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Emirates A380 Manchester

Old 2nd Mar 2013, 17:16
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Emirates A380 Manchester

The Emirates 380 caused major chaos at Manchester today, apparently missed his turn off on the runway (05L in use) so had to be towed off the runway! Meanwhile the stack at DAYNE reached FL 240 at times with aircraft having to move stack to MIRSI and ROSUN to make way. No forecast from controller so diverts to LPL BHX FNY and more......chaos
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Old 2nd Mar 2013, 17:20
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Somehow doubt he missed his turn off considering he can use J1...

I believe the real reason was a nose steering failure.
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Old 2nd Mar 2013, 17:53
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Dont Sink
I see from your profile you are a F/O, so when you need towing off the rwy with no nose wheel steering, your acft wont cause qoute, chaos.

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Old 2nd Mar 2013, 17:59
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Runway inspection and open 05R? Too simple?
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Old 2nd Mar 2013, 19:47
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Some of the tripe in here kills me !!!

He had nose wheel problems, he didn't miss his turn !!

Skipness, they were in the process of getting 05R open but moved the 380 instead, runway inspection had just been completed and fire cover had just got back to 05R fire station.

As for chaos .....PLEASE.
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Old 2nd Mar 2013, 19:59
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Come on now girls, give the OP some slack. It was a sort of chaotic situation for those waiting in the hold without much of an idea of the expected delay. This is not the Daily Mail headline use of the word "chaos", but more of typical bar talk, yes even by crews.
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Old 2nd Mar 2013, 20:49
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It was sods law as it just happened to coinside with large influx of aircraft in a
very short space of time.
There were two Ryanair one which broke off his approach quite close in and a
second at about 10 miles whilst about 6 or 7 others trundled round Dayne hold
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Old 3rd Mar 2013, 05:28
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There were two Ryanair one which broke off his approach quite close in and a second at about 10 miles
I wonder if they were carrying enough fuel
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Old 3rd Mar 2013, 21:14
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CUN is far quicker than MAN to initiate single-runway operation on its second runway when needed. From experience, after an abort. Which is surprising when one reads all this pro-British pro-MAN tripe.

And MAN are far more panic-liable when it comes to closing a runway due to suspected FOD contamination or runway damage, or indeed late runway clearance by landing a/c. Primarily not ATC, but the airport "authorities". And those stupid "leader" drivers haven't a clue how to bring in a jet. They drive at a pace that requires constant braking, brake-heating, and steering difficulties. They need to learn to drive airside.

As for the airport itself, it is inferior to many 3rd world places in terms of security, ground handling, taxiways, terminals, and public access. The taxi access to T1 and T2 is congested and tricky, prone to start-up delays, taxi- clearance delays, and taxi-in hold-ups.

The place stinks. Can't wait to retire next month.
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Old 3rd Mar 2013, 23:31
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RoyHudd. I aggree man is a [email protected] hole and i work there, There airfield opp's people are on a power tripp. the taxiways are falling apart and as for one taxiway into T2 its a joke i have waited for over an hour many times to tow an aircraft onto stand because of the bottle neck it's a joke then i get an ear full as to why i took so long
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Old 6th Mar 2013, 12:35
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Shouldn't this have been on the existing MAN thread.?
Agreed R2 should be more readily available & one taxi route into T2 is a joke.
However, if you want a [email protected] hole, FLL is pretty high up on my list.
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Old 8th Mar 2013, 11:38
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I thought my original post had been deleted!!! Mr A Tis I originally posted it on on rumours and News as at the time it was "news" so have just stumbled over it again.....I've been ignorant of the usual PPRuNe abuse I had received.
Opnot, how does me being an FO affect whether we get towed of the runway or not??
With hindsight and more info I now accept missing his turnoff could have been due to nose wheel steering defect. Still doesn't take away from the chaos that ensued with multiple diversions and aircraft moving to different holds to free up the DAYNE hold
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