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Flying Gas Chambers - as WHO disowns insecticide

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Flying Gas Chambers - as WHO disowns insecticide

Old 30th Nov 2016, 13:52
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Flying Gas Chambers - as WHO disowns insecticide

The World Health Organization (WHO), our global premier body entrusted with everything to do with our health has not just been playing dumb, but has systematically overseen the repeated exposure of airline passengers and crews to some highly toxic substances.

Read the rest here.
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Old 30th Nov 2016, 14:08
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Keep taking the pills, Cirrus.

Your link to that eco rant-rag is hardly convincing, any more than the rant-rag itself is.

Pure Chemtrails type mischief.

Nothing to see here. Move on please.
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Old 30th Nov 2016, 14:24
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While the journo style is scare mongering, I did find something useful in a link in the article. The April 10 2016 minutes from the ICAO meeting regarding "disinsection" I found to be of interest. It never occurred to me that there is a way to get rid of insects that is non-chemical, beyond persistent use of fly swatters. The point on vector control is one of interest, given how international travel spreads infectious diseases.

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Old 4th Dec 2016, 21:24
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I think the article linked by Cirrus SR22 has a good point but is full of poor research and should be read with caution. If Cirrus SR22 has only taken his info from this article - then I think he needs to look wider. The article has a good point - but misses it by a mile.

As of 5th December this year, I have been flying between UK and South Africa for 51 years. I have been sprayed countless times (or I could count if I checked my log book!) and am now aged 60. Thus far, no ill results.

I can say that, for the last number of years, I have protected my mouth and nose against the spray only as much as you would from any insecticide. The article says:

With the recent cases of Zika virus, (spread by species of mosquitoes called Aedes) more than fifty countries, including Zimbabwe, Mauritius and South Africa now require disinsection [sic] of inbound flights.
Firstly, I have NEVER seen the cabin being sprayed on departing the UK but only on departing South Africa - and then not always. That goes for BOAC/BA, South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, SABENA (in the 1990s). Last Friday afternoon (2-Dec) I left CPT onboard Turkish Airlines and they did not spray the cabin. Nor was I sprayed when leaving IST for JNB two weeks earlier.

The spraying was most usually done up until the mid-1990s. Thereafter it was sporadic (naturally I did not keep records) and it is now the exception not the rule. The article makes out that it is routine but that is not my personal experience. My guess is - the airlines have realised that, since it upsets their customers, does not appear to be subject to checks AND they have to buy the cans - they can save the money.

I think the article should have made more strongly the point that - the spraying is utterly pointless. AFAIK, they don't spray the luggage and some luggage these days boasts it is shower proof and has rubber seals. You are most likely to have picked up an insect when your bag was open in South Africa, being packed - rather than one happened to blow in through the doors when the aircraft was being serviced.

Do they spray the 'bins' the luggage goes in? The cargo space. I'll take a bet they don't spray the flight deck!

Besides, any self respecting bug that was on the aircraft, when faced by thundering feet of pax boarding and all the bumping of luggage would find a small gap in the carpet/seat rails, or under the seat etc. and dig well under - or in. If the spray did not get it, then the insect would travel on with the aircraft to the next destination just as it might have left Australia and arrived in the USA/Europe. The article says:
In attempting to manage the spread of disease-carrying insects such as various species of mosquitos [sic] responsible for malaria, zika, dengue, yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis or rat fleas responsible for bubonic plague; the WHO has impressed on certain countries to undertake disinsection [sic] of aircraft.
The article makes out that this spraying is something new - but my personal experience says that it started decades ago and has been fading for a many years. As far as I can recall, the last time I was sprayed was leaving Johannesburg in 2009. They mention SAA but I have not used them on that journey in over 25 years.

Of course, people might be getting sprayed leaving /departing for other countries but I doubt it. If European (rich) airlines are not doing, I doubt the rest of Africa is. There is no evidence of any research of current passengers.

They mention cabin crew needing face protection for cabin crew but when they have done it, they walk with the cans over their shoulder pointing behind them. Usually two in each hand.

A good topic - but up to date, accurate, research of current usage is needed.
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Old 18th Dec 2016, 22:45
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Unfortunately it's not just the article which misses the point but the health authorities. In Cuba for instance they rigorously enforce disinsection of aircraft from mosquito-free areas even though the airport is teeming with insects. In contrast, no effort appears to be applied to limiting their own swarms of home-grown Cuban mossies.

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