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Old 13th Dec 2016, 16:25   #81 (permalink)
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AIR Wing BLEED LEAK during engine start

- Recurrent problem in hot condition (in spite Airbus recommendation to keep Flap1 at the gate)

- MEL is no go

- We selected Flaps 3 during the "After start Flow" ECAM disappeared a few minutes later during taxi
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Old 1st Jan 2017, 09:54   #82 (permalink)
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Our refuelling trucks will not fit under the aircraft when aircraft is a top config 1 and therefore this one creates all sorts of problems for us.

I've asked management about it on several occasions and got no formal response.
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Solution is for the fuelling company to modify their trucks, or use a separate, towed platform or set of stairs to access the fuel coupling, while the truck is kept away from under the wing.

However, our company told us to retract flaps and slats when coming onto stand. Then, after refuelling, if the air temperature is above 30 degrees, they told us to extend to Config one using the Yellow pump and PTU. However, this requires one of you to be outside to watch that the wings are clear.

As if we haven't got enough to do during the turnaround.

I personally think that the problem only occurs if the air temp is above 30 degrees AND the sun is shining onto the slat surfaces. @ Feather44, does this alert happen at night?

Use of only the Blue electric pump would just extend the slats, preventing the problem with minimum incursion below the wings, but it does bring up a flap fault. This disappears when engines are started and the flaps move to position selected, but company obviously not keen on this method.
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