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LHR Eagle DC-6

Old 20th Oct 2008, 15:18
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LHR Eagle DC-6

Do any of you gentlemen know anything about proposed visit of G-APSA on Nov 7th to LHR, particulary as to what time?
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Old 20th Oct 2008, 16:12
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Wow ! Thanks for the heads up on that , a little research is in order for the timing. I think 7/11 is HB's birthday IIRC, half minded to fly down to see the Ex boss if he is attending.
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Old 20th Oct 2008, 20:30
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Interesting! I dont know anything about that so will keep my eye on this topic.
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Old 21st Oct 2008, 10:41
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British Eagle ceased operations at midnight on 6th November 1968. This will almost certainly be a commemorative flight.
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Old 21st Oct 2008, 17:01
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The DC-6 did a late morning approach to Cranfield today, crew training ? I hung out of the upstairs window listening to that engine sound ! a low rumble.
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Old 21st Oct 2008, 21:23
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Oh really? I fly with bonus aviation at cranfield. If I had known the DC6 would be flying an approach I would of gone over there today!
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Old 22nd Oct 2008, 12:52
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I spent a day and half guarding a A310 tanker which was parked next to this gorgeous aircraft at Farnborough this year.. stunning...
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Old 23rd Oct 2008, 06:27
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The last British Eagle commercial flight was on 7 November 1968 (after the administrators had moved in). The flight was from Rotterdam to Heathrow. I think there is a clue on the Schedule page of the following website:

The Six
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Old 27th Oct 2008, 13:40
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AND she's scheduled into LCY later in the year; that should be worth watching!
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Old 27th Oct 2008, 14:56
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She was at LCY earlier this year in July at their weekend Fun Day or whatever they called it.

Photos: Douglas DC-6A Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net
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Old 27th Oct 2008, 15:16
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Angel A DC6 to LAP

She will rattle a few tower block windows when on the approach if Heathrow is landing on the westerly runways?
Will the modern types give way to an old lady on approach?
Good to read she is wanted at a number of venues still.
She looked FAB at London City after the boy scouts had cleaned her up.
She might bring a tear or two to the ex British Eagle staff that must be invited to see her on the 7th.
When was the last DC6 flight into Heathrow?
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Old 27th Oct 2008, 20:22
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DC6 at LHR

How about KAR AIR Swingtale Helsinki bound late 70's Regards Alan
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Old 28th Oct 2008, 07:05
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Sometime in the 1990s, G-SIXC or even G-APSA herself. From Coventry, to somewhere else.
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Old 30th Oct 2008, 00:05
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I have some pics somewhere of PSA taken in the 90s starting up on old stand 319 in cargo, taxiing out and departing on 09L. At the time my office overlooked the stand and we used to get some interesting aircraft park there, AN12s and IL76s Heavylift Belslows etc.
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Old 1st Nov 2008, 13:19
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The last scheduled DC6 at Heathrow was indeed the Kar-Air cargo flight which operated Helsinki-Heathrow-Manchester-Helsinki a few times a week up to 1981, coming through early in the morning. However the Air Atlantique pair appeared spasmodically from when they were acquired in the mid-1980s up until quite recent times.

Last DC6 passenger flight is more of a challenge.
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Old 1st Nov 2008, 16:02
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Although I moved away in 1977 the Kar-Air swing tail used to depart most weekday mornings at around 0700 and by that time was about the last you could here of the heavy pistons at LHR . As I grew up close to the airport in late 50s and 60s it was a very very distinctive and emotive noise, ona quiet mrning, and 070 was a quieter time then than now , it took some time for the noise to fade away too. Being a nostalgic sort I was thrilled to get to Blackbushe earleir ths year to see and hear the Eagle 6 arrive and depart.

As to the last passenger DC6 at LHR there were Martinair and SAM ( an Alitalia offshoot ) still running in the 60s and I think one of the two Icelandic airlines used pax 6s pretty late.
These must have also been close to the last pax heavy pistons at Heathrow s well since they were reliable and relatively economic aircraft they probably outlasted all the different Constellation variants and the DC7s. Possibly a DC3 from Cambrian or someone might be a contender but it must have been a very long time ago now that anyone walked up the steps (not sure props and airbridges mix) of big radial engined airliner at Heathrow
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Old 2nd Nov 2008, 09:48
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Eagle 6

According to their website, arr is 1405 pm Friday the 7th -hopefully on 27L
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Old 3rd Nov 2008, 18:40
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I have to be in the London area on Saturday anyway so I'm going to travel up from Somerset on Thursday so I can see the old girl. I'll keep watching their website to check for changes but if anyone hears anything that might change the 1405 scheduled arrival time can they please post it? It's a long way to travel only to miss her if she changes her mind!
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Old 4th Nov 2008, 07:32
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Forecasts suggest Westerlies so fingers crossed!
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Old 4th Nov 2008, 20:21
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Good quality airbourne photos would certainly be appreciated by old time DC-6 pilots....especially yours truly.
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