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Final push for commitment letter at Ryanair !!

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Final push for commitment letter at Ryanair !!

Old 17th Feb 2012, 12:50
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Final push for commitment at Ryanair !!

Calling all FR drivers,
Please sign the commitment to unity letter that is available on the REPAweb frontpage. We only have 3 days left before ECA decide if we are worth the effort, very important for our future and the future of aviation in Europe.

For all the new FR F/O's out there who think this is something that does not concerned them, listen to the advice of your more experienced collegues, just like you do when you fly the line.
And this skipper is urging you to get on board, for all our sakes.

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Old 17th Feb 2012, 14:56
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Exactly. You have nothing to loose (quite literally) but everything to gain.

Mines is signed. If nothing happens this time around I think I may fill in the EK application form. I'm not waiting around or dedicating more time to a management that take take take.
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Old 17th Feb 2012, 16:24
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Solidarity between Ryanair pilots, ........ Very funny
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Old 17th Feb 2012, 16:52
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@ real examiner

Actually not very funny, but very real, I should know, I happen to work there.

Thanks anyway for your input, got any more gems of wisdom?
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Old 17th Feb 2012, 18:18
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Good Luck to you, and your efforts to improve your working lives.

"Awake, arise, or be forever fallen"

(John Milton , from the poem "Paradise Lost")

Join your colleagues !!
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Old 17th Feb 2012, 18:18
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In his defence, I don't think The real examiner was mocking you, I imagine twas more likely merely sarcasm , born of well founded disbelief, given your long standing inability to get your collective act together.

In all honesty, we have heard this rallying cry so often in the past that . . . . . everyone outside Ryanair is truly willing you to prove us doubters wrong, do it, primarily for yourselves of course, but we will, in reality, all benefit ,if at long last you grow a pair.
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Old 17th Feb 2012, 22:30
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Spent 6 years there Dude, and never hid my feelings, some run-ins with colleagues (strange Eh, but not with management) over my allegiances , who, with the passage of time may now understand where I was coming from, but. . . . . well it's all water under the bridge now, & Yes, 100% agree, we are ALL colleagues, we are all actually in this sh1t together, & a large part of the reason for this?. . . . is our inability to see that, & act "united" accordingly.
Your task, is not just to fend off the might of the "Mighty MOL", but to make your colleagues realise they are in the same sh1te as you . . . ."none so blind as those who will not see ".

I wish you well, for you, AND for me, believe me I do.
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Old 18th Feb 2012, 08:44
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Thanks for the show of support, and lets keep the drive alive to get as many of those letters signed and sent.

Good point root, FR is so big now that whatever happens to our pilot workforce will filter down to our colleagues at other carriers, so it is in all our interests to do the very best we can during this critical time.

good luck to all
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Old 18th Feb 2012, 08:50
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If I could sign I would but I don't work for FR. You guys have lots of support from other companies. If you can improve or at least steady the management destruction of T&C's then we can all improve the market place.

Good luck all
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Old 18th Feb 2012, 12:29
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There are a number of former FR folks here. They along with the rest of us are hoisting some pints in your honor.

Good luck to one and all, and we look forward to hoisting more in the future when you put that little gnome back in the cave where he belongs.
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Old 18th Feb 2012, 13:41
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Cheers guys, if it does not pan out I'll be joining you boys in the Desert...?
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Old 18th Feb 2012, 16:49
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Thanks for your input, built4speed, where you been hiding ?
And thanks for the link.
Come on flyboys, it's time to rock and roll..! Let's do some damage.
Good luck all.
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Old 19th Feb 2012, 14:15
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Signed and sent as well.

Thanks Skygoose .

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Old 19th Feb 2012, 16:07
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1 day left for the letter on REPA to be sent off. Any failure at an attempt at unity in Ryanair will be due to the inaction of FR pilots not IALPA/BALPA or ECA !


mine was sent!
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Old 19th Feb 2012, 16:36
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Thanks guys, lets keep the ball rolling, only 2 days left.

Herewith another link to form on Repa website, remember you don't need to be a member of Repa, IALPA or BALPA, just an FR pilot to sign the form.

Ryanair Pilots Commitment to UNITY
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Old 19th Feb 2012, 16:44
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Plumbum Pendular
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I know not what this is all about other than to try to improve the lot of all FR Pilots.

For those of you who work for other UK/Irish Airlines (like myself) please encourage these efforts of the Ryan Air Pilots. It will help all of us twofold.

1) Due to the pushing down of the T&C's of the Pilots in FR other airlines have power to push their T&C's down. Look at the disgusting and immoral flexicrew scheme that CTC/ezyJet run.

2) As FR push pilot costs down they are able to sell flights for less. This makes other European Airlines have to push their costs down and it is very difficult to remain competitive let alone in business.

Goog luck to all you FR Pilots out there in your campaign, whatever form it might take.
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Old 19th Feb 2012, 17:09
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very true and you got that right. Im outside Ryanair for a while now and never regretted it, but it is a fact what happens in Ryanair and they do to the crews will eventually spread all over the whole aviation industry. That is just a matter of time.

What always surprises me is that what Ryanair does can be considered as unfair competition as Ryanair on some issues cross the line of what it legal on the T&C's and therefore disadvantage airlines that correctly follow the rules and law. And no one seems to be able to stop this or other airlines investigating or objecting on this on a high level. It all just seems to be accepted. ???

As said I have voted with my feet some time ago, but still have many friends in Ryanair and when I was there and still it has never gone up on the T&C in Ryanair.

If any pilot in Ryanair care for their own future, that of their family and the future of aviation in general they sign the unity form and send it in asap and the fight for a better future in Ryanair and for a good aviation future can begin!

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Old 19th Feb 2012, 19:09
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Yep, think big. If you do wander off to BA, for example, in a few years the Ts and Cs might, just MIGHT, be worse as a result of them having to compete with Ryanair's approach to them.

Good luck guys.
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Old 20th Feb 2012, 19:09
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I don't think that BA's T&C's will EVER be dragged down to the level of Ryanair, I'll show my arse in Burton's window if they do!
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Old 20th Feb 2012, 19:28
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Don't think anyone was suggesting they would be. . but, I am sure there are various things now, that the "Atlantic Barons " of 30-40 years ago wouldn't have tolerated. In the same vein, things that are now the "norm" in Ryanair, would have elicited derisory/disbelieving guffaws from the masses a mere 20 years ago.
The rot, in this instance, doesn't start at the top (unlike life in general ) it starts at the bottom, & then worms its way into the more "civilised" parts of the aviation community.
It is for this that many insist (quite correctly) that this "battle" is for the Ryanair pilots to win, which will otherwise result in the rest of us (gradually) losing the "war".
If you don't see that, you really are suffering from the ostrich syndrome.
Don't believe me ? ask any pilot flying in the European arena the last 10-15 years what has happened to their T's & C's since Ryanair grew into the monster it now is.
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