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An Honest & Uncensored Debate About Jet2

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An Honest & Uncensored Debate About Jet2

Old 27th Sep 2005, 08:23
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"He buys clapped out aircraft from the local Mojave desert scrap metal merchant".
So if a carrier goes bankrupt the aircraft devaluates from being a great aircraft to scrapmetal overnight?? I have seen Boeing and major lease companies parkbrand new aircraft in the desert too, also scrap metal?


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Old 27th Sep 2005, 09:15
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While agreeing with most points about PM and his dictatorial methods I cannot fault his business ability, apart from maybe being caught out by the regulators and forced onto the AIM market! But the aircraft are safe, economical, well maintained and do the job for which they are intended. The CAA have deemed them fit for the UK Register and if they were picked up for a bargain price what's the problem? Perhaps certain people who can only see themselves up front in a brand new shiny Boeing or Airbus need a reality check or a lesson in economics! Plenty of life left yet in the 737-300!
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Old 28th Sep 2005, 16:02
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Would any current Jet 2 pilot care to tell me what your -300 MEL says about flying an unpressurised flight at FL100? Just curious??
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Old 19th Oct 2005, 10:45
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How's the recruitimg going for the 75's then? Will they be using contract pilot's or can they find enough of thier own people?
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Old 20th Oct 2005, 23:00
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It seems that you can take the airline out of the cargo market, but not the cargo mentality out of the airline!!

Very ballsy move with the 757, reminds me of when Capital ordered the BAe 146's

If a tenth of whats on here is true, then i guess Jet2 & PM are on the CAA radar already (they do read/monitor Pprune)

To their credit (Jet2) they have transformed LBA from a quiet,scruffy little windy airport into a busy scruffy little windy airport, but at least they are having to spend some serious money airside now.

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Old 21st Oct 2005, 07:09
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Would anyone from Senior Management at Channex like to comment on their A300 which was on scheduled maintenance in Bahrain after 09/11 & sabotaged by a member of the engineering company, & the subsequent 'vote' that was taken by the two most senior people within Chancers, sorry, I mean Channex, NOT to inform the flight crew who were about to air test it that it had been subjected to such an attack?

Do you feel that you risked the lives of the pilots & flight engineer who couldn't work out what the hell was wrong?

Did you think of the possible ramifications had this aircraft crashed?

More importantly, has your attitude changed now that you are flying human beings around? Are you sorry? Looking through this thread it wouldn't appear so.
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Old 22nd Oct 2005, 22:37
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A 3 degree glideslope is 300 feet per nautical mile. If you are putting the gear down below 1500 feet AGL (5 mile final) then you are flying an unstable approach and you better have briefed this technique and have your sh## together, i.e. no adverse winds or wx to contend with. Final flaps for any carrier I have ever heard of are required to be out by 1000' above the airport VFR or by the FAF IFR.
God forbid you ever try to fly the 757 because if you try your stunts then it will eat your lunch.
Well the UK airlines flying the 757 Ive worked for, its 160kts to 4 miles..flap 15 (no special brief), then gear down flap 20 etc...where in any of that is an unstable approach?

Next thing your gonna say is use loads of rudder for an upset recovery
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