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Google Earth - No Aircraft at Dublin Airport

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Google Earth - No Aircraft at Dublin Airport

Old 21st Mar 2021, 21:55
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Google Earth - No Aircraft at Dublin Airport

Can anyone explain why, on Google Earth there is not a single aircraft visible on Dublin Airport? Also there is absolutely no shipping visible at Dublin Port, - no container ships, no ferries, nowt. I know the imagery is quite recent, certainly within the past year, as there are changes visible in parts of town that I know were made in 2020.

Is there a reason ships and aircraft have been (or can be?) removed synthetically?
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Old 21st Mar 2021, 22:24
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Don't know why it is done, but it was something that became apparent in 2019 and then the result was still a bit sloppy (2 examples from 2019 at Brussels airport)

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Old 21st Mar 2021, 22:26
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Certainly the same at other airports - Paine Field was worryingly devoid of 777s and 787s last time I looked but if you disable the globe view to lose the 3D image you can see aircraft. I can only assume they look a bit messy, can't believe there is any security reason? Particularly when certain security facilities feature in full 3D glory!
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Old 21st Mar 2021, 23:25
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"May 1, 2019 -
Google has a new algorithm that removes non static objects from their maps. The primary purpose is to remove cars/pedestrians from the streets/sidewalk so you can see them easier, but planes(being non static across images) also get removed."
I believe it's because they're using various satellite images/aerial surveys to map things in 3D, so none static objects (such as planes, ships, etc) aren't marked on maps now.

The images are generally captured days, weeks or months apart so anything that doesn't appear on the same image/scan isn't on the map
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Old 21st Mar 2021, 23:28
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Also, this link may explain it a bit better than I can

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Old 22nd Mar 2021, 10:16
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Same at lots of airports. If you use the History icon you can see the aircraft.
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Old 22nd Mar 2021, 10:52
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I was recently looking at Mehrabad International Airport and it still showed more than a hundred aircraft, the majority being in storage.
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Old 22nd Mar 2021, 11:23
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750XL thanks for that.

Pistonprop, satellite imagery shows aircraft, cars, etc - it's the areas where 3D imagery has been created as well that mobile objects are disappearing.

Just looking at my house - my neighbour's missing fence panels (lost in 2019's storms) show up beautifully - what's weird is that my wheelbarrow is leaning up against an old door I used as a temporary barrier to prevent their dogs from extending their toilet territory into my garden - except it actually appears to be in next door's garden as well. You can even see the label on the bottom - or is it the patch of rust?

The other odd thing is the back half of their house scaffolded but the front isn't - the view is before their roof was replaced, and I know they scaffolded front to back - must have put the scaffolding up while the aerial photography crew were refuelling at Biggin! ?Can even see
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Old 22nd Mar 2021, 17:41
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Yet Bournemouth has all th BA planes that were stored there during lockdown 1

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Old 22nd Mar 2021, 21:32
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Same at SDF, UPS's Worldport Hub in Louisville Kentucky, USA

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Old 22nd Mar 2021, 21:36
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The google car came past just as I was setting off to walk the dog. When the image came out the dog's head was floating in air by itself
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Old 22nd Mar 2021, 21:53
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Caught me taking a rest at the top of a hill with my bike a few years back - not all that flattering!
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Old 23rd Mar 2021, 15:57
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My favorite has to be the BMI Baby Aerlingus Flybe merge on google maps at BHD.
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Old 24th Mar 2021, 19:20
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I landed there on Friday I found it quite busy even with building work and restrictions
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Old 25th Mar 2021, 07:52
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Only 1 aircraft showing at Ascension/Wideawake.
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Old 26th Mar 2021, 10:44
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Its all a bit strange. Disabling 3D buildings will make ships in Newark harbour reappear together with aircraft at EWR. But not at JFK or LGA. However a number of ground vehicles at JFK are visible in both settings. I quickly zoomed to Sydney. With 3D Buildings disabled I could see some ferry boats at Circular Quay and a ship at the cruise terminal. The former disappeared when I enabled 3DB but the latter remained, which suggests that it is to do with how far about the shots used to produce the 3D image are taken apart. Possibly.
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