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Air Baltic

Old 28th Mar 2011, 10:58
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Yeah this all sounds pretty bad...

It would be nice to get some sort of confirmation from anyone on here who has been offered anything by aB in the last few weeks...
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Old 30th Mar 2011, 10:37
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They do that because tons of pilots leave the company. In a few months around 30 pilots left. MOstly due to schedule,money and some other reasons. As they say there are always tons of pilots who want to come there and there will not be any shortage. Lots of pilots after getting TR stayed with the BT for a few months, got some time on type and then OFF THEY GO...... Company was spending lots of money on training and retraining. So I see that things have changed now and they want pilots to pay at least half of TR.
I left myself BT 1 month ago from 737 Captains position after being 5 years inside.
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Old 30th Mar 2011, 19:40
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Guys, you really put me down... I am an experienced First Officer looking for a job for the first time in my life and I was so excited about my interview in Riga next month... Now I know what to expect... Thank you
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Old 31st Mar 2011, 07:12
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For curiosity - when did you apply?
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Old 24th May 2011, 17:45
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Well, I have 4000 hours but all of them were flown in military aircrafts. This is my first application. I passed the first set of interview, tests... and I am waiting for the results of the second interview.
As far as they told me they will only offer a job as a first officer in Q400. If i take the job, I will have to pay 9000E and besides I will have a bond of three years!!! Isn´t it slavery??? Well, it is not because if they offer to me what they told me they were going to offer my answer will be NO. I say again, my answer is not going to be "no". It is going to be "NO"
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Old 24th May 2011, 17:52
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Don't worry, holding pool is overcrowded, if you say NO someone else will say YES in your place.
If you don't like the offer that is your prerogative, but don't expect them to beg you, or indeed improve the offer.
The market is not THAT good yet.
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Old 30th May 2011, 21:22
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terms of 3 year bond?


Could you tell me what the terms were for the 3 year bond? Is the bond decreasing in every year and if so, is it decreasing in linear fashion or some other way? Thanks
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