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JuniorMan 1st Mar 2008 17:36

LH A320 Rough Landing @ Hamburg

Must have been real windy!

PA38-Pilot 1st Mar 2008 18:20

Is that... real?


Taking a second look...

Shouldn't the turning spoilers, or, at least the ailerons, show some attempt to prevent that from happening? And the elevator, doesn't look like there is any up force being applied...

It does look fake... although I might be wrong.

G09 1st Mar 2008 18:21

WOW .. haven't seen an engine that close to the ground yet, anybody knows how it ended up ?

HarryMann 1st Mar 2008 19:11


Think this a video of said incident...

Frightening conditions! Looked like maybe kicked off drift a fraction early and allowed upwind wing to react to (yet another) big gust...

Anyone what happened after the go-around?

cheesycol 1st Mar 2008 19:12

If that was today the TAF read something along the lines of TEMPO 250/25G45 TEMPO 250/35G60.

Video looks like final flare was about the intersection of 15/33, where there is potential for a blast of wind!

JuniorMan 1st Mar 2008 19:26

Can any Airbus drivers post the crosswind limitations on this type?

Norman Stanley Fletcher 1st Mar 2008 19:33

T/O 29 kts gusting 38 kts
Ldg: 33 kts gusting 38 kts

for non-contaminated runways - goes down for flooded runways, snow, ice etc.

0-8 1st Mar 2008 19:39

EDDH 011220Z 29028G48KT 9000 -SHRA FEW011 BKN014 07/05 Q0984 TEMPO 29035G55KT 4000 SHRA BKN008

DVD 1st Mar 2008 19:41

Anybody knows what runway were they using for landing???


keepin it in trim 1st Mar 2008 20:14

I am not an A320 pilot, but wonder if one could answer. I was given to understand, by a colleague with experience of airbus, that it is not expected that you remove (all) drift before touchdown in strong x-winds, as the side stick is set up such that any input you make, to counteract yaw induced roll, generates a given roll rate, as opposed to merely being an input to counter the yaw induced roll from kicking off any drift. Not sure if I expressed that very well, but the upshot is that the airbus can be "quite demanding" to land in strong, gusty, x-winds.

Not seen the pics but the main thing is that everyones ok

Cityliner 1st Mar 2008 20:15

Wind from the right 290/!! looks like rwy23 to me.
Other choice would be Rwy 33 but without a really big improvement and I am not sure if RWY33 has a ILS

Dutch250 1st Mar 2008 20:22

Well with the wind stated above for rwy 23, it looks to me that it was over the crosswind limit.

Rananim 1st Mar 2008 20:27

Truly amazing video.
I heard crosswind landings are tricky in the Airbus.Perhaps an Airbus pilot can comment further?
How many pilots have a crosswind chart to hand?This is one of those situations when you cant just guess the component.
Nevertheless,the pilot reacted well after the gust caught him after the touchdown(or bounce).
Right main gear should have touched first with right wing down.Looks like the opposite occurred.Also he was chasing his track throughout and was always left.Also,looks like he committed the cardinal sin and relaxed after the touchdown.Stopped flying the plane.Momentarily.However,he recovered and pulled up.
A good CP would probably put them both in the sim until they get the technique right and make sure they both have a crosswind chart.If you're outside the limits,you cant continue...pilots always try and get in.Its a natural instinct which we have to fight.

CaptainProp 1st Mar 2008 20:37

Landings and airbuses...always been a bit of a discussion...

I have quite a bit of experience on the airbus and as far as airbuses and landings goes - You land it like you land ANY conventional aircraft! No brain surgery to it and no reason to re-invent flying.

The landing on this picture....wow, I thought my landing this evening was bad! :}

Happy landings folks!


BEagle 1st Mar 2008 20:50


Good grief!

Blues&twos 1st Mar 2008 21:11

So how many weeks do you reckon it will take to come down off the adrenaline high?

Bet it was verrrry quiet in the cabin on the next approach.

Zyox 1st Mar 2008 21:12

Anyone know if they switched runway or tried the same one again?

HighLow 1st Mar 2008 21:15

Dont mind the switching of runways, maybe a switch in AIRPORT!!

readywhenreaching 1st Mar 2008 21:18

a bit of facts:
wind was 290/33 gusts to 49 (time ~ 13:55)
happened on flight LH 044 (D-AIQP) a A320 from MUC
runway for landing 23 LOC-DME (ATIS gave no other option)
after g/a, pilots elected runway 33 also LOC-DME approach and landed safely but minus the left winglet...
immediately after the incident ATIS gave runway 23 and 33 as well

was a hell of a storm today, rocky landings all day round...
KLM refused to depart on 23 in that conditions and preferred to wait for 40 minutes for t/o rwy 33
Emirates A345 tried once 23, 15 minutes later 33, but broke off each time, exceeded bank angles on final, diverted to FRA
other widebody ground service was unable to lift up catering boxes due to windforce...all because of emma.

HighLow 1st Mar 2008 21:23

OK, in this business it doesn't take much to get caught out,
we must at all times as aviation professionals keep on our guard right up until engine shutdown,

BUT the question needs to be asked..
When is a crosswind limitation NOT a crosswind limitation?

GET-HOME-"EYE"-TUS seems to be such a TABOO in this industry..

Glad to see nobody killed during this incident


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