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Question North Atlantic Plotting

When on the Atlantic, Pacific, what do you record on your plotting charts? What do the CAA/FAA advise? ETOP's Non ETOPS ie 3/4 engine?
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The planned track is plotted on the Plotting Chart at the briefing stage. Here we ensure that the correct track/route is plotted (don't laugh) against the NAT track message. We check all the waypoint co-ordinates Lat/Long. If on the OTS we plot the filed track and one each side. Next we plot the ETP's and ensure that they satisfy the Rule Distance/Time stated. We like to highlight and note the nominated ERA's.

Flying the 767 over the Atlantic prior to waypoint passage we check the track and distance of the next leg and note on our flight plan that we have done so.

At waypoint passage we do the following;
* Check next waypoint is active and re-check the track and distance.
* Confirm tracking
* Standard ICAO position report
* Complete flight plan
* Plot IRS wind velocity and time
* Note and record fuel on board
* After 10 minutes plot lat/long (Pos Init 1/2) and time.
* Met reports are included after the position report if requested on NAT track, always required if on random track.
* Plotting is conducted on the Jepp North Atlantic Plotting Chart (modified for each Company).

This list is not exhaustive, but I hope it helps to answer your question somewhat.

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We draw the line of the route unto the chart. Ten minutes after making a position report we push "Hold" on the FMS and INS heads. Then we plot the Lat/Long position of the FMS position (INS triple mix) on the chart and compare it to the line we drew. We also write the Lat/Long positions of each INS unto the chart. If one INS has taken "a walk" we could deselect it from the triple mix mode fed to the FMS which steers the autopilot. We also note Temp/Wind and FLight Level data;...keeping it as simple as possible.

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