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Pilots Uniforms

Air NZ currently has its pilots in dark green uniforms, white shirts ( recently changed form spearmint colour) and silver stripes. These are to change to match the new corporate collection( including cabin crew) recently announced. I would be interested to know what pilots uniforms are in other companies if you have links to photos. Especially any options you have i.e. high waisted, low waisted trousers, pleated or flat front trousers, styles of hats and colours of stripes. Double breasted versus single breasted jackets.Multiple tie options.

This is quite a good link to have a look at the new 2010 uniforms to come out later this year.

New Air New Zealand uniforms | News Photos & Images

Here are a few images of the current ones:
The CEO is the person in dark blue.

Air New Zealand uniforms over the years - National - NZ Herald Pictures

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The chauffeur guy has massive hands.
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It's all about the confidence

YouTube - Gok Wan
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Old 25th Mar 2010, 15:22   #4 (permalink)
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Our uniform is horrible....
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Ours is pretty cheap too. The wings started falling off the jacket when I'd only had it about 3 months... I certainly wouldn't have bought a suit like that. Don't know what shape person it is designed for but it cetainly wasn't me. (I'm 5'6" and slim)
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Westjet pilots switched last year to black with pewter accents.( bars and wings). The bars are thin and subtle looking. The pants are flat front and cuffless. We do not wear hats or tunics in the traditional style. Each Westjet pilot has a hand made/tailored leather jacket, from a leather store in Calgary. We also have a summer warm- up jacket( affectionately known as the Lulu).
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We wear red nomex "flightsuits". The techies wear blue ones so we can tell the difference
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Sartorial elegance aside, isn't the important thing nowadays whether you receive one, or are expected to pay for it.
Apart from that, I couldn't really give a monkeys. Quite happily come to work in jeans & tshirt if they like
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Oh my god, you have to see our uniform, it is just to die for. Its so lovely....sister that it doesn't even make my bum look big!

bye darlings xxxx
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You guys can say what you want about Uniforms, how they are tailored, and wearing them.

But the way you look, is the way the public percieves you. The only time they really see pilots is when they are walking through the terminal. If you look like a bum, they will percieve you as a bum, regardless of your work performance.

A shit looking, falling apart uniform, will reflect poorly on the employees.

Full pilot uniforms are something airlines have been skimping on more and more lately, especially at the LoCos, most mainline uniforms in Europe still look good. The U.S on the other hand... except Delta.
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No way! These old-fashioned uniforms that look like they came from the Navy, more or less unchanged since the beginning of aviation, really suck. Especially that ridiculous hat which many of us still have to wear; I never figured out what it is good for except showing off ("look here, ladies, I'm the one with the hat and the sunglasses!").
The jacket is also more in my way than it makes sense - when you carry a bag over your shoulder over the car-park and through the terminal, it gets wrinkled up. All the time you need to press it because it got spoiled while being carried inside a suitcase or on the back seat of the car. Every couple of flights it needs dry-cleaning. When you do the walkaround in cold weather, it won't keep you warm. So this kind of jacket may be adequate for an office-meeting or for a salesman, but not for what I'm doing.

Aviation has changed, and especially the LoCo's have nothing much to do with the "old times" anymore. The kind of passengers we carry nowadays also aren't the same which airlines used to have (mainly holiday-makers). And a pilot is no longer a skipper.
I, personally, don't care about tradition; my airline is neither ancient nor am I in the military. I used to carry young families who wear t-shirts and flip-flops to their holiday resorts, and now I fly cargo.

To me, this here is my everyday-job, and I'd prefer to wear a business-attire that matches it.

I'd therefore much appreciate a change in the type of uniform which we have. For example, what Southwest Airlines pilots are wearing looks good, is comfortable to wear, and still looks respectable.
Leather shoes, dark-blue cotton trousers, shirt & tie, and a leather jacket.

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. . . Just waiting for Louis Vuitton to introduce the usual compendium of overrated, overpriced, flight bags and accessories . . . so that I can join the fashion forward style of our cabin crew.
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John Rocha designed the VS uniform, both pilots and cabin crew in the late 90's...it looked alright

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