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enough is enough

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Angry enough is enough

After flying heavey jets for 17 years,I think the folks travelling should wake up.Its about time, that pilots start to get more respect rather than being treated as glorified drivers.I mean for christ sake,every one wants a piece of us.
When are the companies ,the folks travelling,and CAA/FAA s of the world wake up.Just like the old saying,when a doctor makes one mistake he kills one person ,when a pilot errs he takes out a min of 150.
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welcome to the 21st century. At the end we are nothing but bus or limo drivers to them.

Whenever I briefed my pax, I told them about the duration of flight. Every time they asked me, if I couldn't make it in a little bit less ...

Nobody appreciates pilots these days. It is still a bit different in Europe, but I am afraid it will change soon, too.

Face it, these days you have FS2000 pilot-"folks" telling you how to fly.

Aviation authorities? Forget it, when you look to Europe. What on earth justified a 570 quit examination fee when I took my written navs five years ago? Unless you visit the CAA in person, their inquiry system is - like all the other European authorities - cr@p. You are on hold for 30 - 45 mins, and you hear in a loop about 200 times how short-staffed and overworked the poor hobbits in their aviation house are.

sometimes it seems aviation is a curse
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Chaps, Reporting Points is for <<Rumours and News that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots>>......ie NEWS items. If you want a general discussion, why not Aircrew Notices, Questions or Jet Blast? When you are accessing RP for the latest news from some dodgy foreign connection, and each page takes 30 seconds to come up, it's a pain to wade through dross like this, and all it does it take up some poor Moderators time putting a lock on it or moving it. Why not read what each section is for?
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Navmode and Squawk 7777, quite true, in an age of media-induced cynicism and superficiality (like visiting L. A...). The next time some layman with computer game aviation hours thinks he/she can do the job better, show them your Aircraft Oper. Manual and its aircraft systems chapters. They might need to glance at the various flows, sequences and multiple normal checklists, SOPA and normal maneuvers descriptions, Flight Ops Manual and COM, with its many limitations+ abnormal checklist/supplemental ops chapters.

Would they accept a plane with an inop thrust reverser or autopilot? How about 25 minutes contingency fuel, but no alternate fuel for a two hour flight? How about last minute rainshowers: simply assume it is ok to land on a 7,000 ft wet runway with a gusty 25 knot crosswind? Will the computer at home allow them one procedure turn approach to an airport next to a large mountain in Montana, at night with a 500 ft ceiling, er, reported ceiling, an hour ago? How do they turn on the runway lights and cancel IFR? Whether a pilot is with a regional (hired at about US minimum wage...as FO) national, or major airline, there is no protection against being laid off. Each the US majors have laid off between a few hundred and a thousand pilots in the last year.

As these books are carefully placed on their lap after they sit in the cockpit, you might ask them how all of this applies to the job in contrast to moving a control stick at home, as they dwell on it.

As stated below, we can always walk away when we are shot down from 500' by a computerized enemy bomber or flak.

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I/O--When you crash a computer, you always walk away .TC

Hope you and your's are ok. Still hanging on in STL.
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How many professions think they are being appreciated and adequately recognized? The commercial pilot profession is not alone. Everyone is contributing his or her own bit to the society. For example, what's the general opinion of the medical profession? Do most people appreciate medical doctors' contribution to our society? When you are better paid than most other people, you're bound to get some envious disrespects. That's just a fact of life.
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I have edited your post to nil! Because it is just plain abusive.

Do try to use some intelligent wording.

Who are you to do that? The point I made was not abusive. NSF is a habitual FLAMER. Censor him.

Who are you to do that? The point I made was not abusive. NSF is a habitual FLAMER. Censor him.

I insist that I may make my point again. The guy 'flames' people all the time. Get rid of NigelSoFantastic. He is only an F/O.
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Get rid of NigelSoFantastic. He is only an F/O
'Only an F/O' - so his opinion doesn't matter then?

Whilst I hardly agree with anything NSF has to say - its a bit rich to shut him up because He is only an F/O

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For goodness sake guys!
Who do you think you are?

I paid for my own training, have responsibility for many more passengers and crew lives in one day than you ever will in six months, and earn about half of your basic salary.

Am I bitter and twisted? No I am not, I still enjoy the job I started 23 years ago, every day of each week on watch.
And by the way, I am big enough to know and acknowledge that respect is earnt , not commanded.

Get a life.
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Remember your part of a very small group(5%)that 'enjoy' going to work...After35years of Airline flying your left with the feeling-the job is what you made of it. .Respect for the 'left' seat has erroded over the past decades,due to exposure of the job to the gen' public(lately comp'games)and the fact that more people are getting to their destinations regularly,so they regard it a normal,and everyday-your no big hero until their concerned..
Do we want it differently????Trade unionism have acquired the big bucks through productivety...The computor game/autopilot developement have resolved the'all' weather operations concerns to a few-thunderstorms and severe icing.
The other departments of the game are very quick to condemn any faults attributed to the pilot group,from the Fed's to the builders and your Co'....It's always been so,If they can 'blame' the guys, this excuses them from a more expensive'cure' for the occurence...Dispatch want Co- signing of the final plan(until T/o, then one rarely hears from them.).Crew sched 'draft' you with promises (until shift change).You accept a MEL dept,your Mtc best friend....Every wants to get in on the act(osha says F/a's can canx flight because of the cabin smell)...aaaand so it goes on,do we really care.....
Remember were only 5% of the population that enjoys going to work!!!!
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PPRuNe Pop
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No Joke

So now you know who I am. And you have also noted that I will remove abusive links or writings.

Your remark about an F/O appears to be indicative of your overall tone, why do you look down your nose at them? If I assume that you are a Captain, and you take that view of your F/O's, you need to be told that you are way out of line. Were you not an F/O once? And would you have liked a Captain to view you in the same manner?

As far as censoring is concerned we do that when it is necessary, and WE decide when that is - not you.

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