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Virgin Maternity Policy

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Virgin Maternity Policy

Old 18th Oct 2010, 18:45
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Virgin Maternity Policy

Hi there,

My missus flies shorthaul at the moment; she's been bumping her gums about joining Virgin for a few years now and since they have opened up their recruitment she is keen to give it a shot.

Whilst I'm happy for her to do so,we are also trying to fit in having a family. She doesn't know anyone at Virgin to ask about their policy, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 18th Oct 2010, 18:58
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Do airlines have to have a policy on virgin maternity? I don't think it's happened for at least 2000 years....
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Old 18th Oct 2010, 19:39
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I know one female 747 first officer has had two babies since joining Virgin.
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Old 18th Oct 2010, 19:42
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yeah perhaps best not to ask that question at the interview.
I suspect it will be near the minimum and bear in mind once she declares herself pregnant she will probably be office bound (so a problem if you don't live close by). The rules on paternity leave are slightly different and can be found easily by searching on line
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Old 18th Oct 2010, 19:58
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Yes VS does have a maternity policy. Just read the legislation on the government website and you'll find that Virgin pretty much embrace all of it.

My advice, buy a dog !!
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Old 18th Oct 2010, 20:57
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Get the job, go for it, and if required, see an employment law solicitor (having done your homework in advance)

If they agree to employ those wimmin critters ( and I guesss by law they have to) they have to live with the consequences of nature LIKE THE REST OF US

With no apologies whatsoever for the "smilies?"
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Old 19th Oct 2010, 07:09
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Cheers guys........... This could work out expensive: Dog, employment lawyer and child..........!!!! Also,the missus on maternity leave. Doh!

All the best,
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Old 19th Oct 2010, 11:45
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Sorry to drift off topic slightly... but where abouts are VS recruiting CC? There seems to be nothing on the VS Careers section on their website? I'm sure it is probably right underneath my nose!
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Old 19th Oct 2010, 12:03
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Do I get to say it.

It's like one of those interview questions 'on a night stop the captain comes to your room wearing a dress. What do you do? Say lovely dress and buy her a beer'
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Old 20th Oct 2010, 15:12
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Wrong, oh so wrong - on all levels
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Old 20th Oct 2010, 17:06
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Maternity and VIRINity...
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Old 20th Oct 2010, 22:46
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One of the most professional and pleasant captains I have ever met is a female 744 captain at VS.
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Old 22nd Oct 2010, 09:06
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Once again guys, thanks for the info and feedback. Not being a flyer myself, its interesting to hear your perspective.
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Old 22nd Oct 2010, 09:17
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Lady driver...

We had a lady driver (744 Capt) going to Orlando last year with Virgin, she was obviously very good, we got there!!!!! Any pilot that gets me where I want to go is good in my book!
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Old 22nd Oct 2010, 10:16
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Just because the law says it, it doesn't make it so. There is at least one very big employer of pilots in the EU (or contract pilots) that has so few women at the controls, its embarrassing...
The law also says that employers shouldn't discriminate against age or youth or where you come from in the EU. Reality is oh so different. Sadly.
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Old 26th Oct 2010, 18:50
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Well that's good parenting eh? Have a couple of kids and then the mother goes off for days on end. Nice.
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Old 26th Oct 2010, 19:37
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Totaly agree with you,do people have CHILDREN nowdays of fashion accesories?
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Old 29th Oct 2010, 09:00
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Virgin's maternity policy is statutory minimum, 6wks at 90% pay then 123 pw. They allocate a job for you in the office at LGW 2/3 days pw whilst grounded on full pay.
3.5% of pilots are female. I don't know how that compares to the rest of the industry?
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Old 30th Oct 2010, 09:38
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Smile Heh-heh-heh

Sorry, but every time I scroll by this thread title on the daily update, I have to chuckle.
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Old 1st Nov 2010, 17:20
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VSFlight & Gunbus ... Very antiquated view.

So, by your standards, it's O.K for dad to leave the kids for a few days but not mum? Why, in your opinion, is it O.K for the father to have a family and a career but not the mother? Why should mum give up eveything to have a family?

You do know that the hundreds of female cabin crew we fly with every day do exactly the same thing (go away with work for a few days) if they have kids, but you don't judge them? Or maybe you do? Maybe it's that you don't agree with any females going back to work after having children in any industry? Have you ever considered the fact that they might have to go back to work becasue they can't afford otherwise? Or maybe they are financially in a better postion than their spouse?

Your posts are embarrassing.
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