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Pax seat that will not latch upright

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Pax seat that will not latch upright

Old 22nd Dec 2014, 09:14
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For all it's critics, I travelled Ryanair and noticed several seats (about 3) with the tray-table in front secured by sticky tape (the clear parcel sort, not "Gaffer tape!) the flight was fully sold other than the faulty positions, which CC informed me were only unusable because of the insecure T/T mounted to the back of the seat in front.
It was a very shiny modern plastic and easy-clean aircraft, not a converted Vickers Vimy Lost revenue must have hurt! so full marks to RYR
Similar situationon return leg, so I assume this is a design fault/weakness.

I see little problem with a failed upright lock.....If an arrival is sudden enough for a loose seatback to cause a problem, I would expect that to be the most insignificant one in a drastically rearranged cabin.
As a pax, with a lap restraint only, I'd welcome a bit of "give " in the seatback in front, whilst bent over waiting to kiss my a55 goodbye.
Am I foolish, or just laid-back,( so to speak, ) where this risk is concerned ?
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Old 22nd Dec 2014, 09:35
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One issue on Boeing 737 is that occasionally the seat table can unlatch and block your exit in an emergency. Even latches that turn the wrong way are considered U/S. Getting jammed in your row by a table is not a good idea. Then again, I always count the rows and plan on an over the top exit myself....
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Old 22nd Dec 2014, 10:01
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I saw no mention that the initial poster was in any class, so may well have been in coach.

I believe it IS a safety of flight issue and the engineers should have lock wired the seat in the upright position. There is no way it should have been occupied for take off or landing with the recline mechanism buggered (and not locked in the upright position).

I would rather get moved to another flight than fly in a seat that is unsafe.

(And to answer those that say it isn't unsafe, is the seat certified to withstand a 16g deceleration with the seat not locked upright. Is the seat guaranteed to perform as per spec in that configuration. How does the seat not being in the proper position affect the head strike certification for the pax in the seat behind? Does the lap seat belt perform as expected given the potentially different seating position and the position of the belt on the body. Does the seat squab move forward with the seat reclined (some do) and if so, how does that affect knees of the pax in the seat in a collision, does the passenger seated in that seat "duck under" in a rapid deceleration - I.e. Slide forward under the belt).
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Old 29th Dec 2014, 16:23
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We do not know if it was a safety issue, as we do not know the airline's SOPs, although the majority of the posters here seem to believe it would be in their airline.

The seat was in business and the obvious solution would have been to sit in the middle seat, which is not sold, but another passenger wanted the window seat and sat in it, whilst I took her aisle seat. Thought it was pretty foolish, but I didn't owe her a duty of care.

I am still awaiting a response.

By the way, when I pay for a revenue business class ticket, I don't regard being allowed to travel as being done a favour.
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Old 29th Dec 2014, 23:23
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3000 Rule,

As you can see, most posters here were "gentle" with you and most helpful and knowledgeable. Then there are the others who like to show everybody on here that their shoe size is far greater than their IQ and have no idea what goes on "behind the scenes" in the aviation world.

Piltdown Man hit the nail on the head. Most if not all airlines will not know their seats are broken (unless it is bleeding obvious to the cabin crew or picked up on an overnight/daily/weekly/monthly check) unless you the passenger informs the crew. They then should record the defect in the cabin logbook so that it can be repaired.

As far as your crew member saying that it is not a safety issue, total crap,you should NEVER have been allowed to occupy that seat. IT IS A SAFETY ISSUE and that crew member really should"nt be in the industry. And to think this person has to look after your safety in the event of an emergency.... give me strength!!!

As Skyjob has pointed out via the MEL book (and yes ruddman, it DOES get read with every defect recorded if said defect cannot be repaired in time for aircraft departure) you can use the seat, provided it is locked in the upright position. My company will move a customer to another seat (if available) and put a paxing crew/staff member in the broken seat. There are also other reasons where a seat cannot be occupied at all by anyone according to the MEL book. Hope this helps.
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