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Vibes 19th Jun 2009 09:44

Sideslip Angle Probe

Was wondering if there's really a need for the A380 to have the Sideslip Angle Probes installed.I mean,we don't see it on the other airliners,why the A380 then?Is it susceptible to sideslipping/skidding while banking due to its size?If so,why doesn't the 744 has it installed?

Could someone shed some light on this please.Thanks!!

Meikleour 19th Jun 2009 12:40

Early model B747-200`s had a sideslip vane. Was eventually disconnected as considered unnecessary.

bfisk 19th Jun 2009 12:53

How about ducttaping yaw strings to airliners, should comparatively save weight... :}

Intruder 19th Jun 2009 13:56

Worked for the F-14 Tomcat!

FE Hoppy 19th Jun 2009 15:26

slip comp is used on the E-jets in AOA limiting protection.

I would imagine with such a large side area that side slip will have a measurable effect on local static pressure at the ports and so needs to be accounted for.

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