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BA744 vs VIR 340 take home pay

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BA744 vs VIR 340 take home pay

Old 21st Mar 2011, 19:13
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Thumbs up BA744 vs VIR 340 take home pay

Hi all....

just to ask and help will some one give me the rough take home year 1. Then year 5 then year 10 of right seat BA744 and right seat VIR 340

Any info greatly appreciated as thinking of giving up my left seat...... If I can get in of course.

Thanks for your time
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Old 21st Mar 2011, 21:32
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Year one basic LH 49085
Year five basic LH 59630
Year ten basic LH 72812

Add on 12-15K in allowances, approximately around half of which will end up being tax free.

Take home averaged (my rough estimation)
approx. 3800 yr one/4300 yr five/4800 yr 10

No idea about VS
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Old 22nd Mar 2011, 07:27
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Much less in Virgin. 8 year FO and I get about 3700-3900 take home per month, depending on hours flown-average being around 65 hours. Plus downroute subsistance allowances at about 4-500 per month. I pay 6% into the pension at source and the company puts in 15%.

All sorts of trouble at VS at the moment. Complete breakdown of trust and respect with mangement. Promotion prospects poor and continued erosion of T and Cs. Attempts to put in DECs in contravention of agreements. I would stay put or go to BA if I were you.
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Old 22nd Mar 2011, 08:03
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Hi Moe

Why are the prospects for command poor ? If your fleet is expanding then you FO's should be inline for the LHS. Plus if the rumour of 330 guys coming in as DEC you guys should get there to LHS before them . ?

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Old 22nd Mar 2011, 10:24
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Command prospects hampered by demographics-we have lots of youngish captains- and little or no expansion. The new 330s may or may not be additional-nobody knows, certainly not management it seems. However, a DEC scam from TCX has been uncovered as we're short of Captain hours in Apr-Jun (the end of the hours year) and this is seen as an attempt to alleiviate that. Morale at an all time low, especially amongst FOs.
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Old 22nd Mar 2011, 12:18
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So back to the original question, can anyone fill us in on a rough take home pay for the A340 and the B747 at VS?

Done a quick salary calculator on the web based on the 46.5k per year which works out at 2800 basic...interested in totals including allowances.


Edited to add: Does anyone know what year of the payscale you reach the cap of 68k as a VS FO? BA obviously have the 24 payscales but wondering if there is any info out there for VS?
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Old 22nd Mar 2011, 13:12
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Trigger21, Can you read? If so, read post number 3. 747 guys are paid the same if they fly the same number of hours-which they generally do +/- a tiny bit. Top whack is year 15 I think
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Old 22nd Mar 2011, 16:03
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Thanks for info interesting......

Maybe should stay where i am at the moment
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Old 23rd Mar 2011, 04:43
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I would if I was you mate. I dearly wish I'd stayed at TCX where I'd be a 330 skipper now.
Now I face the prospect of flying with tcx captains that were once junior to me. I truly hope any of them accepting this offer understand the ramifications for us here at Virgin.

The contempt held for pilots here is on a staggering scale. Go to BA, sure it might not be a bed of roses there either but when did they last make any pilots redundant?
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Old 23rd Mar 2011, 09:25
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I agree it's surprising to see quite senior Virgin guys turning up at GSS... however things not quite as bad as you describe at GSS... basic in yr 1 is certainly not great, but there is flt pay (c500-800 per month on top), in 5 years I've only done one positioning trip down the back and my guess is even with secondees, the amount of retirements coming up will mean that a command will come up far quicker than at VS... personally I wouldn't swap GSS for VS (even with no staff travel!!)
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Old 23rd Mar 2011, 12:32
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Midnight cruiser

Thats not been my experience of GSS since joining a few months back. The pay is less than you might get at VS but you work a lot less and there is an element of extra pay as S44 mentions. After year 2 it starts going up at a reasonable clip.

Positioned down the back once to the ME but also positioned back from the US in first class which sort of makes up for it. Most of the positioning on my latest roster is to Europe.

There are 4 or 5 guys from VS here and a good number of BA retirees.
Even with BA seconded Captains, time to command is likely to be a lot less than the oft quoted 15 years plus at Virgin or BA, mainly due to the demographic at GSS (lots of guys in their late 50's and early 60's). Any expansion will only make things better.

Of all the outfits I have flown for, this has got to be the easiest and most relaxed. That is worth a lot more than an extra few quid at the end of the month, half of which is stolen by HMRC anyhow.
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Old 29th Jul 2011, 14:59
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thrown back

Wondered if it was worth throwing this into the ring again........

Any recent new BA/VIR boys jumped from left seat....

How you finding it??

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