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4HolerPoler 29th May 2021 20:55

B737NG FANS 1/A - upgrade to be Europe compliant
Iím way out of my depth; looking for advice please.

We operate a private, US-registered B737NG & spend a lot of time in Europe. The aircraft and crew are certified and equipped for FANS 1/A operations.

In Europe we can only log onto Maastricht (EDYY) and London (EGTT) plus the NAT control centres. As of 24 August Ď21 weíre going to lose the ability to be able to log onto Maastricht.

Our FMS is 13.0 and weíre upgrading to 14.1 in the next month.

Can someone please give some guidance as to what we need to do, in terms of hardware or software to be able to access and log-on to all the European control centres using CPDLC?

Forgive my ignorance please.

oceancrosser 29th May 2021 23:34

Well, I am not an expert but I understand your predicament. My operator has been working on this issue for years. The sheer stupidity of a different communications protocol for Europe vs rest of the world is astounding.
I suspect you will need a separate datalink box for Europe on a 737. But I will happily stand corrected.

Denti 30th May 2021 03:06

As there are quite a few 737NGs operating in Europe there seems to be a certified and whitelisted ATN B1 avionics suite for that aircraft type, using up to date VDL 2 communications. Ask your maintenance provider about that. However, as a GA airplane a private 737 should be exempted from the datalink mandate anyway.

Check Airman 30th May 2021 14:02

Originally Posted by oceancrosser (Post 11053777)
The sheer stupidity of a different communications protocol for Europe vs rest of the world is astounding.

There I was, thinking we had a monopoly on doing things differently.

4HolerPoler 30th May 2021 19:40

I sincerely appreciate the responses until now. Iím hoping for some advice I can follow. All of Ryanairís fleet have this extended capability so it canít be expensive.

We are exempt but it would be really cool if we could use the system rather than losing the capability.

FlyingStone 30th May 2021 21:15

According to this page, FMC U14 brings capability for both FANS and ATN to be simultaneously used on the B737.

4HolerPoler 30th May 2021 22:08

Brilliant FlyingStone! Thank you so much - this is exactly what I was looking for. Weíll see what U 14.1 provides us and understand that we may still require a CMU (we definitely have one of these) with an ATN Router (not so sure of this).

Iíll update for interest and sincerely appreciate your collective advice.

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