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Unserviceabilities with Unusual Symptoms ..

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Unserviceabilities with Unusual Symptoms ..

Old 1st Jan 2017, 09:54
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Our refuelling trucks will not fit under the aircraft when aircraft is a top config 1 and therefore this one creates all sorts of problems for us.

I've asked management about it on several occasions and got no formal response.
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Old 1st Jan 2017, 12:35
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Solution is for the fuelling company to modify their trucks, or use a separate, towed platform or set of stairs to access the fuel coupling, while the truck is kept away from under the wing.

However, our company told us to retract flaps and slats when coming onto stand. Then, after refuelling, if the air temperature is above 30 degrees, they told us to extend to Config one using the Yellow pump and PTU. However, this requires one of you to be outside to watch that the wings are clear.

As if we haven't got enough to do during the turnaround.

I personally think that the problem only occurs if the air temp is above 30 degrees AND the sun is shining onto the slat surfaces. @ Feather44, does this alert happen at night?

Use of only the Blue electric pump would just extend the slats, preventing the problem with minimum incursion below the wings, but it does bring up a flap fault. This disappears when engines are started and the flaps move to position selected, but company obviously not keen on this method.
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Old 30th Nov 2019, 03:17
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Psychophysiological entity
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Older, but funnier ones.

HP Herald, taking of on a seriously rainy day. After a while I felt sure I caught a glimpse of water in my horizon. Yep, there it is again. The vaguum system was hauling air in via an old penny sized wire gauze filter. Air and rain.

Believing my eyes was the first thing, especially when it started to foam. They'd just shampoo'd the aircraft.

The heavy brass giro, with its sculpted edges suddenly bit into the high water. It toppled in a crescendo of foam.
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Old 30th Nov 2019, 03:22
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Psychophysiological entity
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Location: Tweet Rob_Benham Famous author. Well, slightly famous.
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British Eagle taxiing and losing fuel during tight turns. And I don't mean a cupful. Can't believe it now, but this aircraft always dumped fuel if it was 'tanked'. Gallons would slosh out. I hasten to add, I was a new sprog, and my opinion didn't count back then.
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Old 22nd Dec 2019, 21:22
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A320 series - on ground, different FMAs showing on each PFD (one side shows ALT blue, the other CLB). Changing the ND scale changes the FMAs.

Both FMGCs reset with no cure. Aircraft de powered to no effect.

In the end both SDACs (many CBs) were reset with the aircraft powered. Problem solved.
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Old 28th Jan 2020, 06:58
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A320 series
Problem: Loss of Altitude Scale on one PFD and loss of one FD (we had 2FD2 on FMA). One AP, Autothrust and CAT 3 inoperative on ECAM status. No ECAM caution/warning generated.
Solution: Check Baro Reference setting on affected side. In our case the Baro Ref had reverted to 745Hpa due to a FCU failure mode. After re-setting the QNH everything went back to normal. For some reason this was not picked up by the FWC (apparently it was an intermittent fault, after a couple of minutes we got the ECAM caution 'FCU1 fault', which kept disappearing and reappearing until we used emergency cancel).
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Old 28th Nov 2020, 12:50
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Cessna 152.
It used to yaw badly in flight, various attempts to cure it failed, eventually fault made itself apparent. It was a late 152 with the landing lights in the wing and the Perspex window had worked itself loose, at certain speeds the window would vibrate across opening the leading edge up and causing the aircraft to yaw, on landing it would do the reverse so all appeared normal, it was only when it decided to stick open was the fault finally identified and fixed.
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