia right now...then why would they change that? Wont that attract a fewer applications as they will eventually need more pilots..
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Old 31st Jul 2014, 14:36
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Norwegian faces legal challenge over flight delays - Business Traveller
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Old 17th Aug 2014, 19:09
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Apparently all the 787 pilots are to be based in LGW, starting from September.
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Old 11th Oct 2014, 15:20
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Is the LGW base now up and running? If so could anyone provide info on the roster pattern please?
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Old 12th Oct 2014, 16:00
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Will the T&C be the same if your are officially based in LGW? Assume the gross income must go up to compensate for the higher tax...
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Old 12th Oct 2014, 19:58
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Never assume. . . . . . .
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Old 14th Oct 2014, 17:30
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Heard of guys already leaving after just 12 months, even with the large bond due.
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Old 14th Oct 2014, 17:56
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That's because some of the carriers that those individuals have left for, actually paid their bond for them, as it was cheaper to buy them out and let them fly on their own 787 instantly, then waiting until they had invited, selected, trained their own. I think that's a very smart move.
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Old 15th Oct 2014, 17:57
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The Bond isn't an issue, if you are leaving to double, or triple, your salary.

I spoke around a year ago to one very experienced guy, who told me that many of them told NAS (in a nice way) not to plan on them being there long term with the current T's & C's.

As he told them, various European bases are being offered by Chinese carriers on Commuting Rosters, +, as the aircraft is growing in numbers, many more opportunities are coming up, which he & his colleagues were obliged to consider.

NAS's reply was reported to be "Yeah Yeah we know, stick with it, it will get better"
Last I heard they were struggling to get new guys trained (won't have been helped by Virgin Atlantic guys going back to fly their own) but, if it is as you say, and the exodus has already started, seems the message didn't get through quickly enough. The operation has had enough problems, without adding crew shortages to the mix.

The conditions are wholly underwhelming for a Wide Body contract job.

Don't think the CC from Stateside are in a very happy place either. What they foresaw as a few days (out & back, or maybe with a quick BKK thrown in ) has (I am led to believe ) metamorphosed into 21-23 day rotations on occasions (as I discovered when I asked why their Crew Suitcase was quite so big )
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Old 16th Oct 2014, 05:23
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Somebody said its 1300 eur more than the b737 contract. Can you pls explain that? A contract b737 capt makes more than 10.000 gross including flight pay. And a you have to keep in mind that all figures are before tax....
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