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easyJet share price crash - 'no blame'

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easyJet share price crash - 'no blame'

Old 15th Sep 2002, 23:21
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easyJet share price crash - 'no blame'

Sad to see that the orange lot have seen their share price crash on the market, dropping well below Ryanair (whom they have kept ahead of convincingly in the past). High 5.62, low 2.44 or thereabouts, below the 11/09/01 value by a goodly margin. Small recovery on Friday.

Why is this?

It can't possibly be anything to do with the market's awareness of the appalling catalogue of errors by senior management, can it?

Letters appearing in the press telling us all how cr*p the company's performance is, incompetent rostering which knocks the schedule for six and then gets booted out whilst those responsible sit pretty amid the 'no blame' culture, pilots and cabin crew already on the brink of exhaustion and now learning they're to bring their own sandwiches and get through the British winter without a hot meal all day 'because it'll save money', are all (as we know) signs of a top-rank air carrier GETTING IT RIGHT. Oh, and the April pay deal which might be back-dated in part, if they ever get around to 'negotiating' it.

At least we know they're all well-experienced airline managers with an awareness of modern airline business issues (chokes and splutters)

No, no, it must be something else.

Elves, I expect, or a nasty Troll...?

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Old 16th Sep 2002, 07:54
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The management couldn't be awarding themselves huge bonuses if it was that bad .................
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Old 16th Sep 2002, 08:38
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And also,let's keep this in an open forum,our 'managers' awarded themselves a breathtaking 10 million pounds in shares,between 40 (and I shudder to think who numbers 11-40 might be,i/c easyland toilets or crew sandwiches perhaps?).Our pay offer is still apparently derisory after days of negotiation-not even apace with inflation.This in a company making large amounts of profit.Fat -cat excesses that even the worst tabloids couldn't exagerate.If this is the 'dynamic','innovative',future of civil aviation,I won't be encouraging my son to take flying lessons.Modelled on Southwest Airlines?-I don't think so.
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Old 16th Sep 2002, 09:02
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The all too familiar situation all over again, too rapid an expansion, not enough management capability to handle, low morale, poor working conditions, NO FOOD, etc... Does anybody really expect this to produce good results in the end??????
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Old 16th Sep 2002, 11:22
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HC, analysts were pretty united in their explanation of the fall on Thursday, putting it down mainly to concerns about a possible rights issue to fund the purchase of aircraft, and a potential share sale by Stelios on his departure, perhaps to "fund" his Internet cafes, both of which of course he denied!

Perhaps the most significant, with regard to management decisions, was the disclosure that EasyJet does not hedge its exposure to fuel prices, which means it would be particularly hit by rising prices stemming from the impending Iraq conflict.

Most were "confident" that results for the year to September 30 would be in line with market expectations. In fact Chris Avery, an aviation analyst at JP Morgan, said he was forecasting a rise in pre-tax profit of 50%!

Remember that the shares went up by nearly 20% on 6th July, and I don't remember anyone complaining then!

It will be interesting to see how Sir Colin gets on with RW.

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Old 16th Sep 2002, 11:28
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All best summed up in 2 words: "Air Europe"

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Old 16th Sep 2002, 12:33
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All best summed in up 2 words: "Air Europe"
Not the "up 2 words" most of us would think of....... hehe

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Old 16th Sep 2002, 12:59
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Err, Hugh, where as I may agree with some of the points you raise it is clear that you are no financial analyist and should, if indeed you are (noting you have just registered, 1st post etc, a pilot, stick to flying.

At no time to my recollection has EZJ market Cap been greater than RYA. (you just don't compare the price of one share! on a peri pasu basis)

One of the main reasons for the fall is the fact, as Newswatcher rightly points out, that there is continuing uncertainty over Stelios'sstake and Rights Issues. This inturn has been noted by the Bears in the Market who in turn are shorting the stock. Once a high profile Bear (enter Simon Cadwell AKA Evil Kinevil) goes public stating he is shortthe Stock, every man and his dog with the facility with their Broker does likewise driving the price lower.

Enter then the Technical Traders who look at price charts (T/A) if you look at EZJ it is dire, the news released the other day was an attempt to have a "Bear Squeeze" (price rises and the bears have to buy in to cover their position, this in turn can attract Bulls who buy for upside.

Enough of the Market, I got out of it years ago to fly but I do agree it could be a case of trying too much too soon and an implosion could occur if not managed properly.

(oh and when do they take on DBA??? I hope the indigestion is better before they do)

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Old 17th Sep 2002, 00:36
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Thanks to those who gave factual help above.

You're right, swede-basher, I am quite happy flying aircraft, and am not a financial whizz-kid. I've been a contented lurker for some time. That said, if we assume that Ryanair and easyJet are similar companies, in the same sector, should a noticeable drop in the relative share price of one against the other not be indicative of trouble?

maxfactor, are there not any 'no-men' at LTN? From what I see, there is plenty of dissention amongst middle managers. Is there any value in attempting to engender change from within, which I guess some may be doing...?
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Old 17th Sep 2002, 09:26
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As cynical as it sounds - easy shares have benefited from general market uncertainties - because people (business men included) wanted to save money and flew low cost. A bubble started after the 2001 terrorist attacks - lost a bit of puff around March/April with the Stelios announcement and poor publicity in the press - gained a bit at the GO deal announcement and is now riding the general trend downwards.

Employees will also be able to sell their shares in winter, which may also be having a pre-dragging effect.

All that said, the long term prospects should still be sound - well, as sound as any shares are these days...
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Old 17th Sep 2002, 17:54
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I'm no financial whizz either but, the stock market on both sides of the Atlantic has been plummeting for many weeks. I have lost count of the amount of leader news items there have been on the subject.

So, if someone with the requsite skills could somehow 'factor out' the general market conditions, I wonder if the comparative fall in EZ shares over the past few months is really that startling.

And indeed comparing one share price with another just doesn't work - it all depends on the value of the company and the amount of shares issued - surely!
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Old 18th Sep 2002, 10:29
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Makes me smile!

Uncertainty about Stelios' shares etc. Manipulation of the share price in my view.

Funny how all this is taking place only weeks ahead of the time when a large number of staff are looking forward to their share options becoming available - and were considering selling up (and in some cases retiring from/leaving the company). Not much chance of that in the present climate. So no sale of shares on a large scale (phew says the management/city!) and no immediate nest egg for the future (**** say the employees!).

Call me a cynic but .........

I may be wrong but I don't think so. It has all happened so many times in the past.
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Old 18th Sep 2002, 11:04
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Dontdoit - Your sums don't add up. EZ is publicly owned whereas Air Europe was a private company after Harry G bought back the shares when the City became too jittery about his plans for turning AE into a mainly scheduled airline.
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Old 18th Sep 2002, 17:30
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At least I can bask in the knowledge that the company share incentive will let me buy easyJet shares at only 4.54 each (if I stay long enough, be good etc)
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Old 18th Sep 2002, 18:04
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Mr Moustache, don't do it; you fool, you would be losing two pounds a share.

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Old 18th Sep 2002, 18:23
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Spanner in the werks

Spot on mate. Absolutley spot on. Only thing is they think us pilots are too dim to see that.
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Old 19th Sep 2002, 18:44
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The Easy back lash will begin, the City have already anticipated its eventual fruition. How often do you hear, "oh, easyjet, a rip off"? Well its true, a single journey ticket to Spain can be upwards of 160 quid.Thats single. So watch this space,

THE RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE will be less easy in the future. Personally, I think they suck, and are heading for the financial scrap heap. Did I hear RESONATIONS OF 1991 and Air Europe?
Yes, a good time to buy BA.

Oh, and yes, I have never applied, ever wanted or ever needed to fly easyJet.
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Old 20th Sep 2002, 21:19
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How often do you find 'oh easyjet, a rip off' quoted?. I Never have actually, apart from people with a telly camera stuck in their face, who are unable to understand terms and conditions which are clearly stated, . Ej are'nt perfect, but tonight you can book LTN to BCN for 1910 dep on the 30th Sept 2002 for GBP 32.50 including all taxes (thats a single too!). Thats less than a week away, where's the rip off there? oh by the way mr/ mrs prisoner if you got out more perhaps you could check your facts a bit, being incarcerated I'll let you off, more than the judge did by the looks!.
A good time to buy BA? dont think so if you follow their share trend, its very similar to easy's, perhaps the prisoner should read the FT they get in the scrubs, rather than wipe his @rse on it.
If you want to buy aviation have a look at BAA, LHR and STN as being front runners for the next runway for london, think the shares might be a bit of a sleeper at the moment!
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Old 21st Sep 2002, 09:49
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Combined EZY-GO load factors for August were 84%+, the BA 9AM (business rush) flight I was on the other day from a major European capital had 25pax on a319, even if the other 80 seats had gone for 5 quid its still better than nout.

As they say at the theatre "Bums on seats laddie bums on seats."
Old 21st Sep 2002, 12:13
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When hostilities begin around 45 East, I wonder if BA can survive in it's present bloated form. EZ might sneeze, but BA is sure to catch a very bad cold and could even follow AE into oblivion. Not a good time to buy their shares.
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