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hey, im just after some info from someone in the know. a319 a/c, i know the range would alow the aircraft to get from the UK to NYC but how practical would it be? anyone know how much fuel would be required and how much approx it would cost (with load of 108 pax?) any info about the a/c or spec info? cheers
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 22:18
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Just had a look on the net and NYC to London is approx 3050 nm.... I'll dig out the FCOM 3 to look at the fuel required for 2800 nm cruise to landing and add 160 miles for the climb to cruise altitude. This is not accurate but hopefully will suffice for your question.
12300 kg burn in the cruise/landing + 1800 kg for the climb, to FL370.
So your trip fuel alone is 14100 kg.
The 319 is capable of carrying 18700 kg. You need 17100 kg for this "trip" with IFR reserves. IFR reserves are.....alternate fuel, say 1000 kg (depends on where the diversion airport is), contingency 5% of the trip, 705 reserve fuel...approx 1000kg. So approx 3000 kg IFR reserves on top of the 14100 kg trip. Thats 17100 kg in total.
Using average weights for this example of 85 kg per pax thats 10500 kg (assuming each pax has the standard 13 kg bag in the hold).
The A319, well ours at easyjet are about 41000 kg dry operating weight, thats with 156 seats, so with a different seating capacity that would be lower. For the sake of arguement lets go with 40,000 kg for simplicity. Add the 17100 kg of fuel and the pax weight and we end up with a grand total of 67600 kg.
The A319 max take off weight is 68000 kg. So the short answer is YES !!
Phew - right I'm off to bed, on an early tomorrow.
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 07:27
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The 319 CJ has additional centre tanks (2 in the fwd hold, 4 in the aft) which increase the range to 6000NM.
This gives a total capacity of 40640 ltrs or roughly 31900 kgs.
Obivously only any use if you fly in CJ layout and not Easyjets pax layout.
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SAA's A319 figs refer.

MTOW-70 000KG
MZFW-57 000KG
MAX FUEL-18 000KG.

You will not be perf limited in the 319 (even at JNB at 5500' at 30deg). 108 pax will need a ZFW of approx 53000kg. That should leave you with 17 000KG for fuel.

According to FCOM 4.10 for a 3000mn flight at FL370 you will need 13249kg of fuel with a flight time of 6hr 51min. There are lots of alternates either side if the pond so diversion fuel should be minimal.

Hope that helps
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The highest gross weight A319 sells rings in at 166500 lbs / 75500 kgs. That buys you some more structural weight, assuming you have the perfromance to lift it. We send our HGW A319s on 5+ hour legs all the time.
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a dash of cold water

G'day TT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry to be the one who who might dash your hopes. You ask about the 319, not the CRJ. Fuel capacity is 23859 litres. MTOW variants are 64/68/70/75.5 tonnes. MLW variants 61/62.5 tonnes. MZFW variants 57/58.5 tonnes. So A319-100 with V2527M-A5, MTOW 75.5 tonnes, SEPCARBIII - BSCU Std9 or EM2, JAR and all the ETOPs certification you need...
I don't think you can do it so I have shortened the route....
Flight 1 Outbound to mystery destination, payload ~12152kg. Distance 2324nm HW 17kts FL350/390 at M0.78 TOW 69567kg LW 56817kg, Block fuel 12946kg, Cont 744kg, Resv 3192kg, Time 5+44.
Flight 2 Inbound from mystery destination, sameish ~ payload . HW 7kts FL330/370 at M0.78 TOW 71692kg LW 56822kg Block fuel 13065kg, Cont 851kg, Resv 5182kg, Time 5+37.
By my book I therefore would not attempt 3149nm being more or less at my MTOW with 108 pax at 82.5kg apiece and 30kg bags and only getting 2324nm along the way.
Track distances = GC distances + 5%, En-route and diversion winds = 85 % annual reliability, Winds in cruise reduced to 70% for climb and descent, ISA+10 en-route temperature, Taxi-out 10 min / Taxi-in 5 min [in your dreams buddy], Cruise M0.78, En-route allowance = 5% of trip fuel and an EWAG (educated wild assed guess) at diversion fuel at LRC + 30 min holding at 1500 ft above. Fuel at 0.803kg/litre.
Nope. For me I'd say ONP.
Best Rgds
The "E"
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Old 12th Mar 2010, 11:32
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Airbus states in their website that A319 is capable of 3,600NM with a load of 124 pax at MTOW of 75,500KG. Is this with ACT? What is the lowest Dry Operating Weight achievable on A319?

Thanks to all
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Bit of anecdotal evidence here.
We see A319LR with 75500 MTOW and they are fitted with a single ACT (although have provision for the other 5)
DOH-ARN is 2492nm. 110 pax and bags and usually about 500kg cargo.
ARN-DOH we very rarely use the ACT. Fuel load varies from 16000 up to 19000 kg, and occassionaly more due to morning fog forecast in DOH.
However DOH-ARN regularly has fuel loads over the 19000kg mark. (Full fuel without ACT is about 19100kg). Arrival fuel in the winter about 3500kg.

If you wanted to regularly plan a longer flight, you would need a second ACT, but then there would be no room for the cargo, and maybe some of the bags! The holds now are loose loaded and chock full.
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The word on the street here at my company is that they are considering the A319 to substitute the A310 on some routes with not enough demand for the 10 on the winter. My question, being these routes around 2,500 NM and some under etops 120 minutes, is the A319 capable of operating those services with 124 pax? What would be the lowest dry operating weight achievable for the A319? I think that only with a low empty weight and a MTOW of 75,500 kg would A319 be of any interest to operate these routes. I presume that when Airbus announces the A319 with 3,600 NM with 124 pax is using at least one ACT.

Your comments please.
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